shit at archery

  • Mingyu grew up as the youngest son of a family of three. So kid had fun growing up. 
  • He had so much freedom being the youngest because he was never supposed to take the throne or the stress that came with it. 
  • of course he put this freedom to good use.
  • Since he could talk he would never be in the castle, always roaming around the city with a bodyguard. 
  • As he got older, he’d go on further and further expeditions, going to towns and cities in the kingdom and exploring but also learning from the people there. 
  • He was like 10 but no one can deny the prince.
  • The chefs were 90% sure that letting the young prince this close to an open flame was a TERRIBLE idea but he just looked so excited…. and his bodyguards are scary……
  • When he was 12, he was sent away to a boarding school.
  • and it was one of those, celebrities and royalty from small countries type of gig like it was HELLA prestigious 
  • and he easily climbed to the top of his class
  • Mingyu was blessed with a natural ability to be good at everything. He wasn’t the best, but he could do it all. 
  • and that’s where you came in. 
  • you really didn’t see what all the hype was around mingyu but you didn’t really care. 
  • his following of girls was a little annoying but no one bothered you so you didn’t care. 
  • the problem came when he started being good at things that did pertain to you. 

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The Face of Heaven (Negan x Ari)

Summary: Ari and Ollo are twins surviving in the apocalypse when they meet Negan. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Artemis and Orion.

Characters: Negan x Ari, Ollo

Word Count: 6,795

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Swearing, descriptions of cleaning a dead animal, the fact I don’t know shit about cleaning animals or archery, the fact I wrote this in about 4 hours and am just gonna post it because ye ha cowboys!

Author’s Note: I signed up for the lovely and talented @jeffreydeanneganstrash’s 1k Challenge and my chosen prompt was Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt & Virginity.

I sat down today and typed this entire thing out in one go because it’s due soon and I finally got the idea for it. I know this is a bit longer than what I usually put out, but I hope you’ll all give it a chance. 

I think perhaps @genevievedarcygranger‘s writing may have influenced this a bit. I’ve been reading her fics lately, I really admire her style and I highly suggest you check her stuff out.

And just so there’s isn’t any confusion, Ari is Artemis and Ollo is Apollo. The two are twins in greek mythology, and I bet you can guess who Orion is going to be.

This fic has no beta so I’m sorry for any errors. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think and I always welcome any feedback you have.

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Assassins As Disney Princesses (contains spoilers)
  • Aveline: Mulan - woman who kicks ass like a lady in a man's world
  • Altair: Elsa - conceal don't feel, love will thaw, also is a queen because he's the first one
  • Ezio: Jasmine - knows how to work it, can show you a whole new world, ohohoho
  • Arno: (I would say Alice because of his trip into fucking Wonderland in the game, but she's not a Disney princess so there's) Snow White - he was trapped under a rock by a magical sword and his love went to a castle in the sky after the witch was killed
  • Connor: Tiana - he ain't got time for messin' around, and that's not his style/ Merida because he's the shit at archery and does not flirt. Ever.
  • Edward: Ariel - let's be honest here, lads
  • Shaun: Belle - Reads a shit ton and is having none of your shit
  • Rebecca: Leia (because Disney bought Star Wars) - can and will kick your ass with a gun, smart as shit, awesome friend
  • William: Cinderella - does all this work and nobody fucking listens to him, the ungrateful little shits
  • Desmond: Aurora - because we swear he's just sleeping

fangusklot  asked:

Have you seen the video about the dude who like relearned like forgotten archery tech from the dark ages? It's wicked cool.

Ahh, yeah, I’ve seen it, but sadly, that video is wildly wrong and false.

What Lars Andersen is doing is trick shooting. Very impressive trick shooting, but trick shooting nonetheless. He claims to have rediscovered a forgotten archery technique, yet, that is not true: That style of trick shooting is still actually being practiced today: It’s just not European, so a shitload of people don’t know it. Take a look at Ottoman Turk archers and Mongolian archers, and then have fun picking your jaw from the floor.

He also claimed that everything we knew was a lie about archery. THAT is also a blatant lie, disproved easily by even the most elementary search, sadly. The stand-shooting manner seen in sports, was indeed made for sport. Accuracy. Actual combat archers did move around more, but they weren’t doing parkour, they just were more dynamic and agile. Quivers do exist, and have existed since forever, and they are not a Hollywood invention.

The only thing he got right was that people don’t know shit about archery in general, and that most of Hollywood’s presentation of it is bollocks. His, however, is no more accurate, either.



and if you want to see some real cool documenting of archery:

I love archery with all of my heart, so I take time to answer these seriously, haha.


*gently pats sara lance on the head*

Man, I didn’t even read the text underneath the panel depicting Vriska’s giant spiderhellspawn of a lusus yesterday, I just x'ed the hell out of that tab as quickly as I could (´-﹏-`;)

See, look at this. She’s fine. Fine and huge and hungry as ever. 

You… guess you’re relieved? Yes, of course. Whew! Why wouldn’t you be. It would be devastating if anything happened to your dear sweet custodian.

What a shitty situation to be in???

Like, either she openly hopes that somebody will just finally off the damn thing for good and hates herself for it cause, man, she probably DOES still feel attached to her in some way, and lusus (that’s the correct latin plural dammit, i refuse to say “lususes”) are the closest thing trolls have to a parental figure, you don’t wish death on your own mother 
OR she refuses to acknowledge those incredibly understandable and reasonable feelings and instead pretends that everything is just fine, she loves that big ol’ grotesquery very much and would HATE it if she ever got hurt, which leads to Vriska letting her life be dictated and ruined by her

sad about predictably fucked up monster-child relationships: the blog

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