4. Neville Longbottom is a BAMF

Oh look it’s what I’m now deeming T-shirt Tuesday. I’m going to go ahead and ignore the month or so long accidental hiatus I took after March Madness and continue as if nothing happened. “Hey, look over there!,” said the blogger desperately clinging to some sense of structure in their rapidly crumbling writing project.

This shirt is from TopatoCo, one of my favorite online retailers. They’re essentially a merchandise hub for a lot of great webcomics and independent artists of various sorts. It can be specifically found here and is part of the Sam & Fuzzy store.

Recently I took the Pottermore sorting hat quiz. I didn’t end up getting sorted into the house that I thought I would and somehow that completely called into question everything I knew about my self-identity at this point. Who am I? What do I really value? What magical item would I save from an attacking troll?

The quiz itself seemed to be pretty split on sorting me because the final question was which house I preferred between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. And that in itself was somewhat puzzling because on the face of it those seem like rather diametrically opposed houses (though I’m sure there’s plenty of meta and fanfiction that would argue otherwise). Granted, the results are rendered a bit moot as the books themselves let us know that ultimately one’s house can also be informed by personal choice, but it was interesting to see how the “official” metric sorted me with that factor mainly removed.

If curious, I believe I ultimately ended up sorting myself on Pottermore into Hufflepuff because I admire a lot of their core values (e.g., kindness, openness, loyalty) and while I believe that I have more than a few Slytherin traits, it’s slightly difficult to remove those ideas from the house’s problematic history. Thinking about it, with all this ridiculous over-analysis I’m somewhat surprised that the quiz didn’t also try offering Ravenclaw to me.

I’m still pretty unsure as to what I’d ultimately sort myself into of the four houses all I know is that the few house-specific Harry Potter pieces of merchandise I own are likely all for the wrong ones.