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i need to like… say something about this trend i keep seeing. i feel like i say this a LOT actually on nearly all my blogs but it can’t be said enough tbh.

so like -seinfield voice- what’s the deal with all the tragic abuse stories?

and no, not like.. “haha that’s not a thing that happens” because i’m sure we each of us could say “oh but it does, here is how it happened to ME” and it would be varying degrees of abuse.. going from emotional to verbal to physical and even sexual. like i get that, i know that is a thing, trust me.

what i DONT get is how it seems to be used as The Trend that Gives Your Character A Plot or Makes Them Interesting.

Like if you remove that and your character is boring as fuck then even with it your character is boring as fuck. like ????? abuse plots/pasts/bios/whatever can be used in a way that works and a way that doesn’t make using it a gross trend or fetish or something either???

like ok if ur gonna tell me ur character is anna jo whitelastname here (bc lbr, YALL, the amt of bland white girls that this pertains to is out of fucking control. this is COMING from a white girl.) and she had the perfect parents until one day randomly they were not perfect and either they abandoned her or like, began to “show their true selves” like ???? like wtf??? and then u never explain it u just constantly write “and then they were gone! and they just had to go! it was just the way it was!”  you are not writing a background character very well. you give a background character THAT much crazy story in your muse’s story then u need to explain some shit and motives and explore that and if not…

man it feels not only tropey as FUCK but like you didn’t even try? you just wanted to put as many tropey events for “abuse” as u could to justify why your bambi whitegirl is the way she is? and the way she is… is typically STILL very boring or if not boring .. wildly illogical as to where she goes next.

like i’ve seen it go from bambi whitegirl FINALLY stops being scared and lives on her own and she goes to school and that’s it!! that’s the end of the bio, welcome to her life of… going to school??? serving coffee maybe? being cute but flinches every time u touch her???


and it’s weird and it’s gross and it’s just fucking boring. dude what is the DEAL with this? can we please stop writing these OCs that are nothing but a white bread and processed cheese sandwich of abuse tropes? let’s learn to craft a background character that can remain as such until necessary that doesn’t invalidate or make weird our muse’s stories. let’s learn to not rely on having our muses get beaten or talked shit to or what the fuck ever just to give them a hump of a plot that you can say you walked over as if you just climbed mt everest.

i mean, shit, you could leave that out and keep the BORING shit and still make that interesting bc writers do all the time??? i mean??? seinfield=a story about nothing but it’s funny as shit. most dumb sitcoms manage this and can be interesting while still doing mundane things. it is possible but the crutch of abuse as a storyline or the whole THING behind your muse is getting fucking old. yall we can do better.

i’m not saying anything but

(The PCs were sailing, ran into friendly pirates, chatted with them, then the pirates fled, leaving the PCs to deal with some Sahuagin chasing them who soon board the ship. I, the DM, did not realize that Sahuagin can speak Aquan, and so can our bard.)

Aven Bard: We can resolve this peacefully!

Sahuagin: No! Your boat ran over my friend! We kill you!

Bard: That wasn’t us, that was the other ship! That one had a lizard person, I’m a bird person, completely different!

Sahuagin: What the hell is a bird!?

Yo conozco al pajaro por la cagada.

Translation: I know the bird by its shit, meaning you know someone by the nature of their actions.

Example: Franco promised to help us move, so we were surprised when he didn’t show up. I guess you know the bird by its shit.

Ps. Moving is on the mind since we’re completing ours this weekend! The blog shouldn’t be interrupted, but I might be slower at answering than usual (we’ve been moving all this month, which is soooo long)…

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U guys should get a birb and teach it how to cuss

I’ve told Kyle I’d love to get a bird. I’d teach it shit a bird should never say. That’s pretty much the reason why he doesn’t want us to get a bird.

As much as I’d like to get a bird, I don’t trust Cartman with it, especially with the talking part. I’d rather not have a bird that would shout racist, antisemitic slurs in our house. I already have Cartman for that.

Monday, December 1st

I hope y'all kick ass this month. finish 2014 strong. hit those end of year PR goals, show those final exams whose boss, be a fucking badass.


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