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Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz



This is the scene Genndy pitched to the audience at SDCC!!!!!


People be like “i can’t , my crush Will hate me”
If you do something out of love for someone(and If it ain’t anything crazy or sick like killing someone or some shit like that) and they don’t love you it aint suppose to be m8, i can garantee someone out there Will love you for the amazing person you are(yes you are fucking amazing don’t fucking Tell me otherwise, are you calling me a liar??)
Just dont let it get you down too much

“You got the makings of greatness in you,……. well, I hope I’m there, catching some of the light coming off you that day.”—–

have you guys seen treasure planet?? yeah this is 100% based off that one scene with jim and john.
also some serious vent art…. like some seeeeeerious vent art my dudes

New Thrilling Intent Theme (opening) (piano)
  • New Thrilling Intent Theme (opening) (piano)
  • Matt Cosgrove
  • Thrilling Intent

I am a very busy person who does not have time to do this


Some things you just gotta do

I like the new theme as much as the old one. The old one was like everyone setting off on a new adventure, excited for what’s to come, running headlong into whatever may come their way. This one is like when everyone’s worn out and have slowed down, but still just as excited as they were in the beginning, happy to be adventuring with each other and their new friends

Also, Finale Notepad has really limited functionality. Don’t use it to write music

You know it’s like I’m relatively new to kpop but even before I entered I was aware of only a few groups, namely EXO, B.A.P and BTS. Now that I’m into kpop, even if I’m not a BABY, I’m aware that B.A.P has one of the most strongest??? coolest??? best??? leaders there are in kpop. Basically what I’m trynna say is, so many people know who Yongguk is and that many people support him. I hope he’s aware of that during this comeback season. I hope he can get support from his fans (and also other people who aren’t BABYs aka like me lmao)

ok like i dont talk much abt my studies and stuff but i found an online course that basically works me up to being able to do EXACTLY what i wanna do and im just….hype

I never cared too much for Kitty and Lance’s thing, but I do particularly enjoy that her response to him ordering her to leave all “YOU’LL GET HURT” is to just phase through him like he’s not even there.

u g h  all I can think of after last night is this passage from Turn and Speak, Memory:

“If you tell me that I have to move on,” Jemma choked out, half-heartedly trying to tug her wrist out of May’s grasp, “I swear to God –”

“No, moving on is a myth.” Jemma raised her eyes to meet May’s, surprise written across her features. “I know from experience. But one day you’ll have to let Fitz go, and if you do this, you won’t. Do you really think you could shut down something that has his voice?

Her jaw went slack at the thought, and she swallowed. “I….”

“Don’t feed what’s left of him into some program,” May said quietly. “Let him go.”

At that, Jemma yanked her arm from the specialist’s grip. “No.”

it might as well read “do you think you could kill something that looks like him?

the answer is yes. and it almost breaks her.

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Ayyyy it's your wizarding world of #larrimation gifery anon sending you mad love and a belated birthday shout. Good looks on the delay of your happy creations. No worries darlin!! That was very kind and considerate. It's all good and will be worth the wait. Like you, I get late night unsober anon ideas. Ima take this bong rip in honor of your bday. Here's to you and another year of great success and many more nights of larry arts & crafts. Cheers💃🔮🎨

oh helllllooooooo there matey oh mine! Thank you thank you for the shout and bong rip in my honour! Here’s an arts & crafts thing i made just for you of me (via Harry) joining in to show my appreciation! You the best.