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Hi! Could you maybe write something about Jumin and MC going on dates together and doing 'commoner' things (examples: cinema, skating rink, amusement park, zoo etc) and eating 'commoner' food, which Jumin is ofc all not used to.

Yay another date FLUFF! (vineyard date fic herei can’t angst Almost done with my mock exams, why not I write one more ;) Anyways, since anon said to ‘write something’, I’ll do it the way I like then! It’s in Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea (its a popular place in kr where young ppl and also tourists hang out and shop and eat and stuff) because I like to stick to canon. I’ve been to Korea like 12 years ago so I’ll be relying on Google; (Requests are open muah)

It was a beautiful Sunday, as the spring sun resonated across the city. Jumin had an off-day. Oh, he was busy at the living area, making a cup of morning coffee. You approached him from the back, sneering and leering, and then to his adjacent, staring at his little artwork. “Good morning, my princesses.” Oh, Elizabeth, sneakier than ever, was trailing behind you too.
“MC, my dear, since I have a break, why not we do something proactive today?” He sipped. “Hmm…how about a date? I’ll lead this time!” You grinned out your enthusiasm. “Oh, okay. But we have not did any reservations of sorts. Maybe I’ll shall contact Assistant Kang now. “ 
“Jumin! Babe you don’t need any bookings! We not going anywhere fancy! What I meant is a commoner date; Com. Mo. Ner. Get it?”
He probably wished that he had Google in his brain at that time, I mean… ???
“If that’s what you really want…sure.” poor bby he never sounded so unconfident lol

waste no time babeh we here at myeongdong yall!
Bonus: On the way to Myeongdong, Jumin was cracking his head, searching through the wed. “Commoner dates”, “Common dates”, “dates”, “Dating in Korea”. You snugged into him, trying to get a peep but this clever man switch tabs quick.


  • Just to start it slow and smooth for this poor,confused, cinnamon roll
  • But he was still cunning-ay-eff, he insisted on watching horror movie just to see how you react
  • I mean, he made it into a business; a barter system: You get to choose where to go, he choose what to do.
  • + He was just going to rent the entire cinema just for the two of you, but you stopped him. “Jumin, there are other people who wants to watch it too. And it’s unnecessary.”
  • He then bought two rows though he is just so extra
  • oH BOY was the movie s.c.a.r.y.
  • You squirmed and hid behind your hands and all
  • but Jumin didn’t even fidget. He was simply staring into the screen with his usual expressionless visage.
  • In the end, he felt bad for you. He hugged you, burying your face into his chest and pat you. “It’s okay, my love. It’s not even real.”
  • You were gonna cry right there and then: touched or scared, you were not sure.

Street Food:

  • You and Jumin were walking along the road
  • ….until you saw F O O D…
  • Myeongdong is full of food stalls of local delicacies
  •  There’s this stall with decent amount of customers selling
  • guess what
  • Yes, repeat after me,FRESHLY COOKED FISH SHAPED BREAD (the one Zen and 707 eats!!)
  • “Jumin, you hAVE to try that. Seriously. It tastes goood.” You rushed and bought two. He was left with no options.
  • He actually think it’s quite good, for a “commoner” standard. “Zen was only correct about this.” 
  • Anyways, you were craving for some smooth, silky softserve icecream…umm yumm
  • He handed you a cheque book…..??!! What ??!!
  • “Sorry hun, they don’t accept cheques…” you laughed.
  • “No, this is for us to go Belgium. If you really want Belgium ice cream, why not we just fly there to get the authentic one?” aww babe
  • okay, MC. Pick only local street food next time.
  • Later you both have some nice warm dumplings, spicy rice cakes etc. etc. as lunch.
  • Jumin was low -key complaining about the hygeine and all
  • “Honey, there’s a French restaurant here. Why not we dine there instead?”
  • “No, Jumin. That would defeat the purpose of our already-not-so-commoner commoner date.”
  • You didn’t forget about the two bodyguards tagging along. (Jumin insisted on them, though he still held your hand tightly all the time. He think that you’ll get lost in a crowded area like a little kid.) You bought them some yummy food and drinks too! 
  • They were touched, including Jumin. He kissed you on the cheeks.

Window Shopping:

  • You were enthralled by cute little things through the glass window of the shops.
  • “Isn’t this adorable? I think it’ll suits Elizabeth the 3rd very well!” you found a display of a cat collar.
  • “Then let’s go get it.”
  • “No, we’re on a window shopping, remember? That’s what people usually do.”
  • “Oh……” Jumin’s heart was itching, badly. He really, really wanted to buy everything. He’s secretly taking down mental notes of what MC likes, ‘cause he’s gonna be getting them all for her this Vday/Christmas/Birthday/Independence Day/C&R 50th Anniversary whatever just an upcoming big day so he has the opportunity to spoil her without thinking about an excuse.
  • Then you both came across this cosmetic shop, Labiotte. (not sponsored) 
  • All of their cosmetics contains wine. They are popular for their Château Labiotte Lip Tinit: packed in a miniature wine bottle, in different shades of wine, and a distinguishable scent of wine, the way to make Jumin’s eye’s sparkle.
  • SOLD!!!
  • He was dipped in pure fascination. Well, you were intrigued too, but not that much to
  • “Can I speak to your boss? I’m buying this company.” He spoke to the SA. 
  • You immediately pulled him away. How? To? Stop? This? Man? 
  • Okay, at least you allowed him to buy a few items from the store to add to you and his wine collection shrine. They were too cute!!
  • make it a bag. no, two big bags.
  • Along the way down the streets, people were gossiping and staring.
  • ‘Oh my god, is that C&R’s Jumin Han? He is gorgeous!’ 
  • ‘Shopping with his wife? He is such a romantic!’ 
  • ‘Is that MC…? Jumin Han’s wife! She look prettier in real life.’
  • Well, you better get used to it ;) 


  • So he was adamant at going to a restaurant at least. It was jam packed outside, so you weren’t disagreeing with the idea of sitting down on comfy cushion chairs in a quiet haven, temporarily away from the hassle bustle.
  • Then the truth came out, he actually already booked a table for two in the 3-Michelin-star restaurant this morning secretly.
  • You sigh, this man and his extravagance. 
  • “Two glasses of *inserts long ass wine name*.”
  • “My apologies, Sir. We don’t sell them in glasses.”
  • “Then make it a bottle.”
  • guess who watched fifty shades darker
  • Jumin then took out a little bag and handed it to you.
  • “What’s this…?”
  • it’s a freaking diamond chain earrings. 
  • “Jumin…thank you so much but you didn’t have to…..gosh, it’s so beautiful!”
  • “Nothing’s better than seeing my lovely wife smiling. I bought that just now while you weren’t noticing. I just can’t help myself, I crave to pamper you, my queen. Thank you for making today a memorable one. Honestly, I had some fun.”
  • He brought your hands to his lips, and kissed softly.
  • “I love you, and wil always do.”

Clint: Natasha, we’ve know each other for 3 years.

Natasha: I know what I said.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions and everyone is entitled to their beliefs … but if the opinions and feelings are rooted in denying certain people basic human rights, I’ve got a problem with that.