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[170917] Fan Accounts of DなSHOW Vol. 1 in Sapporo - Day 1

Daesung said today he doesn’t like chocolate and sweets because they taste so artificial. He always wants to drink water right after eating because he doesn’t like the aftertaste.

Daesung said he often ponders which he likes best - fruits, meat, seafood, or vegetables. He said in the end his favorite would be fruits.

cr. mshinju

There’s this word Daesung likes to say that is really difficult Japanese - 老若男女 (rou-nyaku-nan-yo, male and female of all ages). After saying it he usually leaves a short break and the audience fills it with “woooah~~!!” and then he makes a proud face 😏😏 It’s almost become an insider between him and his fans now 🤣 the proud face he makes is so funny 🤣 such a show off. Today he said it again (老若男女) & after the “whooah!” & his proud face he went back to his humble self saying “I’ll work harder” (on Japanese).

cr. mshinju

Nick Spencer is taking shit for his stance on the assault of Richard Spencer

You won’t see me defending Nick Spencer on this blog very often. I don’t like his writing much. Nor do I like how he feeds off rubbing people the wrong way. I knew him long before he got his first Marvel Comics gig, through the Bendisboard. I always got along with him fine, but my fun talk can be rougher sport than your average person. For the most part, he has earned the majority of the negative stuff people say about him. Personally, and professionally.

That being said, the response he is receiving for his views on the alt-Right’s , Richard Spencer, being punched, is a sad detail on where many people I would otherwise agree with, are fundamentally different from me.

To me, this shows the same limited level of processing that put Trump into power. It’s just applied at a different spectrum. 

I believe in the free expression and exchange of idea for all. That is not some slogan, or bumper stick I pay lip service to. It is a fundamental component  to my point of view. I believe my ideas will win out, because they are better, and if given the information and opportunity, most people will agree.

In my view, the dude who punched him differs little from the cop who assaults the protester. Their levels of power in relationship to each other matter little to me. Richard Spencer is a man with views that are abhorrent to me. But stifling his right to express them in a peacful manner is anathema to me as well.

It is an action that feeds into our base instincts. Characteristics of human behavior that we need to move beyond, if we are ever to rise above the weakness of our current society.

Drabble time!

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Everyone’s out to get me, huh? ;-) P.S. Not being able to reread is HELL. But here’s some not quite ColdFlash for you all, lol.

Barry could not stop staring at the man—who looked like Snart, talked like Snart. Only maybe not, because when he talked, there was a kinder lilt to his words, a different rhythm. Barry rarely heard Snart sound like that.

“Your name is Went?” Cisco asked incredulously.

“Wentworth,” the man said again, with a warm—warm, ha!—smile, “but ‘Went’ is fine. I feel like I know you all.”

“I’d say we also know you,” Caitlin said, “but we know a very different you. Very different…” She seemed to eye him with a moment of—was that appreciation, sort of the way she’d been ‘appreciating’ Jay lately?

It had to be because this Snart—Went, whatever—was actually nice. He still looked the same. Had Caitlin thought Snart was attractive all this time? Barry had never given it a second thought. He didn’t think. Did he? Damn, now he was eyeing Went too. The guy just carried himself so differently, had these precise, adorable gestures, this eloquence to him that, well, okay, Snart could be eloquent too, but Went was nice about it, charming in a way that had Barry looking way too deeply into the guy’s eyes—he really needed to stop.

“Uh, so…you play Snart on TV? You’re an actor, not a…”

“Criminal?” Went finished with that warm smile again. “Before this I played the good guy. Well…to be fair, I did still break out of prison in that role.” He laughed, and wow, Barry had never heard Snart laugh, not like this, not so open, and…shit, shit, shit. Barry shifted his stance, tried to remember to smile back instead of staring, gaping, ogling.


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10 Characters Prompt #2

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The rules: list your 10 Favorite Characters (only 1 per fandom)

#2. Beverly Katz. Hannibal.

“Even a drunk with a flair for the dramatic can convince himself he’s God. Or the Lizard King.”

When we first see Beverly Katz, she walks in on Will Graham when he’s having one of his private moments, wandering around the head of a violent criminal.  She begins by acknowledging his expertise in the field, involving him in her findings, and promptly begins a line of questioning that immediately sold me on her:

”You, uh, not real FBI?”
”I’m a special investigator.”
”Never been an FBI agent?”
”Um. Strict - screening procedures.”
”Detects instability - you unstable?”

If he hadn’t been sweating and daydreaming in a murder scene, one could swear that Bev could smell it on him like a certain someone I was initially a little stunned by this character introduction and it took me a while to realize why: in her first lines, Bev was abrupt, clever, invasive, cheeky, she poked fun at Will all while “invading” a space that he had temporarily claimed as his own: “You’re not supposed to be in here.”  

She was being human, which I realize I had stopped expecting from (presumably) female-identified characters in popular media.

When Jack Crawford backs up that she’s not supposed to be present, Beverly insists: she found evidence and needed to connect it.  She’s got fucking work to do.  Long after the subject is changed, Beverly continues to study Will from across the room - which she continues doing for two seasons, both watchful and wary, it seems that early on she’s aware of Will Graham’s dichotomy, even if the truth of it doesn’t emerge until much later.

In the lab, she holds her own against Zeller, who discounts her analysis of the antler velvet and, familiar with this, she responds with the verbal equivalent of an eye roll.

At the shooting range, Beverly invokes the grisly memory of Garrett Jacob Hobbs, making light of it because she refuses to treat Will with kid gloves.  She steps into his space, she consistently refuses to acknowledge the strict walls he puts up, she touches him to correct his stance (an act of camaraderie, unlike Jack adjusting Will’s glasses, which I perceived as something of a power-play)  and when he tells her he got stabbed, she responds with an anecdote about being jabbed with a pencil as a kid.  Will Graham relies on his soft-spoken creepiness and his antisocial cues to keep others at a distance and while Bev respects his contributions, she will not be cowed and she will not be awed.  She will get shit done.  His stance is corrected, his shooting is improved, and she delivers him to another scene of horror.

In the face of overwhelming horror, Bev is - amused.  She acknowledges the nightmare of their job:

Are you ok? I know it’s a stupid question considering none of us can possibly be ok doing what we do but, are you ok?”

And then she does it.  When Will calls her in the middle of the night, she comes to his aid, but she spends the entirety of that time asking What the fuck, Graham?  When Will asks her how he could ever know if something was wrong with her, she tells him he wouldn’t.  But she would tell him if he asked: always blunt, but never cruel.

Like #1, I could probably follow the entire timeline, going over the reasons for my choice, but Bev’s character is brilliant, brave, clever, and bull-headed in a way that made me pretty fond of her.