I don’t use Facebook all that much. Tumblr is more my thing.

Sheila remarked to me to me the other day: “Oh my God Bob, you need to check Facebook.”

We’re both FB friends with The Hammer. If you don’t know, The Hammer is the wife of nottridad. The nottridad family was vacationing in NYC recently.

The Hammer posted these delicious photos of nottridad participating in a street art performance. Read that again. Street - Art - Performance - nottridad. Done by the Human Grumpy Cat.

This gets even crazier. It is so unlike NotTridad to do a street performance without his mime make up. Back in college, when we were roommates, he only did performance art in full mime attire. Sad mime was already taken so he was the grumpy mime. He must have felt so naked in NYC wearing only a windowpane shirt and cargo shorts without his white face paint.

That move in the left picture - it was his signature move: “I just got my ass kicked in ROTC physical training.” It’s interesting how he’s incorporated it into a NYC street performance 30 years later.

Now that picture on the right, what he’s doing there… it could be some reenactment of some weird Army hazing ritual. I don’t know. I never served our country and helped win the Cold War like nottridad did.


This is the most unhelpful tutorial I’ve ever made- it’s so disjointed and I don't know if I’m even communicating how I did this… but essentially, from observation as well as learning from others, I have designed this … pseudo-technique-thing that i use in some of my more serious colored work. It’s a sort of cel-shaded technique that someone might find useful.

I’ve gotten better at distinguishing form shadows and cast shadows since I made this… so … you might just want to ignore that bit I posted. XD It doesn’t make much sense. but maybe I will make a new tutorial in the future.

I’m not saying this is the “right” way to do it- it’s just my way. It may or may not work for you.

This is an unfinished collab- I just figured I’d post a bit on how I made it because i do like how the colors came out, and I figured I might share my photoshop technique with others. 

The lineart is by! It is a collab with Otto, the mod. 

Amalia, the maid, is giving Friedrich a sponge bath. Because he’s an old geezer who can’t take care of himself. Derp.

The lighting at the last step is the same one I used in my previous tutorial. I forgot to mention that it is on OVERLAY with 15 percent opacity.