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A grand sumo wrestling place has opened!  Hadaka’s single match(es) have arrived!  

From what my dearest subordinate Google Translate tells me, the event bonus has gone from 30% to 150% so far - not to mention that the six-child bonus is rising as well!  The event’s score just gets stronger ~

This happens today, at 18:00 in Japan!!

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I hope all requests are open as it says if not I am really sorry, and ignore this I hope I am not bothering. So I am having kind of issues here and I wouldn't mind a scenario to calm my little mind. Could you write a scenario in which the reader ?? or soon to be s/o of keith is REALLY nervous of starting a relationship because they haven't been in one before and they think they'll fuck up, please?? Thank you so much you are so great for doing all this ^.^

I am so sorry that this is a day late. I hope you’re doing okay and I hope this still works for you. 

Also I apologize for this being so long… I just really love Keith, he’s my fav. I love all of my Voltron babies, but Keith definitely tops the list.

Thirteen (13) days until season 2. I keep re-watching the trailer because I’m so excited, and also, or course, shirtless Keith…

~Mod Allura

You stared yourself down in the mirror, determination shining in your eyes. “Alright (y/n), you can do this! You’re a couple now, but nothing else has changed. All you need to do is go out there, and act normal. It’s totally nothing to freak out about.”

You gave yourself a curt nod and strolled confidently towards your door. You raised your hand to open it, and froze. You groaned loudly and knelt down, you gripped your hair and shook your head, trying to rid these horrible thoughts that kept invading your brain every time you made to leave your room.

“This shouldn’t be this hard!” You didn’t yell it per say, but it definitely came out louder than you had originally intended. Rocking backwards you let your body fall back onto the floor, spreading your limps out as you glared angrily at the ceiling light.

“You like him. He likes you. We’re a couple now. So why is leaving this room so hard?” The words tumbled out of your mouth, but it was a rhetorical question, because you knew the exact reason.

Throwing your arm over you eyes to block out the bright light, you let out a groan. It’s because you’re scared. Sure, you’ve liked guys in the past, but you never actually told any of them how you felt. Keith was the first one you’d admitted your feelings to, and he was always the first one to return those feelings. You were scared that you were going to screw everything up. You were scared that you were going to do something to completely destroy the relationship, even though it just started not ever twenty-four hours ago.

A knock on the door was what brought you out of your mini internal rant. And the voice that spoke from the outside is what brought around a new round of panic.

“(y/n), are you okay?” Keith’s voice spoke. His voice sounded unusually soft, but you assumed that was because he was possibly worried. Was it possible for him to worried about you?

Of course it was! You’re dating him now, and it’s not like he just started liking you as of yesterday. You pushed yourself up into a sitting position, crossing your legs and resting your hands in your lap. “Can you come in?” you forced out. You almost wanted to reply with the usual ‘I’m fine’ but you knew that he would then expect you to leave the confines of your room.

The door slid open a moment later and you glanced up through your lashes to see Keith looking down at you, a glint of what could be either worry or confusion in his eye. Or maybe it was both?

He stepped in and the door closed behind him as he sat across from you on the ground. “What’s up? You weren’t at breakfast, everyone else was getting worried.”

“Everyone else?” You really didn’t want to ask your next question, you knew it was ridiculous, but still, you couldn’t stop yourself. “What about you?”

One of Keith’s eyebrows raised, “was I worried?” You nodded wordlessly. “Of course I was. What’s going on (y/n)?”

You stayed silent. What if you told him about what you were feeling and he laughed in your face, and called you ridiculous, and decided to end this brand new relationship?

“(y/n), talk to me.” With those words, you felt a hand grab at your own. You looked up and straight into Keith’s eyes.

He held you hand tightly, securely, and if you were being honest with yourself, just having your hand in his made you feel safer than if the castle had it’s protective barrier up.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled. You wanted to avert you gaze, but you couldn’t. Keith’s dark eyes, that usually looked so hard and focused, looked softer than usual, and you couldn’t bring yourself to look away. Those eyes were filled with worry, you knew that for sure now, you’d seen that look plenty of times. 

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been trying to leave my room for ages. I’ve tried four different times, but every time I get to the door, I freeze. I freak out.”

“About what?”

“About this?”

“What do you mean ‘this’?”

“I mean our relationship.”

“You keep freaking out about our relationship?” You nodded, managing to avert your gaze for a second before catching his eyes again and being drawn back in. “Why?”

“Because, I’m scared. This is my first relationship, you’re the first guy I’ve ever admitted having feeling for. I’m scared that I’m going to screw something up and this is all going to end. I’m scared that I’m going to lose you, even though I just got you.”

You dropped your gaze, feeling extremely dumb for admitting these feelings. He probably thought you were pathetic or something. That’s why when you felt a tug on your hand, you were surprised when you looked up to see Keith standing up, his hand still holding yours.

He tugged again, and you stood, finally getting the hint. The second your feet were planted firmly on the ground you were pulled forward. Keith’s arms wrapped around you, holding you securely against his chest.

On instinct, your own arms wrapped around him, your hands clenched, gathering Keith’s jackets in your fists. You kept your face hidden in his collarbone.

“(y/n), this is my first relationship too. I’m kind of a lone wolf if you didn’t notice. I’m scared I’m going to screw something up too.”

You pulled back ever so slightly, just enough so you could look up into his gaze. “Really?”

He chuckled and you couldn’t help but crack a small smile at the sound. “Of course I am. I even asked Shiro for advice. He says we just need to work together. If we keep these things from each other, that’s what could possibly ruin this relationship.”

“So we just need to be honest with each other, and help each other through these problems.”

Keith nodded. “Exactly. Now come on,” Keith pulled away and wrapped his hand around yours, opening you bedroom door and pulling you out. “Let’s go see if there’s any breakfast left over.”

You smiled and caught up with him quickly, so that the two of you were shoulder to shoulder. You gave his hand a squeeze and immediately felt him repeat the action.

It turns out you had been right earlier, this wasn’t so hard.


The only thing I enjoy more than arranged marriage AUs is Peter getting what’s coming to him. <3

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I HAVE NO IDEA ID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS PLACE. There's this shitty restaurant called Dicks Last Resort where they write mean things on hats which they make you wear. The whole place is known for its mean staff, all in the name of fun. Try looking up 'Dicks last resort hats' and then tell me.. what would the hats of Mallow, Kiawe, Plumeria and Acerola say? Add any characters you want, because those hats are hilarious.

Oh, I’ve heard of this place. Sounds like an interesting place to go to.

Kiawe - My hair is the most interesting thing about me.

Lana - The only thing I fish for is attention.

Mallow - Cooking Skills are as low as a Sandile’s balls.

Plumeria - Daddy Issues

Acerola - All hail the (drama) Queen.

Guzma - Don’t worry, I bug everybody.

Kukui - Grade-A Shirtless Douche.

~Mod Sun