shirtless and illegal

VIXX: fluffy times in the tub

N: you’d think he’d be the type to literally beg you to hop in the tub with him and never get out, but think again lol. He’s too much of a busy bee to just chill and sit in the bathtub with a bunch of roses and candles. I mean he loves it tho, he just barely has time so you’d have to literally drag him away from his work and sit him down. He’ll sigh in peace and thank you for making him relax like this. Might pull out a bottle of wine and yall just get tipsy while blowing bubbles at each other.

Leo: this lil cat loves it lmfao he’ll be asking you to take a bath with him at every chance he gets. He’ll sit behind you as he softly strokes your hair and massage your tired shoulders. He’ll take this time to be extra romantic and light some sweet scented candles to match the mood. He’d hum in your ear and whispers sweet nothings. 9/10 will turn it into something more, so beware.

Ken: he’s just so fun to be around in general, and it’s even better when you’re sitting in front of each other in the tub and telling each other about your day. He might get annoyed at the distance between you and pull you between his legs and practically suffocates you with his hug. He just wants to be as close as possible. He’ll bring in little snacks as you two tend to spend hours, just laughing and kissing and whispering in the bathroom.

Ravi: also not the type to jump at the chance to take a bath. Like Hakyeon, he’s hella busy as well and might not have time. But ofc he can’t resist you when you ask him bc he’ll do anything for that smile. He’ll gladly strip down and sit you between his legs and listen to you talk about anything and everything. Might like it a lot, so he will end up asking you to do it again, preferably soon.

Hongbin: tbh he’ll ask you first before you even mention it. He loves taking this time of the day and relaxing with you, it’s the best feeling in the world. He’ll waste so much of the water and splashes it everywhere just bc he’s moving around so much. He just wants to get comfortable and get close to you so he can’t pick a position. Might end up falling asleep to the sound of your voice tho.

Hyuk: good luck trying to say no to this brat, he’ll literally pick you up and drop you in the bathtub. He’ll put on music and make funny faces and noises to make you laugh, but you roll your eyes and hit him. He doesn’t know the definition of relaxing, so it might take a few times before he finally settles down and just holds you in his arms.

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Yaaaall I’m not ok, shirtless Hongbin needs to be illegal 

Redneck DBZ AU where Goku fights his new neighbor Vegeta while drunk and shirtless because he’s an illegal alien. They call a truce after Vegeta gives into a shotgun wedding on account of knocking up Goku’s childhood friend out of wedlock. Goku can’t drive but he’s proud of the broken cars in his front yard. 

Haven't a Clue

A/N: The second in a series of Jily college AUs for the November Fanfiction Challenge. Also on and ao3 or below.



The text announces itself just as Lily is reaching the door of her dorm room, sending a silent vibration through her jeans to her thigh. She suspends her keys in one finger and fishes her phone out with her others, sighing at the screen once it opens.

Room is occupied. Sorry for late notice. Love me still? Kisses

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