shirtless yoga

I posted this picture on Instagram for the #mayibeginyoga2015 challenge and had to break free from the panic I was feeling over how everyone would perceive my body. I had to cut the ties that were holding me back from being totally body confident. I’m on a personal journey to find self appreciation and being comfortable in the skin I was given. I can no longer harm my body. It was a gift to me and my job as a soul is to protect it. The world may see my body one way, but I have to begin to appreciate what it can do and all the things I am capable of. I am flexible, I am strong, I am powerful, and no one can change that but me. I wear living armour and my worth is not determined by how this or thick it is. 💪

gather ‘round kids bc i did some thinking about the timeline of those stills from s2

ok so we kinda know that magnus will be doing some shirtless yoga thingy that alec will walk in on, and then magnus will put on that grey hoodie that does not hide anything whatsoever

then the magic thingy w/ shirtless alec happens, right?

and then, they go to the institute. does magnus go there in his hoodie? i think so!!! bc he’s carrying a grey thing that looks a lot like a hoodie when the squad powerwalks thru the institute

and when alec & lydia are talking and magnus is watching them like the worried kitty he is

so what does that mean? why didn’t he change before going to the institute? 

did he think he and alec were just gonna dryhump in alec’s room so he might as well wear the Sex Outfit™? was he disappointed when they got there and there were clave people everywhere and he realized he had to hide the Guns™ as to not kill everyone there w/ his overpowering beauty?

and why is he carrying it w/ him like that? couldn’t he just magic it back to his apartment or at the very least leave it somewhere like alec’s room? why is he holding it like its his little security blanket?

and!!!! does this mean poor gay alec had to endure walking in on a shirtless magnus bane, holding hands w/ a magnus wearing the Sex Outfit™, get undressed in front of said Sex Outfit™ and then have magnus take off his shirt AGAIN at the institute, only in the span of a few hours? i just hope he survives this season bc damn….that much exposure to half-naked magnus bane could probably kill just about anyone