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I was getting close to 500 followers and that’s why i went around a little of my friends and followers that i talk to frequently - what was the thing i have drawn that they liked the most. So,,,,, here they are:

Flower boy Taehyung:

With a higher vote is Kookiemonster soulmate au:

And the absolutely highest is MERMAN JIMIN AU:

And yeah, thank you so much for sticking around, please take these drawings as my thank you pack gift ;_; I am very thankful.. i don’t even know what i could do to show the appreciation 


Okay so I was writing something for mermaid!Tae and it just really made me wanna do a mermaid series and since I’ll now be alternating between drabbles and AUs I decided now was a good time to start it, I have no idea if it’s gonna be a daily series or if I’ll be writing drabbles in between these posts but to start us off as he always does is our amazing eldest member who’s gonna be off in the jungle and I’m so ready to see what he’ll do, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • Okay so I obviously have to talk about visuals bc this is some good shit right here 
  • First of all I just wanna point out that mermen are almost always shirtless
  • Just let that sink in, a shirtless merman!Jin
  • We’ve seen his back and that still has me shaken up to this day so a full on shirtless wet Jin would be too much for my heart
  • Especially bc he would his arms would be so !!! from swimming and he just has such a broad chest and it’s so fucking nice I’m internally screaming at the thought of this
  • He would have his BST hair bc oh my god that is such a nice look
  • I mean let’s just be real, any look on Jin is A+ but the BST hair oh my lord that was so nice it was fluffy and soft and that pinkish blonde but then it was also a solid pink at some point like in the album jacket shoots both of which were a good look so I’m just gonna say that he has both, maybe it’s pink underwater and then pinkish blonde on land
  • His tail would be so fucking pretty
  • I see his tail as being multicolored but all of them are really soft light colors so pastels red and orange and yellow and maybe some white just really soft colors that are really pretty bc they all play off of each other
  • It’s not so much of a gradient type of thing it’s more of one scale is red the next is white the next is yellow etc.
  • He’s forever got fish around him like he’s probably get a pet dolphin that keeps him safe from everything and he’s always got at least three fish swimming around him
  • He always sneaks food off to them
  • He would be the prince of the sea bc Kim Seokjin is a prince in every way, even in mermaid form
  • He’d have a lil circlet crown too and it’d be so fucking pretty and it’s made out of gold and it’s simple but it has this one gem in the middle of it, his birth stone
  • He’s honestly meant to have a crown on his head like it just looks so perfect on him it fits him in every way but this one time he lets one of the lil bby mermaids try it on and it’s so cutE bc he’s giggling and they’re giggling and just everyone is happy bc everyone loves Jin
  • He would love to swim up to one of the rocks along the shore and just sing every night after the sun set
  • You’re there one night, just to relax and enjoy the sunset but then you hear that beautiful voice (purely bc I’m such a huge fan of Awake, I’m gonna say he’s singing Awake)
  • You only see his torso and you don’t think much of it bc it’s a beach countless men lose the shirt when they’re at a beach
  • You see him from the back bc he’s facing out to the ocean and he’s too far off in his own lil world to notice you were behind him
  • You don’t actually see the tail until you’ve started the conversation, you tell him he has a nice voice and he gets scared bc he didn’t know you were there he’d literally thought he was alone so he jumps and ends up falling into the water
  • You’re trying not to laugh bc he’d been so delicate while he was singing but when he’d fallen into the water, his arms had been flailing all around but you do feel bad for scaring him and you of course make sure he’s okay first
  • He kinda hides behind a smaller rock, trying to regain his composure before swimming back over and it’s actually kinda cute bc here’s this gorgeous man and yet he’s got an awkward side like that’s fucking adorable !!!!
  • The two of you start talking and you tell him to come sit with you on the rock and after some convincing he finally does it and that’s when you see the tail
  • You’re just really interested in it and he tells you all about his under water world and how he’s the prince and what it’s like to have a tail
  • “A dolphin?”
  • “His name is Finn”
  • “Oh my god” 
  • You two end up sitting together until the sun begins to rise and that’s when he has to say his goodbyes
  • “I really liked you, why don’t we meet up again tomorrow? Same time? I’ll even sing for you”
  • “I would love that”
[CRACKFIC] cabin pressure

cabin pressure (read on AO3!)

Sunlight is streaming in the spaces in between Rin’s silhouette and the doorframe, and with that and the too-wide grin on Rin’s face everything just seems too glaringly bright to be real.

Haru wordlessly swears that if this is what a hangover feels like, he’s never ever going to drink a drop of anything alcoholic in his life.

(Crack!fic - Haru and Rin go to the airport.)

Happy Water Day, everyone.

Just in case you’d ever think otherwise - this fic makes exactly 0% sense.

Click the link above to read this trainwreck on AO3, or go under the cut.

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