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In case no one believes me when I say ‘I Missed You!’ is still in the works, here is a snippet of the next page with a caption and a Nick reaching into his locker ;(

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Bottom!Aomine Fic List

Clearly I have no life. Compiled last night while I was feeling anxious and needed something to busy my brain. Sad to say I have read nearly all of these, most of them several times over. Thank you dear writers for quenching my bottom!Aomine thirst. 

I may have missed a few, but certainly not on purpose. Some of these fics are part of a series, so it’s best checking beforehand. Many of these fics I feel hesitant to label as mere bottom!Aomine fics because they are so much more than that. I apologize in advance if I have hurt anyone’s feelings.





Other pairings

Medic, Medic

Honestly… I have no idea what this is. But you all can blame Cat from kmexoplanet for bringing up Doctor Oh, and Chucky (annyeongpabo) for showing us her shirtless Kai kkt background. Special thanks to exo-chanyeollie and bleuhan for their interest! I told you guys I’d write this so here it is! Don’t hate me haha.

You scrolled through pointless tweets on your timeline, desperately searching for a cure to your boredom. Doctor’s visits were the worst, especially when you had to wait almost an hour for a damn check-up. You rotated between lifestyle magazines until you heard your name being called, looking up to see a familiar face.

“Hey Kyungsoo,” you greeted, stepping through the wooden doors. The head nurse welcomed you with a smile and ran over your report on his clipboard.

“Check up?”

“Yup. Had to wait an hour out there, you know.”

He shrugged, “We’re short-staffed today. Doctor Oh is on vacation and they’ve got me running around everywhere. I’ll have one of my trainees take care of you for now.”

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Special Shirtless Princess Lessons are back for a limited time in Midnight Cinderella this weekend! Surprise him in his room when you get an Excellent, and enjoy some extra sexy time when you get an Excellent Bonus (five Excellents in a row)! Check it all out from now until 6/20 midnight PST! But don’t worry, catching your man shirtless may return sooner than you think…

It’s funny how Stellar, Wa$$up, Hello Venus, 4L, etc., were slut-shamed to oblivion for simply having music videos where their outfits and dance are slightly sexier than usual, but when idols like Rain, Jonghyun, 2pm, etc. do those special performances shirtless and oiled up flexing their muscles, everyone drools over them and squirts buckets, and barely anyone has anything negative to say about it.

Shinigami men explain why they're NOT in the MSRA

As requested by whittertwitter. :)

The Men’s Soul Reaper Association (MSRA) is like the lame, unpopular, men’s version of the Women’s Soul Reaper Association. It’s members are Iba, Iemura, Omaeda, Kira, Hisagi, Ukitake, Ogido (the hot Squad 4 guy), and Akon. Everybody else has, presumably, refused to join. But what are their reasons? It is now time for them to explain!

Byakuya: Joining such a club would tarnish my reputation. 

Byakuya: They are the embodiment of whatever the opposite of pride is.

Byakuya: They congregate in bathrooms and flaunt their shirtlessness.

Byakuya: I would rather sit as Rukia’s occasional deputy in the Women’s Soul Reaper Association than attend one meeting of the MSRA.

Ukitake: So you’re still mulling it over, huh?  

Hitsugaya: Um, why WOULD I join?

Hitsugaya: I have better things to do than sit shirtless in a bathroom wishing the club had money.

Yamamoto: Because shirtlessness is a special and sacred thing, not a club activity.

Kyoraku: You do, uh, get shirtless basically every fight, Yama-jii.


 I’m just too busy, I guess!

Hanataro: And they never asked me.

Kyoraku: It sounds like fun, to be honest. But I think it’s more a thing for the young!


Kyoraku: You’re young at heart, so it counts!

Kurotsuchi: At any given moment of any given day, I have better things to do than join that club.

Kurotsuchi: I also stole their entire budget, so -

Renji: Pretty sure joining that club means you’ll never get laid.

Hisagi: Being in Bleach means you’ll never get laid!

Renji: Yeah, but I like to keep hope alive.

Richiki: And I do whatever HE does!

Ikkaku: I don’t need to join some club to be surrounded by shirtless men.

Ikkaku: I’m already in Squad 11!

Yumichika: I find their whole “aesthetic” to be grotesque.

Kenpachi: Wasn’t really aware there was a club.

Kenpachi: Still don’t care.

Komamura: I do not wish to make the rest of the men feel bad about their lack of body hair.

Rose: I figure it’s good for Izuru to have some activities of his own!

Shinji: Going to meetings every time sounds like a bother.

Kensei: At first I said no because it sounded dumb.

Kensei: Now I’m mostly saying no to punish Hisagi for asking all the time.

Sasakibe: I just don’t feel that I could in good conscience attempt the “shirtless with sunglasses” look.

Sasakibe: I think you need some charisma for that.

Sentaro: Are you kidding? I’d love to join! I tried to join!

Sentaro: But that buttface Kiyone kept following me, and I got banned!


Real Cuddling

Letting the girl lay on her back and you laying on top of her with your head on her chest and you’re both shirtless, but she still has her bra on cause you don’t want it all sexual and you can just talk to eachother while she plays with the back of your hair with her whole hand. And if you’re lucky enough, maybe, just maybe it’ll get quiet… And that silence won’t ever be awkward, because you’ll fall in love more… Realizing that your ear is right over her heart so you can feel how fast and peaceful it gets, because you make her that happy and mellow all at the same time… It’s an unexplainable heart beat and moment that nobody can replace