what is brendons next stage era outfit gonna be. we’ve done eyeliner emo cabaret we’ve done effortless flowery hippy we’ve done bow tie suspender sass and we’ve even done gold sparkly leather trash can I mean where else is there to go

Hellooooo Everyone! It’s Juliet again! Last Friday my Best friend dragged me over to her house and she did my make up/made me try on a ton of clothes! It was suuuuper fun and felt amazing and great and all that!!! I didn’t have like any dyphoria for the rest of the day it was amazing! Anyways, here’s a one of the pics I took and I thought you peeps would like to see it! Happy TST Everyone!!!!

requested by fancybootsbeast​ (x)

Thanks so much to drinkingcocoa-tpp and the Three Patch Podcast for the shout out! Thought I’d take this brilliant opportunity to do a little house keeping:

More shirts are now listed over on my etsy! Huzzah!

And I’ve got a new style: V-Neck! (Sorry for the digital mock-up: I wanted to get them listed quick and haven’t had a chance to make a sample yet.)

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