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Here are some concept art materials from Corpse Party: Tortured Souls -The Curse of Tortured Souls-. A height comparison chart for the main cast and emotion art of Yoshiki Kishinuma.

Who You Should Fight In Kisaragi Academy?
  • Seiko: No! Don't fight her? What is wrong with you? She has done nothing wrong! She just wants to be gay with Naomi and be happy.
  • Naomi: Yea you can probably fight her, but only if you want an entire squad of highschoolers to show up and kick your ass. She has a protection squad. Fight her only if you want your ass kicked
  • Satoshi: Yes fight him. I don't know why you'd want to hurt him, he hasn't done nothing wrong. But he's an anime protagonist, so he probably needs a good ass-kicking. Kick his Onii-chan ass.
  • Yoshiki: yes fight him. He is always ready to fight and always
  • ready to kick ass. Fortunately for you, he's not very good at it, he's a band nerd. You'd win but at what cost? You'd feel really bad.
  • Yuka: Do not fight Yuka. Satoshi will show up out of no where and he will slam dunk your ass into hell. You will die. Do not touch Yuka
  • Ms. Yui: What? No! Why? She just wants the best for every single one of her students, there is no reason to fight her! She has a cute panda necklace for god's sake! Do not hurt Ms. Yui. Do not fight Ms. Yui
  • Morishige: Yes. Yes fight Morishige. He is defenseless and a fucking nerd. Kick his cold and calculating ass. Just break his glasses and boom you win. easy.
  • Mayu: No! No Way! She is going through enough as it is! Leave her alone! Do not touch Mayu.

These are all the cases of the Corpse Party games. Featuring:

-Corpse Party: Blood Covered (Repeated Fear) [2011]

-Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (2013)

-Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko’s Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U (2012)

-Corpse Party: Missing Footage (2012)

-Corpse Party- Tortured Souls OVA (2013)

-Corpse Party: Blood Drive (2014)

No one here shared this thumbnail from the new manga before.. So I’ll do it. The girls in this art style are adorable!

Art by 肝匠(Friendly Land)

Ps: News about the manga, if someone of you think that it is on hiatus or something like that don’t alarm, actually 4 chapters have been released so every 22 of every month a new chapter is published. A possible first volume will come out on October or still in 2015.

( I wrote that ps because I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m pretty sure that instead the Blood Drive manga project had been cancelled )


Bought a couple things from the mall today 😊 I always wanted a copy of Corpse Party and I was surprised to find a replica of the S.T.A.R.S. Badge from Resident Evil 😊

The signs as Corpse Party characters
  • Aries: Yuka Mochida
  • Taurus: Naomi Nakashima
  • Gemini: Yui Shishido
  • Cancer: Mayu Suzumoto
  • Leo: Sachiko Shinozaki
  • Virgo: Ayumi Shinozaki
  • Libra: Satoshi Mochida
  • Scorpio: Yuuya Kizami
  • Sagittarius: Sakutaro Morishige
  • Capricorn: Yoshiki Kishinuma
  • Aquarius: Seiko Shinohara
  • Pisces: Naho Saenoki