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Alright so my little Thing 1, Ray, hasn’t gotten nearly as many followers as she should on here.
Need y'all to do me a favor and go follow her. I mean why wouldn’t you with all this melanin poppin'😁😁✊✊

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🍓 lee hongbin ft. a strawberry 🍓

thesurfingraichu  asked:

This question is a bit rabdom, but have you thought about what kind of warrior names the Neko Atsume cats would have? I imagine Snowball would be Snowcloud since they're described as mellow and Fred would probably have the suffix of -face, since it's implied he's handsome. And Smokey having -storm as a suffix since his personality is described as "hot and cold".

Actually, uh… a couple times I renamed all the cats to warrior names. Just for funsies.

Except Tubbs. Tubbs is a fat bastard and he will be always known as such. 


Time again for the me and @jeremyjohnirons AU hour: we’ve have been discussing a Raven’s Cycle AU inspired by the movie The World’s End (which we love a lot).

The idea being that the trail for Glendower went cold when they were teens, they grow up and drift apart, and then 20 years later, Ronan convinces them all to go back to Henrietta whereupon everything promptly goes to hell.
Mostly a really good excuse to draw these kids all growed up and redraw a bunch of fitting lines from the film WHAT CAN I SAY. 



Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

just a couple of old guys killing time