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Smug: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader

Warnings: Happy Smuturday everybody! This is for all my overworked nerds out there! Also this is cuter than I thought it would be. xoxo Stu

(Gif from @1000profilers via giphy)

Spencer had been extremely respectful of your free time since you had started taking night classes to get your masters degree. The late night study sessions after a grueling lecture had made you even more tired. And you knew tired, you worked at a daycare and first drop offs showed up at 6:30, six days a week. Just two more years and you would be teaching classrooms not changing diapers.

It was finally Sunday, a day where you both settled in and watched marathons of Doctor Who. You snuggled into your spot on the couch and turned up the volume. The opening theme always gave you a certain excited tickle and Spencer chuckled at your mannerisms. “What?!” You looked at your boyfriend confused.

“If I were profiling you right now, I would say you were aroused by the Doctor.” He tossed some popcorn into his smart mouth. You huffed. “It’s not an unreasonable response, what show have you been watching?!”

“But it’s a Capaldi episode, I thought he looked too much like your uncle?”

“Have you seen Clara?!”

“Motion dismissed.” Spencer chuckled, dusting the salt from his lanky fingers. You weren’t letting this one go, he was the bigger nerd here. And you were going to prove it.

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