That moment when he said : “ Mmm, Rockstar …” . Hahaha . He wants to pretend he says: “ Oh , but I do not want to do this … but if ELFS want . ” His face after says all, like “C'mon , are you sure you want this? Prepare yourselves. Shisus will make you regret.” Damn he was and still so beautiful 😍 this video is old but gold 💛 I love you CHOI SIWON!


Guys today has honestly been the best day of my life!

I got to meet Siwon and I was lucky enough to talk to him and repeatedly shake his hand, in addition to standing next to him and putting my hand around his waist in the group picture his entourage took of us.

Siwon hasn’t uploaded the picture yet, but thankfully I’ve found fan taken photos, (yay!) and omg his honestly the definition of perfection~ kyaaaa I’m drowning in Shisus feels \(♡•♡)//

P.S I’m the black girl on his right wearing glasses.

anonymous asked:

You are super protective of your phone's privacy and are always scared of other going into your phone, especially Siwon, whom you are dating. Every time it rings, you get nervous and hide the screen from Siwon as if you're being unfaithful but that is definitely not the case. The reason is that your phone is filled with pictures of Siwon, including the topless ones. You don't want him to know in case he feels it is creepy but he finds out eventually. What is his reaction to this?

Hehehe Shisus~~~~

At first, I think he’d freak out and think you were being unfaithful to him, but after he actually sees what’s on your phone - I think he may just laugh and possibly be just a little embarrassed. I mean, come on, it’s not every day you find out that your girlfriend is hiding hundreds of pictures of him on her phone. Shirtless photos, selcas, photoshoots, screencaps, macros, fanarts, etc. He’d probably be so engrossed in looking through all the photos of him that you’ve been hiding - he wouldn’t even notice you come into the room and catching him. Only when you shriek in embarrassment at having been caught out, would he turn and face you with the biggest narcissistic grin on his face that you’ve ever seen. He’d probably tease you a little bit, saying he doesn’t mind you having so many photos of him on your phone - because at least it’s him you’re constantly looking at. Hugging you, he’d tell you that you don’t need to be so embarrassed about having photos of him on your phone - because he has the odd photo of you too!

- Raine ☪