shit evee says

common phrases from Evee

“get dunked on”
“hell no”
“fucking tool”
“shit  man”
“mother fuck!”
“holy fuck”
“the fuck”
‘fuck off!!””
“bad touch! stranger danger!”
“soo not trained enough for this!”
“wait!!! i lied! i was not ready for this. nopenopenope sooo much nope!!!”
“i dont like where this is goin’”
“i cant fight them forever! well, i can but i dont want to”
“fuck this shit”
“sorry cant hear you. dont care”
“stop it! stop  taunting me!!”

I giggle every time Kuu-sempai reblogs from me.
It’s kind of like the feeling you get when someone you really admire in class asks to borrow your pen and like their hand gently brushes against yours in a short moment of pure platonic bliss of thinking “wow you’re so cool”. and like i dont even care that he doesnt give me the pen back, he can have all my pens.

I hate going into the la dispute tag or any other tag that plucks the line “can I atill getinto heaven if I kill myself” puts it on some scenery or bw image and butcher the context to fit their sad blog needs. 
stop okay
those lines are brought on to someone’s guilt of murder he commited. it wasn’t dwelling on some characters conatant depression. its a phrase brought on by an increasing guilt and sorrow for taking a life and he wanted to appease it as proven by the rest of the song “if I turn it on me if I even it out will I still get in or will they send me to hell”
dont take it out of context and present overbearing guilt as your depression im sorry but it would be nice if you listened to music and not copy pasted lyrics and decreasing it to nothing.

Dear Straight Friends and parents.
no, just because someone is gay, lesbian or bi doesnt mean i give a shit about what you talked to them about today.

Dear straight friends and parents,

bisexuals, lesbians and pansexuals are completely different.

Dear straight friends and parents,

don’t even bother saying anything if you refuse to understand.

Get over yourselves,

Angry Pansexual

p.S no i dont fuck pans, and NO its not a “cool word” for bisexual, fuck off.