I really appreciate the wins of these older black actors and crafters because it’s motivating to see that success is truly not just for the young, that sometimes it takes years, but eventually it will be your time, and I don’t know about y’all but I honestly need more of that kind of encouragement. 


o bicth this concept… was hyuna behind this evolution too

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Jesus, and I thought I had it rough in terms of checking labels being allergic to food coloring... If you are able to ever go to restaurants, do you ever get that BS from staff where they all assume you're on some unnecessary fad diet and are rude about checking (or straight up refuse to check) ingredients for you on something?

I don’t eat out anymore so no. I’ve only really ever had a few waiters be shitty, most of them have tried to be super good about checking things because I straight up tell them there’s about a 20 minute delay between me putting the food in my mouth and me projectile vomiting everywhere. I also have a sulfite allergy, which is used in most pesticides and preservatives so unless I know something is 100% organic I’m risking a reaction from that as well. Which, haha guess what they use to preserve dental anesthetics, go on guess. 

Except my dentist, cause he’s literally sent from God to save me.

But boy it sure is fun when someone tries to come at me and make out like I have nothing worry about because GMOs are in so little foods in the US. Except corn. Which is only used in, oh y’know, everything.

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