DIY: T-shirt to T-strap halter
1. cut the T-shirt. make sure the shirt is large enough. the large bottom piece will be used for the main part of the top, so be sure to make it as long as possible by cutting it at the underarm area.
2. take the sleeves and sew the “top” of the neckline, leaving a 1" gap
3. using excess fabric from the chest part of the shirt, make the back of the top.  i included a zipper in mine.  sew the front piece to the back piece of the shirt.
4. with another piece of excess fabric, sew a tube that is about 6" long and about 1" wide.  this will be the piece that connects the neck piece to the shirt.
5. connect the tube to the top and to the neck piece.  to clarify; the “neckpiece” refers to the piece ribbed Tshirt that was cut off from the neck area of the shirt.
6.  it should look like the sixth picture.  
7.  Now attach the bottom of the shirt to the top.  Since the bottom is a larger circumference than the top, pins are needed to pin down the pleats made.  I made four pleats; two in the front and two in the back of the shirt.
8. done :) 


DIY: mom’s pants to high waisted shorts :)
1. so first start off with some pants that are many sizes too large for your body. to be sure that the pants will suffice, try them on.  hike the pants all the way up so that the crotch of the pants is in the -errr.. correct place?  if the top of the pants are at your waist, you’re good to go.
2. since we’ll be making shorts, i chopped off the pant legs.  we can do a lot of things with the excess fabric.
3. next, put the shorts on.  grab the excess fabric at the sides, so you’ll know roughly the size of the seam you’ll be making along the side.
4. using blue tailor’s chalk, mark the seam you’ll be sewing along.  then sew down the chalk line and cut off the excess.  *before cutting: be sure that the short’s aren’t too tight by doing a fit check.
5. then, do a final cut on the hem of the shorts.  i cut mine so that they’re shorter in front and longer in the back.
6. done! :) 


DIY: rubber eraser stamps
1. start off with an eraser (has to be flat) and carving tools. i got my carving tools at a japanese boutique, but i’m pretty sure they sell them at craft stores like Michael’s.  they have to have a curved or angled blade to carve out chunks in the middle of a piece.
2. the image that i wanted to make into a stamp was larger than my eraser, so i cut my eraser in half using a kitchen knife and laid them side by side.  i glued both pieces to a used giftcard. it is important that both of the rubber pieces are level.
3. pick an image that does not have any gradients or middle shades.  the stamp will make the image become only two values (color and white) i used a picture of Pabu from LEGEND OF KORRA, because of the cartoon style.
4.  trace the image using tracing paper with a pencil. it’s important that it’s a pencil for step 5.
5. now place the traced image graphite side down to the eraser.  rub the image onto the eraser.
6.  now start to carve the white parts of the image.  this will be the parts that do not show up with ink.  be careful not to slice open your hand and bleed to death while crying.
7. once you’ve done all the white parts, do a test print. sometimes you need to cut some parts down more, or some parts need to be smoothed.