Shiryoku Kensa

Author: 40mp, Chano

Artist: Tama

Length: 2 Chapters

Status: Ongoing

Date released: 2013


  • romance
  • shoujo


From Chinatown KM:

Miyashita Megumi, also known as “Gumi”, was one of the only survivors in a plane crash thirteen years ago. Since then, she has been able to see two copies of every person and one of them always has a “C” on them. Thirteen years later, she now wears glasses, yet her left eye remains a puzzle. And then, her friend goes “missing”.

My comment:

Interesting power especially with the C.


Jack The Ripper || Open RP

Midame’s breathing was ragged, each breath hitching. He felt light headed, and felt unconsciousness tingling at his every thought, not that there were many, he was too tired. He couldn’t move, curled up in a weak ball. A cough erupted from him, the blood coming from his mouth joining the rest of the blood from the wounds that he had acumulated. Everything was fuzzy, and he had no idea where he was. He just wanted the pain to end, in one way or another.

Safe And Sound || Open Rp

I remember tears streamin’ down your face
When I said ‘I’d never let you go’
When all those shadows almost killed you light

A gloved hand reached towards the star speckled sky, the owner only wishing he could see the full moon shining through the clouds, lighting the meadow he laid in. A sigh escaped his lips, his face veiled by a dog-shaped ANBU mask. Idle thoughts wondered if his brother was up there, among those stars. If, whenever he looked down, he was happy of what Midame was. A sensory shinobi, his rank one of the highest in the village.

I remember you said
'Don’t leave me here alone’
But all that’s dead, and gone, and passed tonight

His arm came down to rest on his forehead, tears pricking at the back of his eyes. It had been over a year, and yet it felt like just yesterday when his brother had died on that mission they had gone on together. His hands clinched into fists, angry at no one but himself. He had been out here for hours, but all his thoughts did was run in circles. So lost in them, he didn’t even notice someone approach.

Hello, hello? Anybody out there, ‘cause

I don’t hear a sound

Alone, alone. I don’t really know where the world is, but

I miss it now…

I’m out on the edge, and I’m screaming my name like a fool at the top of my lungs!

Sometimes, when I close my eyes I pretend I’m alright, but it’s never enough!

'Cause my

Echo, echo

Is the only voice coming back, my

Shadow, shadow

Is the only friend that I have….

15. All your money stolen

The ANBU member had been quite surprised to run into Fumetsu at the restaurant. They ate together, simply talking, both paid for their own meals. After he had finished, he picked his wallet off the table and left, saying his goodbye.

He was about a block and a half away before he realized it wasn’t his wallet.