Rating:  teen, with a tiny bit of implied shenanigans  word count:  436  High School Au

Levy smiled at her reflection, and then glanced about the rest room.  Alone.  She angled her body and furtively swept a hand over her left breast.  Huh, didn’t feel bad at all.  Feeling bolder, she copied the action for her right one.  Ooh, that was tender.  Weird.  She tugged her shirt smooth and blessed the padded bra she wore today.

School passed in a blur.  Last bell rang and Levy walked outside as she chatted with Lucy, her best friend.  Lucy’s boyfriend Natsu showed up and grabbed her in a fireman’s carry, cackling the whole time.

Levy shifted her heavy book bag only to stumble as it was removed from her grip.  She gasped, her hand flying over her mouth.  "Stupid Gajeel!“

"What?  I told you I was driving today.”  He smirked and flipped his thick mane of hair over his shoulders.  "An’ when I do, I always carry yer books.“  He handled their weight with ease, waggling his fingers at Levy.  "I need your hand too, don’t wanna get separated, do ya?”

Despite the annoyed sounds Levy made, getting a ride home from Gajeel was becoming her favourite ritual.  He tugged her over to his old but well kept car, tossing her bag in the backseat.  The passenger door he  held open for her like a gentleman.  She slid in, he closed the door and walked around his side to get behind the wheel.

He clicked his seatbelt together, watching curiously as Levy contorted and made strange faces as she attempted to fasten hers.  There was plenty of reach, but she was holding it away from her body, sabotaging her efforts.

“Gah, what’s your problem?”  Gajeel unlatched his and leaned over, startling Levy.

“I’ve got it, it’s fine -”  She coloured and turned her face away as his minty breath washed over her.  Levy pushed away Gajeel’s hands.  "I can do it myself.“  Slowly she let the webbing of the seatbelt lay against her chest.  Squirming in place and scrunching up her face she let out panting breaths.  A click and it was secure.

Gajeel hadn’t sat back.  He’d begun laughing, his usual ‘ghee hihi’ echoing in the car.

Levy pouted then glared as his amusement grew.  "What?”

“You’re the cutest, you know that?”

“You making fun of me because I had trouble with the seatbelt?”  Levy pulled the offending strap away from her neck.

“Naw, but I know where you got those piercings I dared you to get.”

“…”  Levy’s mouth opened and closed, no words escaping.  She flushed and her eyes sparkled.

“Tch.  Like I wasn’t gonna find them the way you found mine.”


Clay Aiken & His Famous Shirt Tug (by clayaikenfan4ever18)

I just made this Clay Aiken montage, so please enjoy. =)

You're lucky I love you

Fic summary: FS:Camz’s always losing Lo in public. Like she will just wander off at a carnival or on a nature hike, getting lost in the awe of nature or something. Camz starts to get frustrated and so buys her a shirt that says “if found please return to camila” and a matching one for herself saying “I’m camila”. Lo is outraged at first because it’s so NOT badass. But then she caves because Camz’s so irresistible!”

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passionate-fiction  asked:


Anon: the college one with the pen is SO GOOD! do you think you could continue it? I’d love to see how it plays out, and the first three parts are wonderful! I hope you have a good day! Also, your selfie is lovely :) 

I’m really starting to fall in love with this AU so this one’s a bit longer.

Part I. Part II. Part III.

The knock on Aelin’s door came twenty minutes earlier than she expected and she scrambled out of bed to tug her leggings on before Rowan walked in and found her in a pair of underwear with foxes on them.

But when she opened the door a few moments later, tugging her shirt down, he was standing still in the hallway. “Hey, I’m a little early, I know, but I got off work so…”

“It’s all right, you weren’t interrupting anything.” She closed her laptop on her bed before he could see the paused reality show on the screen.

The exam they’d been studying for had come and gone but she’d invited him over to go over the notes from class, an excuse really, but if he knew it, he didn’t say anything.

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anonymous asked:

joshua airport smut please!! u guys just got off ur flight and ure both feelin needy, maybe at a secluded toilet :-)

“ Joshua Hong are you fucking crazy?!” You whispered as he locked the family bathroom at the airport.

“ No one will catch us if we’re quick, besides we have to wait for the vans to get here anyway.” Joshua reminded you as he grabs your hips, pulling you towards him. Feeling his hard cock against you made you even more wet if possible. It’s been weeks since the two of you have done anything together and he couldn’t take it anymore.

“ Okay, we’ll be quick.” You said before pulling on his face to make his lips meet yours. Soft moans come from him as your kiss gets more needy, he cups your ass, squeezing it carefully. Tugging on his hair, he leaves your lips, kissing your neck roughly as you moan, unbuttoning his shirt. He tugs on your skirt, letting it fall to your ankles, he slides his finger up and down your clothed slit, smirking to himself.

