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All blorks, please repeat after me:
When Braven happens it’s not because Bell thinks that Clarke is dead. Clarke has nothing to do with it.
When Braven happens it’s because Bellamy Blake was in Raven Reyes for quite some time now and Raven loves Bellamy more and more each day. Their love will be epic and bigger than anything they could have imagined and it will be just what they wanted and needed.

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hi fahye i thought you should know i recommended stargazer to my sister after she finished yuri on ice and she said that "the prose was on fucking point" (i agree) i wish you the best in all your writing endeavors!!! you'll let us know if a novel of yours gets published, yes?? i'd have to buy it, your story concepts you've talked about all sound so good!! <3

dude if a novel of mine gets published I will NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT IT, there will be entire anon memes dedicated to how obnoxious that fahye girl has become. 

to be honest, if a novel of mine gets FINISHED I will probably talk about it nonstop for a week before I shove it away for a few months and hurl myself at the next one.

anyway tell your sister thank you <3


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