hello all!!! so i finally made a site to sell my work, and now’s your chance to walk around with a huge ugly detailed drawing of an old woman on you, and other things u probably don’t need! nice! check it out and support ya girl!!


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Oh, the places you’re dying to go!

Picture it now: lush beaches, outdoor adventures, exciting entertainment, or sights unlike anything you’ve seen before. Whatever your dream locale entails, it’s the far-off place to which your mind eagerly travels. If presented the chance to visit, you’d pack your bags and yell “SAYONARA, SUCKERS!” without a moment’s hesitation.

Whether it’s an iconic location like New York, Paris, or Tokyo or an outlandish place like Mordor, we want you to design your ultimate dream destination. Design-wise, anything goes: play with illustration, typography, photography, or whatever your wanderlust inspires. However, be sure your design clearly represents the destination, not a generic cityscape. Here’s some inspiration.

Off you go!


You asked for it: Black Lives Matter tees and tanks based on my gif are on sale here!

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM

The gif.

Other options.

I’d like to donate a portion of the funds to an organization. I’ve yet to decide which, but I’m open to suggestions and will let y'all know when the time comes…
Feel free to Share and more importantly, BUY! SUPPORT!

Thanks in advance. =-)