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Are you Ralph Steadman and Bob Sabiston's love child? Pure imagination! Call me Veruca Salt because I want more! Sending in my formal request for the iconic "Do me a favour" moment by Mr. Salt himself, Louis. Thank you!

I hope you imagine me looking back at you with a frog smile and endearingly creepy eye contact as I slowly pass you this across the table: 

anyone else feel like blue sargent being interpreted as this amazing perfect feminist can do no wrong is kinda insulting who she rly is?? no??? ok

okay … but like .     i just saw the most random, really, unemotional, not particularly special gif set of chibiusa on my personal account, & it just ??? made me want to cry ?     & it struck me how much i love this precious child, something i never would be able to do until i started writing as usagi, & followed @futureheld .     the love & adoration she has for this character .     the effort she puts into everything about her .     like, fae is legitimately 10000% the reason i love chibiusa as much as i do now, & it’s a fucking ridiculous concept that i could have ever hated this precious pink sugar sweet child .     like, wow .

honestly the whole “no one gets made fun of for nerdy interests anymore!!!” only applies to allistics without ADHD because autistic people and people with ADHD always have been and continue to be constantly made fun of for how intense their special interests/hyper fixations are and in my experience this has only been intensified when those interests were considered “nerdy”


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