“ So wet already,” He comments before rubbing circles into your clit. Whining at him, you palm him through his jeans, squeezing him softly as he groans. Joshua pulls down your panties while you get him down to his boxers, you pull out his dick, pumping him a couple times as he throws his head back with pleasure. Backing you up to the wall, he teases your clit with his cold fingers, pinching it, rubbing it in all the right ways.

“ J-Josh please…” You beg breathlessly. He kisses you desperately as he slowly enters you, moaning in his mouth, you take him all in. Joshua starts thrusting slowly, then picks up his pace as you drag your fingers down his back. Your walls start to tighten around him, your voice getting higher and higher as you cry out his name. Finally, the pit of your stomach tightens, you cum harshly as moments after Joshua fills you with his seed. Both of you pant heavily, he pulls out as starts to get the two of you cleaned up. You give him a sweet peck on the cheek as he beams at you. Once the two of you are decent, he unlocks the door and the both of you sneak out to find out where the others were at.

“ You owe me ten bucks!” Hoshi said to S.coups as the two of you walk to the group. Seungkwan stares at the two of you.

“ You two couldn’t even wait till you were back at your apartment I can believe you!” He sassed as you blushed and Joshua laughed nervously. Joshua turns to you, kissing your cheek.

“ It was worth it.”

Sorry for not updating last week I just started school!

anonymous asked:

important ship question: who wears the “if found, please return to [name]” shirt and who wears the “i am [name]” shirt

Without a doubt, Barry wears the former, Iris wears the latter. And when Iris first bought them those paired shirts, Barry initially protested.

“Ah, not to pull the meta human privilege card,” Barry starts as Iris tugs the shirt over his head and moves to fit his arms in each sleeve, “But shouldn’t YOU be returned to ME since…”

“Since what?” Iris’s eyes flash dangerously. “Care to finish that sentence, Bear?”

Barry chuckles nervously. “Nothing, just-I’m THE FLASH, Iris. Oh, come on. You get what I’m trying to say,” he makes a frustrated gesture at her raised eyebrows once his shirt is fully on.

“Yes, I do,” Iris’s eyes narrow, her arms cross over her chest. “You think because you have superpowers that automatically makes you the savior here?”

“I think you’re taking this a little too personally,” Barry muses.

“Or maybe it’s because you think you’re A GUY,” Iris glares.

“What? No! I would never-”

“Well I’ll have you know, Bartholomew, that my 5’ 4” petite human FEMALE self was the one who punched out a steel-plated Tony Woodward, outsmarted a clock-obsessed freak holding the entire CCPD hostage, shot Linda’s Earth-2 doppelgänger away, and brought YOUR skinny ass back from the Speed Force.“ She jabs him in the chest with her finger. “And all of that was without any suit or speed, so I think I’ve earned myself this T-shirt.”

Barry gulps and holds up his arms as a peace offering. “Okay, okay. You win. If lost, I’m returned to you.”

Iris continues to seethe, her fists raised. Barry flinches backwards, bracing himself before she promptly seizes his shirt and yanks him to her, crashing her lips into his.

“Umm,” Barry furrows his brows, his eyes open and crossing confusedly while she kisses him. “Iris?” he mumbles into her mouth.

Iris breaks away, huffing before pulling her own T-shirt off. “Dammit Barry. Shutup and kiss me.”

Game of Chess(P.10)

Title: Game of Chess(P.10)
Pairing: Reader x many pairings(But seriously, many, like…the reader is so bad xD)(Dylan O’Brien mainly in the end)
Warnings: Smut, Age difference, Boss-employee relationship, cussing, murder, drug mentions, dark themes.
Summary: O’Brien’s is a large banking company that is overtaking the credit card industries. Their rival Pan Banking has been hitting the company hard with different tactics, taking their employees, lowering their costs to consume more customers. Y/N gets a job as Mr. O’Brien’s new assistant and he’s quite impressed with her, but there is a lot more to her past and Pan banking then Dylan had expected. But even in the twists and turns of this dangerous game, he might not care about the past she has.

Robbie flipped me onto the bed, his lips connecting instantly against mine, hands cascading over my sides to tug my shirt up and off of my body. He wasted no time bringing a hand up to cup my breast, tongue gliding into my mouth with a soft groan. 

I watched him through half lidded eyes, my body reacting to each touch of his, even if I’d rather it didn’t. I hated how much I craved him and his touch. He was as much of an addiction as the drugs we used to do and sell. 

My back arched when he threaded a finger through my panties, slipping it quickly into my folds so that he could rub against the pleasure increasing nub at the top. I let out a soft moan, biting at his lower lip while he slid his finger into me, moving it in and out slowly, his lips curling into a smirk. “Like that, love?”

“Mhm…Just like that.” I purred, tilting my hips up. “Only faster.”

He chuckled. “Faster. I can do that.” There was no hesitation when Robbie slipped in a second finger and increased his pace, watching my face as it contorted in pleasure, my lips parted in silent moans. 

