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[BATTLE] Dairanger vs. Master Mirror Make-Up.

The Gorma minion Master Mirror Make-Up began to capture vain girls after arriving in the city. Daigo stumbled upon the monster first. As the creature tried to constrict him with its prehensile tongue, Daigo transformed. He freed himself using his Dai Buster.

Shishi Ranger and the other Dairanger were unable to defeat Master Mirror Make-Up. As the enemy walked away, Daigo noticed a familiar energy emanating from the beast’s body.

Later, Shishi Ranger and Master Mirror Make-Up had a rematch. Shishi conjured an illusion that enveloped his opponent. Master Mirror Make-Up unleashed a barrage of energy blasts that were deflected right back at him. The other four Dairanger appeared with mirrors in their hands.

Master Mirror Make-Up cast his own trick that multiplied his image. Shishi Ranger revealed the true target and he threw his Dairen Rod. The impact shattered Master’s mirror and returned everyone to reality.

Master Mirror Make-Up turned himself into a giant with an enlargement bomb. The Dairanger formed Dairenoh and faced off with the monster. Finally, Dairenoh killed Master Mirror Make-Up with Raging Hurricane Waves.

All of Master Mirror Make-Up’s prisoners were subsequently freed, including legendary warrior Kujaku. 

From: Episode 9

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Kujaku (クジャク) was an ally of the heroes in Gosei Sentai DaiRanger played by Masako Morishita who previously appeared as Kirika in Kousoku Sentai TurboRanger a few years earlier. She is a member of the Dai Tribe, imprisoned by one of the Gorma Tribe for 6,000 years.  She is freed by Daigo/Shishi Ranger and the two have something of a relationship, though it is more that they have a mystical connection than anything romantic.

Kujaku is a devotee of the Peacock Buddha and has mystical powers connected to the peacock, including the ability to transform into an energy form resembling the bird. After being freed, she soon realizes that she is dying thanks to the pollution of the earth and the corruption of evil that seeps through it.  This leads her to go on a quest for the Peacock’s Tears, which she believes can save her.