The one (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Hi :) I have a bellamy image: yn & him are captured in a cave bc of storm & they have to take of the clothes (not everything) bc they are wet. but yn is near panic & is rly uncomfortable bc she had rly bad experiences of ‘that’ with her bf she had on ark. He realizes that she is rly tensed so he wanna know why & eventually she tells him everything & he says sth like that she doesnt have to be afraid of him bc he would never hurt her & then cuddling bc of cold & she relaxes in his arms. thx!

A/N: I hope you like it. Thank you so much for you request! 

Warnings: Mention of smut


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The one (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

You should know that it would happen, this world seems to hate you. The first drop fall in your right sholder. You look to the sky and what you see is like a black ocean, with lighting passing through the clouds. You didn’t move when the second and the trirth drop fall on you, when the rain start to get harder, covering you, you feel a hand hold you arm and push you, making you run, just stoping when both of you are inside of a cave.

You are shaking, you can feel you temperature get down, little by little. When you look to the boy that helped you, he was alredy shirteless. You blush looking to the other side of the cave.

“You need to take if off, Y/N.” Bellamy says to you. “Or you will freeze to death.”

When you look at him again, with the answer ready in your tongue, you lost your voice, because Bellamy took off his pants too. You freeze as he said and you wish you was alredy dead, because you couldn’t deal with it right now. When he hold up his hand to touch you, you jump and walk back, till hit your back on the wall.

“Hey, princess, I’m not gonna hurt you.” He say’s with a offended look in his eyes.

“I know… I just… I can do this by myself.” You say, trying to look cool. “Can you, please, look to other side?” You ask him, looking to the ground.

“What…?” He start, but interrupted himself, doing what you ask him. “You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, you know it, right?”

But you don’t aswer him. You just take off your jacket and your shirt, keeping your bra on, and when you open the zipper of your pants, Bellamy look at you. And you immediately turn your back to him.

“What the fuck you’re doing, Bellamy?” You would scream, but you can’t find enough air, and you can’t help your breathe when it start to be more and more fast.

“I’m just take your clothes and put them with mine to dry, Y/N. Why are you making it a big deal?” He ask you. “It’s not like you never been with a boy before.” He pauses. “Isn’t it, right?”

What the hell he’s expecting you to aswer? Of course you sleep with someone before. But, God, you wished you wasn’t. You hold your own waist, trying to hold all that shit together. Trying to keep this bad memories away. Trying to not let your tears roll down to your face.

“Please, just look to another way, ok?” You ask him with a soft voice. So he did, without any other word.

You keep standing on your feets, looking to the wall in front of you. You are freezing, you can feel your body shaking, your teeth starting to beat.

“Hey, Y/N, come here.” You feel Bellamy’s hand in your sholder and it was enough to make your body tenses. You close your eyes, trying to remember yourself that it’s just Bellamy, and that is ok if he touch you, but your breath start to become irregular again. “What’s wrong, Y/N? I’m not gonna hurt you, ok?” He turn you around to make you face him, but you still with you eyes closed. “I’m sorry if I offended you before, I don’t mean to…”

“It’s not you, Bellamy. It’s just… I actually don’t have any good experience with this, you know?” You say, trying to control your beath, hoping that it was enough for him. But he hug you really tight.

He hug you. He hold you cold body against his warm own. And you can feel every inch of his skin against yours. And you can’t keep the memories away. When you notice you are shaking in Bellamy’s arms crying your heart out.

He let you cry, but never stop holding you, even when your tears made his chest wet again. He just keep there, holding you and whispering that everything will be ok. And you believe in him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” You tell him when you are dry, without any other tear to come out.

“You don’t have to apologise, Y/N. But I can help, if you tell me what is this about…”

“I had a boyfriend back in the ark, you know. He was amazing, all my friends are jealous of me. He had that beautiful smile, that messy hair, these ironic eyes, and he was so sweet, Bell. So sweet.” You start, letting go of his hug, avoiding Bellamy’s eyes. “He was my first kiss, my first love, my first boyfriend…” You hold your body trying to hide your skin. “And at some point, he wanted to be my first one too. I was so in love with him… God I was so ridiculous.” You say rolling your eyes, trying to make you voice keep cool. “My first time wasn’t what I expect it to be, I didn’t even feel pleasure, I just felt pain. And the pain grow even more when I discover he’d won this stupid bet.”

You shake your head trying to forget these memories, trying to forget the laughter that you had to deal for weeks. Then you feel Bellamy’s arms circulating your body again.

“I’m sorry.” He say to you. “I’m sorry you had to meet this awnful one, Y/N, but I want you to know that you don’t have anything to be ashamed of. Anything. You’re beautiful, and it isn’t just your apparence, you’re beautiful inside too.” He lifts your head, connecting your eyes. “I want to be the one who will erase these memories of your mind, because you are so perfect and I’m so wrong to you, but still… I love you.”

You keep looking at him with surprise. What was this?

“I’m not expeting that you say it back, but I want to ask you one chance, Y/N.” You can feel his breath, you can feel his heartbeat, you can see the hope resinding in his eyes, and you couldn’t say no. He approach his lips to your but don’t finish the touch, is like he’s waiting for your permition, so you did it. You connect your lips into his and start a passionate kiss. Bellamy’s kiss is different of any other kiss you alredy had, he is kind, gentle, is like he don’t want to break you, but at the same time he kiss you with urge. So you just let yourself into his arms. “We probably should go sleep now. Because if you continue teasing me like this, I’ll not be able to control myself and stop kissing you.” He says to you with a smile. And you laugh with him.

You lay down at his side, he holding you close to him to make sure you’ll stay warm. And when both of you are falling asleep you let a soft voice come out. “I think I love you too, Bell.”