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They should have put more tattoos on Eric in the movie

They could have but Eric was just right in the movies. Now we don’t know what other tattoos our fearless leader had since we were robbed of a shirtless scene.

Gratuitous shirtless hot guys post...

I’m just sitting here like:

Don’t say I’ve never given you anything… LOL!!

I know this scene was cut from the movie for a reason and Eddie Redmayne himself said the acting was probably terrible but…it would be really interesting to see Newt’s scars.

It would show us how hard he’s worked to get all these creatures. It would show us how compassionate he really is, to love all of them even after they hurt him.

He does have one scar on his hand that’s noticeable. But with such a kind character like Newt, to physically see some of the pain he’s been through would be a huge deal.

And no, I’m not just saying this because Eddie Redmayne worked out for that scene specifically and had to be shirtless for it, that is just absurd! I would never think that! How dare you accuse me of such a thing!


I want it for all those character development reasons I stated above…! (The shirtless thing is just a bonus.)


Merry Christmas @nerdyredglasses !

Prompts: Charasuke, Menma, sweets

Hehe, this is actually my first time drawing Charasuke… Thanks for the opportunity, enjoy!

I don’t really get “Charasuke” though… like if he’s a “lady’s man” as shown in the movie, the total opposite of what he is like in the manga (aka madly in love with a certain blond haired idiot) then wouldn’t he… not like… Menma? o.o Also, drawing those expressions on Sasuke……… *hand twitches* lol

One of the reasons to continue watching Hwarang… Shirtless scenes… *purrs*