shirts that dont fit

things i wanna wear after top surgery
  • shirts that arent way too big around my stomach and way too tight around my chest
  • button-up shirts 
  • like all the fuckin button up shirts
  • ones that actually fit
  • those douchebag tank tops
  • button up pajamas 
  • shirts with v-necks
  • clothes that ACTUALLY FUCKIN FIT 
  • like y’all dont understand none of my clothes fit right bc i wanna hide the chest but my chest is too fuckin big. i should be wearin size small but i gotta wear medium or large bc of the damn chest 
  • and last but not least 
  • absolutely NOTHING 

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Could you do some Keith headcanons or something where his s/o is quite open with her thoughts and won't think twice before telling him he looks 👌damn fine👌 whether they're around people or not

I love this idea kjhjdsfkj

  • blushy keith!!!
  • he’s so unused to this man like how could you do this to him
  • totally throws him off balance
  • like if he’s sparring and you go “damn keith that shirt fits you REALLY well” he’s like almost falling over
  • “dONT DO THAT“ he tries to make you stop, really he does
  • he’s not mentally prepared for it, like ever
  • lance will give him sHIT for this
  • like he’s always laughing when you say something
  • keith???? thoroughly embarrassed
    • he almost died 
  • save him pls

Here are the holiday-themed launch images for the Homestuck Amino one next to another!

while searching for a “dayman fighter of the nightman” shirt i came across the sunny official merch page. on this page i found charlie’s horse shirt. the reviews? either 5 star or 1 star. people were either ecstatic about the shirt or loathed it. i saw a few things pop up twice or more in the negative reviews “the graphic is blurry” “the material is a little thin” but one in particular made me realize something. almost every bad review complained about how the shirt was either too short on them or too wide depending on what size they got. they made the charlie shirt, all of five foot seven inches charlie’s shirt, for short people. just like the zarya’s tank top that only came in xl or above, charlie kelly’s shirt is only for the vertically challenged. i may buy this shirt.

she has at least one article of clothing from every one of her friends so half her clothes dont fit her properly 

the trans masc dilemma is wanting to wear more fitted shirts so u dont look like a child in oversized shirts all the time but not being able to wear a more fitted shirt without a binder but only being able to wear a binder once or twice a week bc it hurts your ribs so u live life looking like a skinny 15 year old in someone else’s clothes

day 9: comments

did people ever make comments about your weight in a negative way?

other than my mother, no one has been mean to me or bullied me for my weight. its just offhanded comments by my skinny friends like, “oh, i dont know if my shirt would fit…” if i said it looked cute and i could borrow it or small things like that that really bother me. its just my mother who can be rude about it.

Clothing Sizes Don’t Mean Shit

Look, I know this isn’t my usual content but I’ll be damned if I don’t flip my two cents about this, because I know too many people who get sad when they see size adding up when they shop for clothes.

Clothing sizes don’t mean shit.

I’m a generous 40 in general, aka size 12 in the UK and 8 in the US. And I just squeezed my ass into a close-fitting 36 dress (8UK; 4US). And guess what, it fitted like a fucking glove. But I also have Large size dresses I barely fit in! I have Large size dresses in which I physically can’t lift my arms up!

As for pants, depending on the store, I’ll got from a 38 (10UK;6US) up to a 44 (16UK; 12UK). For shirts, I could be an XS in one store and a L in the store across the street!

Your body’s fine, boo, your body’s banging! It’s the fucken sizes that keep fluctuating, and you shouldn’t feel bad because stores can’t harmonise their sizes correctly! And even if you /did/ change sizes? Those size up pants look G.R.E.A.T on you, okay?

I’m sure you’re having a good hair day too, okay, bye.

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volthen's preferred set of armor? :0 what materials and fabrics? is any of it enchanted?

from left to right: her skyhold armor, her basic armor, basic armour upgraded (later game)

the skyhold armor: soft and stretchy, comfortable, a tight fit. has a small cutout on the chest and overal a sort of feminine-professional look to it. 

her basic armor: volthen loves this armor because 1. it has the tight fitting shirt and pants for support (dont want the ladies flying out everywhere) and just in general is kind of sporty, good for exercise and movement. then she has, on top of it, a more soft flowy shirt and skirt because she likes baggy clothes. it is very minimalist on purpose, volthen casts spells from the background and rarely delves into direct combat, acting more as dps and support. as for materials, the black undershirt/pants are a stretchy material, like her skyhold outfit. she likes white fabrics for the shirt and skirt, with accents of light blue or cream. 

her upgraded armor: now she has slightly more protection, with some metal pieces (namely the shoulder piece but it may vary as i draw her more) and probably enchanted armor to raise defense, as well as protect from elements (like the cold, she is an elemental rift mage with a preference for ice magic so baby needs to keep warm). she also wears, at this stage, an artic fox tail around her neck inspired by her husband cullen ofc… and also it is her namesake sort of

the metals used varies as well but stays with metals that are red, blue, or gray tones. 

most of all she likes this armor because it is loose and light and soft and comfortable. she has a wide range of movement when casting spells and likes to be as agile as possible, hence the favoritism of light armor!

also for those wondering she is slightly more curvy than the average elf, bc i need them thunder thighs

rugrats au: clothing

the original | halloween

  • shaw: overalls, no exceptions. she’s too rough on her clothes
  • (john hangs her by her overalls once)
  • she fucking loathes shoes. takes them off the first chance she gets and tries to throw them in bodies of water so she wont have to put them back on
  • root: janky t shirts and sports jerseys, jean shorts, cowboy boots that dont fit her but that she refuses to get rid of
  • john: a walking fashion disaster. his parents have started to let him pick out his own clothes
  • clashing colors, mismatched prints. it’s a mess

prompt: Sakura sleeps in Sasuke’s shirts when he’s not there.

note: guys i feel like shit but writing will make me feel better so here you go!! the prompt i received was actually the complete opposite but i wanted someone to actually sleep in the shirt and i dont think sasuke would fit in sakura’s

When Sasuke left for his mission, Sakura immediately snuck into his apartment to grab one of his shirts. She hated the feeling of missing someone. She thought after missing Sasuke for years and years that she’d get used to it, but she hadn’t. It was still as hard when he left for missions as it was hard when he became a missing-nin.

Thankfully, Sasuke left her his apartment key. One day, while he was leaving, she’d pouted and said, ‘I’ll miss you.’ In return, he shoved his apartment keys towards her.

“You can stay in my apartment. Or take a shirt or something.” Sasuke shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Whatever.”

Sakura’s face lit up and she enveloped him in a crushing hug. He awkwardly patted her back—he still wasn’t sure how relationships were supposed to work—and barely pressed his lips to her hair before he pulled away. She grinned and waved him goodbye.

Since then, she crept into his apartment every time he went on a mission. She didn’t like sleeping there because it just reminded her of how he wasn’t there, but she always took one of his navy training shirts and looped it over her head, then she went home and curled up in her own bed.

He often found her like that. Sasuke came to know that she didn’t like staying in his empty apartment, so he always headed straight to hers. She liked getting a first look at his wounds, and him, he suspected.

Sasuke pushed open her bedroom door now, glancing at her curled up form on the complete right of the bed. He smirked, because the silly girl was about to fall off the bed. He gently shook her awake.

“Sakura,” he murmured quietly, as to not alarm her. “I’m back.”

Sakura groggily sat up. He stared at her, with his shirt draping over her torso messily and her hair sticking out in loops. He liked her like this best—vulnerable and wearing his family crest.