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Has been such a long road guys, i’ll be bustin’ my butt with work projects, so here i wanted to finish my participation with something good, keep an eye on me, i’ll posting requests! xx


This is one of my favorite scenes in Dragonball. It was most likely put in for the humor and to show where chichi learned her mastery of running a household fit for someone like goku, Who wouldn’t have the time to and keep the earth safe. With the role reversal here, it both breaks the traditional character of Chichi but also stays entirely true and I thought it was a charming thought because Chichi just wants to take care of Goku no matter what. I love this couple. Remember that time Chichi gave a list to Goku to go shopping with, but because she had some foresight, she drew animals for him to look at instead of making him read the words? Well, it both helped Goku out and ensured that the right groceries came home…but it’s still sweet that she put in that effort. it shows she understands him on that level and yet, doesn’t try to change him. And that’s really the message of a good relationship, isn’t it?

I followed @cozymochi ‘s chichi pretty closely because he’s just adorable and designed so well ;A; 

Also, please enjoy this variation.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I recently realized that I shipped a lot of things from the cartoons and shows I used to watch and now I'm like: what kind of beautiful childhood did I have??


I don’t remember life before shipping probably because there wasn’t.

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"I'm bleeding?" Chiccolo (if you wanna. Zero pressure)

*wrings my hands evilly* 


She had looked everywhere for them. The house had been torn apart and neatly put back together again, without a trace of the little bastards. Drawers had been rifled through, cushions looked under, cabinets rearranged; they had vanished. 

ChiChi had loved those gardening gloves, and it seems they’d grown a pair of legs and waltzed right out of the house. 

The irate little woman simmered, grumbling to herself, as she went about donning the rest of her gear– apron, wide-brimmed straw hat over the bandanna that held back her hair– and trudged out the back door and into the garden itself. Ripe red tomatoes glinted in the sunlight, the rippling whites and purples of cabbage heads glimmered like waves in the heat, and the luscious green sprouts of her carrots and rutabagas rustled as a gentle breeze rustled through the yard.

This garden was an oasis for ChiChi, a means of finding peace during hard times and a way to bolster that longing for independence she had carried her whole life. Self-sustaining, that’s what she was, no matter if she had gloves or not. She was a fine mother, a fine home-maker, a fine martial-artist, and no stem or sprout could daunt her. Hefting her wicker gathering basket onto her hip, ChiChi grinned to herself, admiring the beauty of creation, and went to work.

Of course, as was the nature of her life, she was interrupted shortly thereafter.

“You’re bleeding.”

A shadow cast itself over her radish patch, and ChiChi faltered, glaring up at the figure looming over her.

“I’m bleeding?” Oh… wait. She gathered up her apron to wipe of her hands and hissed; the flesh between her index fingers and thumbs was raw, and the palms of her hands had to have at least a dozen scrapes and scratches between them. 

“Don’t you normally use these?” Piccolo crouched slightly, extending one enormous hand in which sat a thick pair of gloves, looking quite dainty in size. ChiChi gasped audibly and shot the Namekian the dirtiest look in the book.

“Now what on earth would posses yah to take those? I looked everywhere fer them!”

Piccolo snorted, retracting his hand before standing once more. “Goten decided they would be his “special boxing gloves” while he and Trunks sparred; he only gave them back when I told him he could’t have dinner tonight if you didnt have them. Never seen the kid move so fast.” 

She was torn between anger and amusement; the love her family had for food would never grow old on her. It didn’t hurt that they complimented her cooking with nearly every bite. 

“Isn’t that going to get ah… infected?” He quirked a brow-ridge, nodding down to where her hands where loosely curled in her lap.

“I reckon. They do hurt like a sonuvagun too…” She said nothing when he placed a wide grip over her shoulders, helping lift her to her feet with ease. Again, she didn’t utter a word as he carefully examined her hands, making sure not to touch any of the wounds. 

ChiChi bit her tongue one last time when he placed his hand on the small of her back, a gentle touch almost unnoticed as she slipped through the front door, his bulky frame blocking out the light as he followed.

She could probably stand to lose those gloves a little more often.

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Ok so I now this is late, but I finally took the time to watch that infamous scene about Goku and kissing, and honestly, they really fixed it compared to what we interpreted from the Japanese dub, least what I understand the first time I watched that clip. Here's how: Goku asked "You put your lips against her's?" To which Vegeta asked, "You haven't done it?" "Of course not!" "But you're married?" And he replies right away, "What does that have to do with this, Vegeta?" (1/2)

… Which is a direct response to not having kissed MAI, as in, “Why would I kiss HER?” and the comments from both videos have people fluent in the language also confirm that he meant the latter, meaning that’s what they interpret too and understood at first glance since it was clearer from what he said. I think it was just a case of how we as english speakers got the japanese subbed version of the episode. (2/2)

(wait we’re still talking about the spanish dub right?) If so, I understand Spanish and I watched the video LINK xD  

Goku says “AHhh Trunks pickates(sp??) los labios con los de ella!” which is another way of saying “Ahh Trunks you pecked her lips with yours!” (which makes it sound more like Goku is talking about momma bird feeding because of the word “pecked” )

But STILL it’s about the same meaning as in the Japanese sub. The rest of the wording is still generally the same…. xD The other thing is that the word they used in spanish “pikate” (again sorry if that’s not how you spell it.) can also be translated to “kiss”. (or a quick kiss). I’m pretty sure that is what that word means because my Spanish mom said that is what it means. xD And I remember as a child she would use that word. Like she would say things like “Dame un piko” (on the cheeks) in other words “give me a kiss on the cheeks” xD  

(but anyway the meaning is still generally the same as in japanese sub) But now I wonder if there is a word like that in japanese? Like the word “pikate” in spanish that could mean “peck” but also “kiss” ? 

