shirtless special


Special Shirtless Princess Lessons are back for a limited time in Midnight Cinderella this weekend! Surprise him in his room when you get an Excellent, and enjoy some extra sexy time when you get an Excellent Bonus (five Excellents in a row)! Check it all out from now until 6/20 midnight PST! But don’t worry, catching your man shirtless may return sooner than you think…

Medic, Medic

Honestly… I have no idea what this is. But you all can blame Cat from kmexoplanet for bringing up Doctor Oh, and Chucky (annyeongpabo) for showing us her shirtless Kai kkt background. Special thanks to exo-chanyeollie and bleuhan for their interest! I told you guys I’d write this so here it is! Don’t hate me haha.

You scrolled through pointless tweets on your timeline, desperately searching for a cure to your boredom. Doctor’s visits were the worst, especially when you had to wait almost an hour for a damn check-up. You rotated between lifestyle magazines until you heard your name being called, looking up to see a familiar face.

“Hey Kyungsoo,” you greeted, stepping through the wooden doors. The head nurse welcomed you with a smile and ran over your report on his clipboard.

“Check up?”

“Yup. Had to wait an hour out there, you know.”

He shrugged, “We’re short-staffed today. Doctor Oh is on vacation and they’ve got me running around everywhere. I’ll have one of my trainees take care of you for now.”

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It’s funny how Stellar, Wa$$up, Hello Venus, 4L, etc., were slut-shamed to oblivion for simply having music videos where their outfits and dance are slightly sexier than usual, but when idols like Rain, Jonghyun, 2pm, etc. do those special performances shirtless and oiled up flexing their muscles, everyone drools over them and squirts buckets, and barely anyone has anything negative to say about it.