shirtless cowboy

This is my new step brother Jake. His mother recently married my father, much to his dismay. Jake was very much a city boy, so the idea of moving to live on my father’s ranch was his worst nightmare. 

I could handle his constant moaning, but what I couldn’t stand was the way he talked down to my father and I, he thought that we were less educated because we lived in a ranch instead of an apartment in the city. What aggravated me further was how large of a homophobe he was, it was surprising, I always thought that people who lived in the city were more accepting, but I guess I was stereotyping him as much as he was stereotyping me. Despite his many flaws, there was no denying that fact that he was incredibly attractive, which made the situation even more intolerable.

After a month of living together and having to deal with him complain the whole time, our parents announced they were going to be going away for a week on a delayed honeymoon. The idea of having to spend a week alone with Jake would have been horrible if it wasn’t for the trick I had up my sleeve. He may have thought I was stupid but little did he know that I was incredibly good with hypnosis, a skill I had the full intention of using on our week alone.

In the weeks leading up to our parents leaving, I had been planting triggers into his subconscious via his iPod that he always fell asleep listening to. The day that our parents left was when I started my plan. That night Jake was watching TV when a gay couple appeared on the show he was watching and he started muttering some homophobic slurs, that’s when I decided it was time. With a few words I had him sitting on the chair with a blank expression in a hypnotic state. Seeing him sitting there looking so completely blank listening to every word I said was oddly satisfying. 

He had always complained about his sleeping arrangements, claiming the animals in the barn had better beds. So I decided that if he thought that the animals had it so much better that he could be one for the night. I took him outside and convinced him that he wasn’t human, but was in fact a pig, and as such must sleep with the rest of the animals. He dropped to all fours and started snorting and making cliche pig noises. I got great satisfaction seeing him crawling around in the pig pen with the other animals snorting around rolling around in mud. He seemed to be enjoying it so much that I decided to leave him there the rest of the night, perhaps he would get a better nights sleep in the comfort of the animals beds.

The next morning I went out to see him covered in mud still acting like a pig. As satisfying as it was seeing him like this, I decided it was time for the next stage of my plan. I snapped him temporarily out of the hypnosis, the confusion on his face was hilarious. He obviously had no idea what was going on, but apparently knew enough to blame me, he started swearing at me before storming off to clean himself off. While he was in the shower, I went and got my supplies. When he got out of the shower he found his normal clothes missing, and had been replaced with a pair of blue jeans and a cowboy hat.

It wasn’t long until he had hunted me down in the barn, swearing at me and saying all kinds of insults, but he was wearing the jeans and was holding onto the cowboy hat so at least that had worked. I quickly reactivated his hypnotic state. I told him that when he puts on the cowboy hat, his personality will completely change. No longer will he be a city boy, but he will be a full on cow boy or at least whatever stereotype of a cow boy he had in his mind. With a click of my fingers he put on the hat and suddenly everything about him changed. He leaned back on the barrel behind him, showing off his body.

I have to admit, he looked incredibly hot. I had also added a little extra to the hypnosis. I had told him that not only was he now a cowboy but he was also a gay cowboy. The signs of this quickly started to appear. He started to undo the button on his jeans and started revealing the calvin kleins he was wearing underneath, the calvin klein underwear looked a little out of place with the cowboy look, but I thought it actually looked pretty hot.

I felt the erection in my pants start to grow as I saw him standing there showing off his underwear and his bulge. He started to walk over to me and then all of a sudden he grabbed the erection in my pants. He gave me a smirk and told me that perhaps we should go somewhere more private to fix the problem in my pants. I had to stop myself from laughing because he was talking with a cliche cowboy accent, a far cry from his normal way of talking.

Needless to say I didn’t refuse his offer. It wasn’t long until he had his jeans off entirely and was lying down inviting me over to join him.

Seeing him like this made a flood of guilt hit me, as much of a jerk as he was, I still felt a little bad removing his free will and essentially turning him into my sex slave. It was at that moment that I noticed the cowboy hat had fallen off his head, I convinced myself that the fact that he was still acting like a gay cowboy with the hat off meant that somewhere deep down he actually liked it. In reality I knew that he was still under my hypnosis and that the real Jake would be killing me right now if he knew what I was doing, but convincing myself otherwise helped to alleviate the guilt. 

I joined him on the makeshift bed and started to feel him up, running my hands over his ripped body and abs, before making my way down to his underwear. I started to rub his penis, and heard the moans coming from his mouth, that was all the convincing I needed for my brain to go out the window and for my penis to take over. For a straight guy who was a massive homophobe, he was incredibly good at gay sex. We spent the rest of the day making out and having sex.

The next morning I was contemplating whether I should snap him out of the hypnosis or not. He seemed so much happier this way that I decided to leave him this way for the rest of the week, we had a lot of fun, and a lot of sex.

When it came to be the end of the week and our parents were coming back, I was torn. I had actually come to really like the new Jake, not only did I get to have my way with his hot body, but he was far more likeable this way. He helped out around the ranch, things like animal shit didn’t faze him anymore and he no longer complained about missing city life and I hadn’t heard a homophobic comment all week. He was a better person this way, and I think I was beginning to like him a lot more than just a little.

That’s when I made the decision to make the change permanent. By the time our parents got back, the new Jake was so deeply ingrained in him I don’t think I could have changed him back if I wanted. My Dad was pretty happy with the new Jake, they seemed to get along a lot better than they ever did before. Surprisingly both our parents were pretty accepting of our new relationship and didn’t seem to have any issue believing that all of Jake’s homophobic comments were just him struggling with his sexuality.

So now I have an amazing boyfriend who is incredibly hot, kind and has a thing for dressing up as a cowboy, which is something that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Everything turned out for the better, and even though the old Jake is completely gone now, I think he’s much happier for it, I haven’t heard him complain once since the hypnosis. And unsurprisingly, I haven’t been complaining either.