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Would you ever consider drawing all the star guardian pets together? :0 like just all of them playing around or something?

Magical mediums! ~ 

Ah, this was my very first Godzilla movie, which I got to see on a VHS copy I got for Christmas 1997, naturally under the Cosmic Monster moniker. Ever since, it’s been one of my favorites, as well as featuring my personal favorite Showa-era Godzilla design. Obviously, it forever cemented the foundation of me being the kaiju enthusiast I am today. :)

For this piece, I decided to try experimenting with the shading by using the airbrush tool (in GIMP, mind you), mostly because I would still be on MechaGodzilla if I were using the ink tool like I usually do (though there are some accented areas where I used it). It was a bit relaxing to loosen up a bit in doing so, and it never hurt to try new things.

For the shading itself, Godzilla was shaded with blue, since he has blue atomic breath; MechaGodzilla was shaded with red, since he had a red energy beam (well, when he was in disguise), and King Caesar was shaded with an orange/yellow to make him seem a bit more “golden”. Anguirus was done with blue (since he’s Godzilla’s pal), and the shisa statue was done with a dark gray. Also, Godzilla and MechaGodzilla have drop-shadows, red and blue respectively, in reference to their names in the Japanese text in the title sequence.

Anywho, this will be available at G-Fest XXIV, which is just around the corner!

shisa are like my parents that split up and now I live with my dad and his new boyfriend (shlyland) and like everythings good I think they’re great together and my new step-dad is really nice but like, I’m still a lil sad it didn’t work out with my mom who I now never see and makes a lot of facebook posts about being single and loving wine

I see you all’s werewolf McCrees, and I raise you a were-shisa Hanzo !! (since i rarely see any beast AUs for him ://)

for the AU for mine, basically Hanzo’s this beast that lurks around the now abandoned ruins of Shimada palace protecting his brothers grave, and the whole were-shisa thing is a punishment for murdering him. as for his dragon ability he can summon it by roaring. a tiny mccree is there to measure how big the blue boy is hueh

thanks to @katzbj  for the extra tips~