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  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos


50 Things to be happy about:

1- That first sip of coffee in the morning.
2- The cracking sound a new book makes when you open it.
3- The feeling of the sun on your back.
4- Your favorite shirt.
5- Being successful after lots of practice.
6- The smell of rain.
7- Waking up early enough to see the sunrise.
8- Putting your face in warm laundry.
9- Massages.
10- Candle Light.
11- Long walks.
12- A good book.
13- Realizing it will pass.
14- A sip of wine.
15-A morning cigarette with a loved one.
16- Big hugs that make you feel warm inside.
17- Cuddles.
18- Some one loves you.
19-Feeling cute.
20- Loving yourself.
21- You lived.
22- You’re stronger than you know.
23- Concerts.
24- Nature.
25- Long showers.
26- You are good enough.
27- Tattoos.
28- Art.
29- You made someone smile today whether you know it or not.
30- You have impacted someone’s life.
31-You’re perfect.
32- Pizza.
33- Payday.
34- New clothes.
35- Making good decisions.
36- Getting shit done.
37- Drifting to sleep.
38- Inspiration.
39- Eating your favorite food.
40- Bubble Baths.
41- Cats.
42- You’re never alone.
43- Puns.
44- Astrology.
45- Seasonal Vibes.
46- Blasting your favorite song.
47- Scenery.
48- Seeing someone you miss.
49- Tummy Butterflies.
50- You’re alive and that’s an accomplishment.
~Add to my list?~

Probs should have bought it.

writer aesthetics part 2

[part 1]

donna tartt: red wine spilled like blood, ivory deer statues inexplicably found in the middle of the woods wrapped in vines, cigarette smoke slowly curling towards the ceiling, impossibly old books in unknown languages, abandoned buildings cloaked in urban legends, the feeling invoked when staring at beautiful art, the melancholy of a teenage girl looking out a window, bruised arms, impeccable suits, the pungent scent of rotting wood and dead flowers, a funeral caught in the rain, handwritten letters detailing heartbreak, liquored kisses softer than velvet, the way cities at three a.m. soaked in artificial light feel, a cold that seeps into the bones

mark z. danielewski: a maze with no solution, the primal panic of finding yourself lost, the things that exist in darkness, the monumental loneliness that surges through you when you look up at the stars, the silent space between words, a book consisting only of blank pages, crackling fire, old film, a box of photographs left in an empty house, a door that opens to nowhere, leaves dancing in the wind, cold autumn air, deep longing, buried secrets, typewritten madness

sylvia plath: fading scars, golden sunlight just before dusk, silky hair underwater, poems scribbled in the margins of a book, watercolor paintings, smudged ink, hearts heavy with longing, fresh flower crowns made on a soft summer day, trying to find beauty in pain, the madness of being, arcs of light casting shadows, hot lazy baths, salt carried by the breeze from the sea burning in your nose, shooting stars on clear nights, ghosts stirring quietly through a house, the moon as a lover, life through death, graveyards in the middle of the night, sand slipping through fingers

oscar wilde: classical music faintly heard, peeling paintings, expensive liquor, the satisfaction of burning letters, lazy afternoons spent in a garden, a study smelling like cologne and potpourri, a crisp buttoned shirt, unread books stacked about a bedroom, a heartbeat heard above deafening silence, soft colors glowing in the sun, a broken record player, blood on white tile, paper lanterns, city lights like liquid color when driving fast, unattainable love, the overwhelming feeling you can’t put words to when you see a beautiful girl when she thinks no one is looking, the distant growl of thunder, dried flowers in gold-plated vases

George Harrison, backstage, if memory serves, at Blokker, Netherlands, 5 or 6 June 1964

Photo: The Beatles Book

“[George Harrison] thinks silently for a long time before making decisions and then speaks their contents firmly but quietly. George is easy-going but determined, a superb guitarist who cares much more about the techniques of the music he makes than the other Beatles and has studied his subject with deep care.” - Tony Barrow (under his 1960’s alias Frederick James), The Beatles Book, March 1969 [x]

George Harrison with his Fender Rosewood Telecaster, Let It Be sessions, early 1969

“George had a pair of interesting presents to bring into the studio for the first sessions. One was a splendid Rosewood Telecaster guitar from Fender of America. The other was a Leslie Speaker from Eric Clapton. It’s a speaker with two revolving horns and a revolving drum. You can out a guitar or organ through it and with an organ it gives a terrific swirling effect.
The same Tuesday morning George decided to buy HIMSELF a third present and asked me to round up a complete collection of LP records by The Miracles for him.” - Mal Evans, “Mal’s Diary,” The Beatles Book, March 1969 [x]

Christmas Presents

Characters: Reader x Dean
Author: Supernatural Imagines
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 750

”Hey could you please do an imagine where dean get the reader a gun for Christmas! And it’s a cute Christmas morning! And Sam leaves then cones back and reader and dean are making out on the couch awkward cute?!?! And you and dean have liked each other for a while?!? Please my name is wren!!”


You were enjoying your peaceful lie in, when the sound of Sam and Dean trying to be quiet woke you up, those boys couldn’t keep quiet for their lives.

“Hey, shh! You’ll wake her up dude!” Sam whispered loudly, as him and Dean slowly crept towards your bedside table.

“You already managed that!” You yawn as you sit up and rub your eyes, causing the boys to jump in fright. “What on earth are you doing, guys?”

“Mm, MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Dean shouts, clearly excited as he snatches the neatly wrapped box from his younger brother’s hands.

“Merry Christmas!” Sam repeats, frowning at Dean.

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