shit girls say about girls

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


get to know me: favorite female charactersthe ghibli girls
 “Many of my movies have strong female leads – brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.” (– Hayao Miyazaki)

  • Rachel Duncan Level Feminism™: stabbing out your own biomechanical eye with a shattered martini glass stem to spite the patriarchy

From one girl to another: nobody cares if you’re a girl and play League. We play for the game, not for someone to throw their gender identity around. If I wanted to know about you, I’d ask, but I really don’t care. The only reason people actually respond to the “I’m a girl statement” is because they’re fucking tired of it, even I am tired of it. We just want to play the damn game and hopefully win.

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  • me: *plays video games constantly*
  • person: oh you game? what do you play?
  • me: *suddenly cannot remember a single game i have ever played aside from cooking mama*

straight girls also suffer from coercive heteronormativity, didnt ya know! we’re all conditioned from birth to define ourselves in the context of men and tolerate mediocre men who do nothing for us! it is never hurtful to tell girls that they should closely examine their interactions with boys and be sure they’re taking their own desires into account, not just behaving the way they’ve been conditioned! the more you know!

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

please, if you don’t want to be the best in school, and looking after yourself and enjoying yourself is more important to you than getting high grades, that is absolutely okay. what is absolutely not okay is making those who do want to do their best feel like shit because of it.

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twitter[.]com/queenelizajane/status/876462812599533568 \ twitter[.]com/clarkextra/status/876471520947818496 - I hate blarkers so much.

This girl is the prime example why I support the idea of people showing their social media before they meet celebrities in real life. 

Her today:

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btw Zelda is allowed to be emotional. She’s allowed to cry. Her and Link are scuffed up and dirty and look like they’ve been through hell in that crying scene. Think of nintendo’s track record; Zelda’s NEVER been portrayed as whiny. They very rarely utilize crying in LOZ–only heavy scenes, like Zelda sealing herself or Midna leaving. So if she’s reacting that way, some AWFUL shit has probably happened, and the proof of that is in her and Link’s condition.

she is NOT a wimp or whiny or a bad character for being emotional (like her country is literally falling apart is she supposed to look upon that with a smile or a straight face?? lol k). At the VERY LEAST wait until the game is out and you can see the context of that scene before making a judgement about her personality. Like damn. 

Imagine thinking Candice Patton isn’t the purest person in the world, luckily can’t relate.


❁ Eʏᴇ ᴍᴀᴋᴇᴜᴘ || Kɪᴍ Wᴏɴsʜɪᴋ || Bɪʀᴛʜsᴛᴏɴᴇ ❁

can i just say, that with all these members leaving groups, and groups disbanding, i am SO thankful for shinee. im so thankful they’re still all together after nearly 9 years and are still producing music to this day. who knows what problems they had to go through, and what obstacles they faced. yet they’re still here, and i am so grateful for that. we don’t know what will happen, when they will disband, if they will disband, but i am so happy that today, they’re still part of the few older groups that still remain together.

You know, Maya has always ‘teased’ Riley for being - what she thinks to be - ‘less than smart’ and I thought it was funny at first (like friends joking around) but I’m honestly starting to feel like she actually feels this way, she ACTUALLY THINKS THIS GIRL IS A FUCKING IDIOT. And that’s starting to get on my nerves. It’s one thing to play with Riley one-on-one if it doesn’t bother her but it’s another to constantly mock her intelligence in front of other people (like look, watch this!, look what she does, look what I’m dealing with!) and I hate that I’m just now realizing how NOT funny that is. 

And it’s getting worse. She’s getting meaner. Over a boy?! Riley is supposed to be your best friend. A person you supposedly love like a sister. How could you ever say: how am I in a triangle with that? that’s basically saying, ‘she’s an idiot’ ‘how could Lucas ever think of her as an option’ … and that’s so fucking rude.

Maya, as Riley’s best friend should GET why Lucas likes Riley. Maya should GET why Lucas would be conflicted about the two of them because Maya should think of RILEY AS AMAZING. But clearly, Maya doesn’t feel that way and that’s a horrible realization I just made.

To be completely honest, I am literally best friends with myself. I dont know if its the same for other people, but i talk to myself and animate situations when I do. Is that crazy? I feel like the stigma is that it would be.

anyway I am ridiculously here for the all-girl lord of the flies, I loved that book with a love mean and true and also girls can be fucking horrifying, I’m gonna see it twelve times