shit gif i don't like it now

“Shadow tuned the radio to an oldies station, and listened to songs that were current before he was born.  Bob Dylan sang about a hard rain that was going to fall, and Shadow wondered if that rain had fallen yet, or if it was something that was still going to happen.”

Me when the author keeps >implying things and I have no idea what to make of this information and I just want sOME GOD DAMN ANSWERS RIGHT NOW WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!? GIVE ME SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!


Me after watching 4x03

……….more like me every time I see bellarke!

#i need his smiles more than i need air


I made gifs of Jack and his new puppy…

(WINTER in 4 words (YIAY #230))

make me choose

anonymous said: gx or arc-v?


“Did you know they [the flowers] all have symbolic meanings?”


Marcus and Indra in 2x12