shirtless korean man


Truth or Dare

“Do you think that the SNSD Noonas are home?”

“Do you want that to be your dare?” JongDae asked JoonMyeon.

“I was only asking! No~. What do I have to do?”

“Go next door and get a pair of Taylean’s underwear.”

“You and the rest of your friends giggled, because you knew Taylean was sound asleep at in the dorm. It was suppose to be girl’s night, but one of the girls had asked the guys next door, EXO-K, to tag along. They insisted that you came to their place to hang. To your surprise the entire gang was their and your crush, BaekHyun was smiling as you entered.

After talking and ordering pizza, KyungSoo suggested a game, Truth or Dare. Tao had gone first, leading to him admitting that he stole Kris’s BB Cream. LuHan got dared to strip, which he refused and took off his shirt instead. Sadly, he had an undershirt on. Than, one if your friends fit dared to try to kiss ChanYeol’s cheek by jumping. It was going well and you managed to ignore getting dared or tell the truth.

"I’ll be back, but I’m taking JongIn and Kris,” JoonMyeon announced.


“If she wakes up the first thing she’ll see is a shirtless Korean man. If she doesn’t like that then she’ll see a shirtless Canadian Chinese man.”

“So that’s going to take some time. BaekHyun-hyung, it’s your turn,” JongDae pointed.

“Okay, you can’t ask. You already got Leader,” BaekHyun stood up, waiting for someone to ask.

“I’ll do it!” your best friend said ,“Truth or dare, Byun BaekHyun?”

“Can I hear my options?”

“Truth; do up you like one of the girls here? Dare…”

“Dare would be sing to a girl and make it special!” MinSeok shouted.

“I’ll take dare,” BaekHyun ,“Any girl, hyung?”

“Any girl,” MinSeok winked.

BaekHyun nodded and looked at you. You watched as he cleared his throat and looked you right in the eyes. The heat on your cheeks was visible and you tried to hide it. Some of the members giggled or smiled.

I prayed for this moment with closed eyes

Just after that first line, the members cheered. Your friends “ooh”-ed and gave you a gentle shove. BaekHyun started walking forward while he sang, not breaking eye contact with you. Slowly he inched closer to you.

I promise you, I’ll be good to you

Just like I hoped, I will happily

Take the first step toward our dream

Why are my eyes shining like this?

Why is my heart beating so crazily?

I’m running out of breath

It’s so precious, don’t forget

By now BaekHyun stood over you, slowly he kneeled to your eye level. You couldn’t look away as he grabbed your hand. He then sweetly placed a hand to cup your face. He slowed he tempo of the song as he sang on.

Yes, you are my baby, baby, baby

Baby, baby, baby,

I promise you, I won’t stop

As I only look at you

As he sang that last note, BaekHyun leaned forward. Your eyes widen once he made contact with your lips. His soft lips gently placed pressure into the kiss, than sadly pulled away. He sat back and smiled, no one said a word. Everyone just stared at you, waiting for a response. And they got one.

A hard slap filled the room along with gasps. BaekHyun’s left cheek quickly showed the red mark on his pale skin. He didn’t look up at you, but stared at the ground. Your breathing was loud and heavy now.

“We got the underwear!” JoonMyeon shouted as he and the rest barged into the room. You hastily stood and ran into the hallway. BaekHyun followed you, leaving the three members confused and the others feeling awkward. “Wait, what happened? What did we miss?”

“This is why we don’t leave them alone without a leader,” Kris complained.

You ran to the elevator, needing to get outside and away. Pushing the button hard with a shaking hand, you saw BaekHyun running towards you. The doors opened, you jumped in and jabbed the button. BaekHyun shouted for you to wait, but you didn’t want to hear it. The doors began to close as Baekahyun sped up. He managed to slide in barely as the doors closed behind him

“____, what’s wrong?”

“Really? What’s wrong?! You…your so…how dare you kiss me!”


“Your "fan service” was rude and hurtful. Do you know how much it can hurt to be used for a dare! If you want to kiss a girl or a girl wants to kiss you, just go for it. Not have someone tell you to.“

BaekHyun stood up straight now and narrowed his eyes. He stepped forward until you pressed against the wall. He leaned in to your ear, his voice serious and demanding.

"Then why haven’t you kissed me?” his breath warming your cheek. You gulped and looked down. He stepped back to smirk at you. “If it should just happen, why haven’t we kissed before tonight?”

The door opened than, you tried to sneak out, but BaekHyun pushed the top bottom. The one that will go right to that top without stops and return right back to the bottom. You sighed as the doors shut once again. Leaving you trapped with BaekHyun.

“___, did you even know I liked you? Do you know how much I do? Every time we run into each other, I try to speak to you. To ask if we can go out sometime. Just talking to you would make me happy. If it wasn’t for the dare, I would have never had time to be with you like I was then. I probably wouldn’t have sang my feelings out to you in front of everyone or held your hand. And I don’t care what you say, that kiss meant something. I don’t regret it, because it lead to this.” BaekHyun took hold of both your hands. He brought them to his lips and looked up at you through his eyelashes. He seemed to be thinking of what to say next. “I really, really like you, ___. Like I sang, I’ll be good to you. I’ll be everything I can be, I promise. I won’t stop protecting, caring or loving you. I took the first step, now it’s your turn.”

You didn’t know what to say. Byun BaekHyun, the guy you had been crushing on for a long time, confessed to you. He wasn’t looking away from your face. Nor did he release your hands. You knew what you wanted.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, holding him close. Your face nuzzled into his neck, your lips laid softly against it. BaekHyun instantly hugged you back, one hand resting on your head. You spoke clearly and slowly.

“Thank you,” you whispered ,“I’ll take this step. And after it, I want you by my side for every step.”

“I’ll be there.”

You cupped his face and placed a sweet kiss on his lips. Your lips were cool against his, but his were perfectly smooth. His soft lips covered yours in the perfect way. When you pulled back, BaekHyun grinned at you.

“Lets walk together form now on.”


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