idek crackfic in the making

I was just chilling with one of my bros on facebook showing off a GIF and then it turned into a story enjoy: (p.s images not mine)

here enjoy defensive siwon

someone tried to infiltrate his territory he showed them like the bamf he is

“Please,” he said. “no autographs pictures are welcome.” Kris just wanted an autograph though he admired Siwon he admired his hard working attitude, his hawt bawd, and his ability to act as his own guard dog Gangsta Krease wished he was that cool but no. He thought Maybe just. . MAYBE if he got Shisus’s autograph he would transform into KRISUS and have Siwon’s same abilities This was all Kris wanted, all he dreamed of since he was a young lad swimming in the ocean that was China. (He had been in Korea at this time though there was a nice deal on airfare) so there he was, pen and pad in hand, ready to jump Siwon at his next opportunity suddenly it WAS that opportunity there in all his glory Was SHISUS

OH MY FAP announced Kris it was THE ALMIGHTY it was his chance to get that autograph and turn into that BAMF he was meant to be He took a nervous step forward then another then a third good. Now that he remembered how to walk, he approached the subject of his neverending admiration. Pulling out the pen and notebook he held them up in front of the almighty “S-Shisus Hyung” He stammered He let slip one of his charismatic smiles, ready to win the older over. “I was hoping . . that. . you would sign this paper for me?” Kris held out the items in his hands then looked away, scared that if he made eye contact when he wasn’t worthy, his whole plan and future would drown in flames Suddenly A wild manager appeared it was Super Junior’s prince manager AS mentioned earlier, pictures were okay, but autographs weren’t. Kris had been too blinded to remember that statement. Manager oppar, however, was painfully aware. He STRUCK Krease aside, letting Siwon pass by untainted by the measly peasant.

/The End/ The moral of this story is: Don’t Dream