Thoughts about justice league

-I loved it. I know it got bad reviews and I didn’t like Batman v superman that much, but justice league was much more light hearted and fun.

-adored adored adored Barry Allen and Ezra Miller has so much charm and buoyancy that he made the whole movie ten times better

-gal gadot even though she was once again outshined by her fellows because she spent a lot of time uselsssly hacking at things with her sword was absolutely lovely. Adored her performance and role in the story. Just wish she had some more awesome solo moments.

-Steve Trevor mentions made me emotional. Thank god he wasn’t forgotten.

-Bruce getting pushed back and fucking Barry going like “if she kills you, we’ll cover for her.” Brilliant.

-Aquaman, holy fuck

-all that female fanservice. Why is super man shirtless? Why not?

-Lois Lane is lovely as always.

-goddamn I liked cyborg’s tech.

-Barry trying to get a fist bump.

-Bruce wayne is definitely bleeding.


-“at least someone around here has a date.”

-the demon bugs were…kind of an uninspiring mook type but they were alright

-my eyes sort of glazed over for some of the action sequences but I found them visually appealing so it was ok

-the flash’s super speed was cool. Not quite as cool as quicksilver’s, but fairly cool

-“put the word out in the fish community”

-aquaman giving a dramatic speech only to realize he’s sitting on the lasso of truth.

-my biggest criticism tho is vital…

-where is the invisible jet? Is it in the movie? Did I miss it? Did anyone see it?

girlsarewolves  asked:

There was a brief period where I had hope the movie would still really feel like Zack Snyder's film but then the opening credits ended and that hope slowly died. And it wasn't even that I hated the movie but I love the dceu but I didn't really feel much of anything with this movie and honestly it's disheartening because the dceu means so much to me, more than any other dc property, and so much of that is because of the Snyders and their influence and the way Zack tells these stories.

I feel this in my bones. I definitely had a moment where I was settling in like, “okay, this IS a Snyder film.” It was almost sad to even have those incredible opening credits to slowly but surely losing steam. I wouldn’t trade those opening credits for anything though, to be perfectly honest. I’ll go see it again just for that.

Other bright spots: boys talking to their dads.
Snyder trademark obligatory unnecessarily shirtless man.
The EU cut of this film I will get even if I have to crowdfund it myself.

There’s a scene in justice league where it looks like Wonder Woman is going over to nurse Batman’s wounds and be all affectionate and caring and I was thinking ugh but then she goes over, gently strokes his arm…and then snaps it in back in place and walks away. Thank you, DC.

She had two ass shots…but they were blink and you’ll miss it, plus.

We had much more shirtless man candy than let’s look at Diana’s thighs.

Plus those thick muscular body building amazonians 😗😍👌


Thank you, DC.