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Do you have any fic recommendations in thirsty clarke/bellamy? Just like admiring his shirtlesness,perhabs smut if there is? Thanks you, love your blog😘😘😘



*contains smut ;)

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Jimin is really shy and embarrassed and he’s new to this whole dating a guy, but even more so when Yoongi decides to be possessive

Yoongi hadn’t really thought about it, because, to be honest, he’s only ever seen Jimin fully clothed, and yeah, he has a pretty nice ass, but this… this is a whole new level.

Dancers are fit. That’s a given. Jimin is also extra fit, because he’s mentioned how he goes to the gym every day. But Yoongi still did not expect to be invited to a pool party only to see Jimin in all his shirtlesness glory, displaying a perfect six pack and amazing muscles and God Damn Yoongi’s so lucky.

But, the part he doesn’t like about the entire experience, is how he looks around and sees all these girls and even some guys following Jimin around with theyr eyes and no, Yoongi does not approve. Jimin is his and his alone. So, he decided, after a few girls have the audacity to try flirt with the younger, that he’ll make sure everyone at this damn party gets it that Jimin. is. taken.

He starts slowly, moving a hand to rest on the elder’s hip. Jimin shies away a bit, but doesn’t move away, obviously. He does, however, get redder and redder each time Yoongi gives him a kiss on the cheek, on his shoulder, on the back of his neck… He almost had a mental breakdown when Yoongi kissed him on the lips a few times.

Yoongi knows Jimin is probably embarrassed beyond belief, but he also knows everyone got the message, so it all ended up good. Besides, a blushing Jimin is the best Jimin.