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Who You Should Fight In Kisaragi Academy?
  • Seiko: No! Don't fight her? What is wrong with you? She has done nothing wrong! She just wants to be gay with Naomi and be happy.
  • Naomi: Yea you can probably fight her, but only if you want an entire squad of highschoolers to show up and kick your ass. She has a protection squad. Fight her only if you want your ass kicked
  • Satoshi: Yes fight him. I don't know why you'd want to hurt him, he hasn't done nothing wrong. But he's an anime protagonist, so he probably needs a good ass-kicking. Kick his Onii-chan ass.
  • Yoshiki: yes fight him. He is always ready to fight and always
  • ready to kick ass. Fortunately for you, he's not very good at it, he's a band nerd. You'd win but at what cost? You'd feel really bad.
  • Yuka: Do not fight Yuka. Satoshi will show up out of no where and he will slam dunk your ass into hell. You will die. Do not touch Yuka
  • Ms. Yui: What? No! Why? She just wants the best for every single one of her students, there is no reason to fight her! She has a cute panda necklace for god's sake! Do not hurt Ms. Yui. Do not fight Ms. Yui
  • Morishige: Yes. Yes fight Morishige. He is defenseless and a fucking nerd. Kick his cold and calculating ass. Just break his glasses and boom you win. easy.
  • Mayu: No! No Way! She is going through enough as it is! Leave her alone! Do not touch Mayu.

Imagine Naomi going to school after the events of Heavenly Host, and some of the students tease her about her ‘imaginary friends’. Yoshiki manages to overhear them making fun of her and calling her names, so he goes over to them, making himself seem tougher than he was, making sure they were to scared to say anything to Naomi again about Seiko.

“You okay?” He asks once they run off, using his sleeve to wipe her eyes. Naomi just nods and looks at the floor. “Seiko…Seiko isn’t imaginary.” He smiles and pats her shoulder. “Shinohara, Yui, Suzumoto and Morishige were are classmates. and as long as we remember them, they won’t go away. Just because those assholes don’t remember them doesn’t mean you can’t.”

Naomi cheers up a bit and thanks him, and after that no one bullied her about anyone named Seiko.


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