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Washboard Wednesday - Living in Hope Edition

Hey Ab-solutely Fabulous Fan of all things pretty! Did you catch my prayer circle post last night, wherein I suggested we think happy thoughts and light candles for tonight’s show. See, I’m just dying for some new fleshy fodder for the Washboard machine. I hate having to recycle old images for you lovelies so often. 

You know what I also hate? The man is beautiful and yet, they hide that from us. Underneath the coats. The suits. The layered sweaters. The puffy fucking gray jacket abomination that left a pall on Season 4. He works hard to be in shape. We want to get to appreciate that. We do! 

And I know some of you are thinking…I don’t want to see it if he’s with the Reporter when it happens. But you know what? It’s probably going to happen - the writers need to show us that since Felicity tried to venture into another relationship fully (even though it wasn’t serious), Oliver needs to give it a go as well…but I suspect it will be a part of his process of reminding himself that this is not the relationship he should be in. Because if he sleeps with her with the lie in place – not being able to tell the creepy journalist that he is the Green Arrow – it will be another relationship with a lie in the middle of it. He wants more. So, give me shirtless. I’m not worried. This too shall pass. In the meantime, give me the pretty. 

Without further ado, let’s get onto some WW niceness. Because. Nice. 

Let’s throw in a little David Ramsey at the end. Because John Diggle is art. All on his own. 

That’s it for today, Darling! Keep the good thoughts. Keep the vigil going…

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We are all in agreement, aren’t we? Let us offer up a drink tonight, as well as lusty hopes and dreams, that the next episode of Arrow features Oliver Queen in the most delightful way. We need it. We deserve it. And he works hard to make it pretty for us. 

Lovelies, I hope you don’t mind me tagging you on this bit of fun. After all, the Washboard Wednesday machine must be fed with new images occasionally. So please think happy thoughts for tomorrow night’s episode and join this little karmic endeavor! Join the “Prayer Circle” with a like and/or reblog. WW will happen tomorrow, of course! Tags below. 

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It’s Kill me with shirtless Myles Wednesday!

Chose some pics randomly (Actually closed my eyes and scrolled through my files and whatever I stopped on got posted…I think it turned out pretty good… LOL. Can’t really go wrong with shirtless Myles, right?)



It’s Kill me with shirtless Myles Wednesday…

And today - The gifs edition! Because if I’m gonna kill you, might as well kill you good! *evil laughter*

I miscalculated though… I forgot it kills me as well… *sobs*