((PS: if this message wasn’t talking about the spanish dub vs japanese then sorry I messed up lmao!)) but yeah we already know this whole conversation was a misunderstanding between Goku and Vegeta. 

@darkthoughtsreign Not trying to be hostile or anything, this is a legit question: How is she a bad wife? From what I remember, she always took really good care of their kids so she’s a great mom. But she also never did anything that would categorize her as a bad spouse. 

She nags, sure, but it’s usually for a good reason. Whenever they’re short on money, she makes Goku work but when they can get by without him around, she lets him do whatever he wants. Or when Gohan was a kid and he got hurt during a fight, she got mad at Goku for it but, again, that’s just her being a good mom.

Chichi has a really strong personality but that’s about it. Overall, she’s a really strong lady and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. 

@puppykakarot, inspired by one of your posts (and that awesome screenshot I tagged you yesterday lmfao), I bring to you: Kakavege text talks™ Vegeta is bold, Kakarot is italic.

(07:34): What is sext?

(07:35): Where have you heard that?

(07:35): Your son and my son were talking about it today when I walked in the kitchen. They stopped abruptly.

(07:37): Wait, is Goten there?

(07:38): He’s been sleeping here for the last few days, what’s wrong with you?

(07:38): Shit, I told Chichi he was at Gohan’s.

(07:40): Can we discuss your bad parenting after you tell me what sext stands for?

(07:40): I honestly don’t know.

(07:40): And I’m not a bad parent.

(07:41): Sure. Hang on, I’ll do a little research.

(07:41): Okay.

(07:45): So…?

(07:45): Interesting.

(07:46): What is it?

(07:47): It’s dirty talking through text messages, apparently.

(07:48): … What? Why would anyone do that?

(07:50): Well, it sounds like fun?

(07:50): I don’t think I understand.

(07:50): Well, that’s new.

(07:51): Let’s try it.

(07:51): What? No!

(07:52): Oh come on, you’re pretty good at dirty talking.

(07:52): In person! I can’t just write those things.

(07:52): Are you shy, Kakarot?

(07:53): I’m not! I just don’t understand what’s the point of saying that I want to fuck you if I can’t actually fuck you?

(07:53): It’s like foreplay, Kakarot!

(07:54): So, you want to fuck me?

(07:55): I always want to fuck you. Are you available now?

(07:55): I’m not exactly busy at the moment, but you’re trying to skip the sext.

(07:56): I’m not, I’m trying to get laid.

(07:56): You will, if you convince me it worth it.

(07:56): Of course it does.

(07:57): That’s your best argument, seriously?

(07:57): What do you want from me?

(07:57): Details.

(07:58): We’ve fucked a billion times already. It’s not like you don’t know the details.

(07:58): Why are you playing hard to get with me?

(07:58): I’m not! Why don’t you start, then?

(07:59): Alright.

(08:03): So?

(08:03):That’s not easy.

(08:03): Told ya.

(08:04): Okay, Kakarot. I want to do bad things to you.

(08:04): That’s not really encouraging coming from you.

(08:04): Kakarot, this is a game for two!

(08:05): Alright, sorry. So, you wanna do bad things to me? Like what?

(08:05): Like breaking your fucking neck.

(08:06): … You are not taking this seriously.

(08:06): I’m sorry, I couldn’t help. I mean, that’s the kind of bad things I used to want to do to you.

(08:06): Don’t worry, I won’t forget that no matter how innocent and sweet you’ve become.

(08:07): I can still break your neck, Kakarot. Keep your eyes opened.

(08:08): Are you sure this is how sexting works?

(08:09): You’re right. Keep talking about how you want to fuck me.

(08:09): Okay. I wanna do it slowly and nice, just how you like it. And then gradually increase the pace and pound you really deep and fast. lol

(08:10): Kakarot, I’m not familiarized with the mechanics of this, but I’m sure you can’t use “lol” after saying you want to pound me.

(08:10): Really? It seemed appropriated.

(08:10): What? Why on earth? Do you laugh your fucking ass off while eating mine?


(08:11): For fuck’s sake. You know what, I’m available now, come over. You’re definitely better at this in person.

(10:35): Do you think Trunks and Goten are sexting someone?

(10:37): What do you mean?

(10:37): You said they were talking about it today and they stopped when you arrived. So I was just wondering.

(10:38): They probably are, I don’t care and I honestly really don’t want to know.

(10:39): Me neither. I was just wondering.

(10:57): Oh my god, Kakarot.

(10:58): What now?

(10:58): Trunks’s phone is charging on the kitchen table.

(10:59): So what?

(10:59): Your son just sent him a message and I’ve accidentally read it.

(11:00): What’s the problem?

(11:01): The problem is that I think I just found out who they’ve been sexting.

(11:01): You’ve got to be kidding me.

(11:01): I am not.

(11:01): Holy shit.

(11:02): Well, it’s not my business. But hey, Kakarot.

(11:02): What?

(11:03): You should take some classes from your son. He has some talent for sexting.

(11:03): Oh my god, please be quiet.


Context: Goku is still in freaky metal thing and healing and the doctor is trying to give him a shot and he is flipping his shit UNTIL CHICHI SPEAKS.



So ChiChi is obviously still mad at her hubs for the whole Gohan fighting thing, but that’s not the point. The FACT that she’s mad is so distracting to Goku that even though SECONDS ago he was pitching a full Saiyan-sized fit about the doctor TRYING to give him a shot, he’s so focused on ChiChi leaving the room the doctor is finally able to actually give him the shot.




also i totally think chichi did that on purpose to distract him lol