shirtless korean gif

So many shirtless scenes in the very first episode… I feel like they baited us. You know, they showed us all the goods in the first episode to hook us in, and now they will just tease us for the rest of the show. Whatever the reason, I’m happy right now! LOL! 

We need more of this…

One of the reasons to continue watching Hwarang… Shirtless scenes… *purrs*

It feels like it’s been forever since a shirtless scene… ^_^

If this popped up in my local pool, I’d be in SUCH great shape. I’d be swimming EVERY DAMN day in hopes of seeing it again. 


Why is it that the two I’m looking forward to seeing shirtless are the ones with shirts on? Eh, whateves… Lots to look at here, amiright? ^_^