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ok so i’m not seeing the actual shitshow on my dash rn, i’m just seeing all the posts about it, and this is something i’ve been meaning to touch on but never really got around to but here it is: it is impossible to be racist against white people. if you prioritize white feelings over actual problems people of color face every day and think jokes about “white people things” is on the same level as police brutality against bpoc or racial slurs, please just…. take a step back, listen to poc, do some googling, read, unfollow me, whatever. i don’t have the patience to deal with this.

just an fyi cuz i keep repeating & feel free to let me know if you do too: you do not have to translate the spanish that you are speaking in our threads. – i know spansh. i speak it. pretty well. 


An Ace problem we don’t talk about: Going to the OB/GYN.

So, my mom had to go for a checkup after having my brother, so she scheduled my first OB/GYN visit at the same time (I was 21 years old).  I go there and they take me into a room to ask me questions in private.  

1st Question: Are you sexually active?

Answer: No, still a virgin.

The woman puts down her pen, “Then why are you here?”

Um, excuse me?  EXCUSE FUCKING ME?! I was so put off by a professional asking why I am seeing a doctor because I am NOT sexually active.  

Firstly, if you google this shit, it says to go between 13-15 for a first visit and then at 21 for a thorough visit, REGARDLESS OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY.  So, why the fuck are you telling me that you cannot do anything because I haven’t had sex?  She seriously told me I should just leave.

So secondly, I tried to keep my cool and explained that I had highly irregular periods (getting them sometimes only twice a year) and that I was worried I might have breast cancer in one boob because it was visibly half the size and there was sometimes pains.  So, yeah, NO reason at all to come here.

She seemed annoyed as she continued the questions and then told me to leave.  Due to this stupidity, they had me rehydrate so they could do an ultrasound since I was a virgin.  If this was an option from the start, why not do this?  Why make is seem like I was the first virgin to ever show up to an OB/GYN?

Anyway, long story short, they discovered I have PCOS.  So yeah, I should never have went there as a virgin because what could they possibly do or find out?  

Let me set this straight: being 13, 22, 40, or 60 and not sexually active/still a virgin should not give anyone the right to turn you away from a medical examination.  We have every right to our health and bodies, no matter our choices or who we are.  

I never want to go back again due to this experience and I hope it never happens to anyone else.

Apartment Status

So, tonight we are roasting a chicken (bc we decided we wanted one? idk it seemed like a good idea on sunday morning when we were planning out the week). 

The problem is Kara is working nights. She is the one who knows how to roast a chicken. Which means the three remaining people in this house are the ones that have NO IDEA how to roast a chicken.

is the skin brown enough yet? do we cover it? is it a problem that we just shoved random stuff into it? are we supposed to turn it? are we even cooking it on the right side? NO ONE KNOWS.

So, occasionally, we just open the oven, stare at it, ask one of the aforementioned questions and then everyone just shrugs and we close it without doing anything.