Before I could even feel that familiar feeling build in the pit of my stomach he removed his fingers, smirking at the shocked and slightly annoyed expression on my face. “Relax, love. You’ll get there.” He leaned down, nipping my neck and burying his face close to my ear. “Hopefully more then once.”

I only moaned in response before he tugged my panties down, flipping me onto my stomach. He tugged me back onto my hands and knees, obviously having already removed his boxers, his hardened member pressing against my back end. 

His hand moved to position him at my entrance before he pressed into me from behind, his hands sliding over my back and around to grip both my breasts with the palms of his hands. He grinned against my skin, nipping the back of my neck. 

“You’re mine, you know that, right?” He murmured, pulling back slowly before thrusting into me again. 

I nodded profusely, gripping the bed sheets. I couldn’t bring myself to answer, I didn’t trust that my voice would play off the lie. The lie that I was his. I wasn’t, I didn’t want to be, not anymore. But if I answered, my tone might give away what I really felt and I couldn’t let him know. 

His speed picked up, Robbie leaned back again, setting a single hand at the small of my back, the other holding my hips in place as he pushed into me quickly and deeply. 

I could feel the flood of pleasure in my stomach, it filled up and felt like I could burst at any giving moment. Robbie continued his movements, slowing down from time to time in order to make the moment last longer. 

My breath came out in short, hitched gasps. A long moan drawled from my lips when he finally pushed in perfectly, hitting that sweet spot that made me burst, my body shaking as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me. My walls clenched tightly around him, making him pull out of me so he could gather himself, obviously not wanting to finish just yet. 

When I seemed to slow down and catch my breath, coming down from the moment, he turned me onto my back and settled back inside me, a smirk on his face. “That’s one.” 

His hand slid down to place a finger against my clit, swirling it around as he started to pump his hips back against my own. My hips bucked immediately, the spot he touched now hyper sensitive to every touch. I couldn’t control the moans and gasps that escaped through my lips, my eyes shut tight as he thrusted into me over and over. 

“Oh god…” I whispered, my body shuddering again as another wave hit me, sending me into a bucking and moaning mess. He watched, dipping his head down to wrap his lips around my breast, sucking on the sensitive nub. 

His thrusts never stopped during my second orgasm, only building up his speed again before he finally started to loose his rhythm. His hands reached down to grip my hips tightly, leaving fingerprint bruises on my skin while I hit my end for the third time, feeling him within me as he finally hit his own. 

We both crashed into the sheets a panting, sweating mess of skin and hair. My eyes finding his finally. I wanted to see something in them, something I used to see. That spark, that love that I had. I wanted to pray that it was there so that I could forget all the craziness and the confused feelings for Dylan, even for Thomas, but…I couldn’t. I didn’t. It wasn’t there. 

Instead of crying, like I wanted to, I only smiled. It may have been a sad smile, in fact it probably was, but Robbie didn’t notice, if he did he didn’t comment on it. 

He leaned forward, kissing my lips lightly. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Robbie.” I said, praying that it sounded true. 

Two days later, I went in for work, having taken my day off to make a choice on what to do about my feelings. Robbie had been at work and when I finally realized that I couldn’t live like this anymore, with him…I figured the risk of saying goodbye was better then making him believe I actually loved him. It wasn’t fair to him or me. 

I got a text that Robbie was going on a business trip out of town for about two days…Last night I packed my stuff and left him a note. 

Today, I sat at my desk, my suitcases behind me because, I didn’t actually have anywhere to go, but I figured I would deal with that after work.

Dylan came into work a bit late, his eyes finding mine as soon as he walked towards my desk. “Hey.” He said carefully, as if worried about the last few days. 

“Hey.” I responded, now thinking I should have left my stuff in my car. As he got closer, his eyes caught sight of them. A look of worry flashed across his face. 

“Please tell me that you’re not leaving.” He said quietly, as if he couldn’t trust himself to face what I might say to that statement. 

“No.” I said softly, shaking my head. “No, I just…I had to leave my place.”

His brow furrowed. “Come into my office, Y/N.”

I nodded, standing up to follow him in, watching as he shut the doors before turning to me. “What’s going on?” 

I swallowed and finally let out a soft sigh before I lifted my gaze to meet his own. “You weren’t wrong. I was in a relationship…an abusive one and…I had to leave. Not because of how he treated me, but…because of you.”

He opened his mouth, as if he thought he might have been the cause of the abuse, but I cut him off before he responded. “Because of the feelings I have for you. It’s not fair to him or me to stay in a relationship when I have feelings for you….so I packed my stuff, he’s gone for a few days. I packed and I left, but I don’t know where I’m gonna go, I just wanted to be gone before he came home.” 

Dylan stood there and stared at me for awhile trying to process the whole thing before he ran a hand over the back of his neck. “Get your stuff.”

I blinked a few times. “What?”

“Get your stuff.” Dylan said a bit more sternly, placing a hand on the top of my shoulder. “I have an extra bedroom at my place, you can stay there.”

It was hard to blink away the tears in my eyes, but I finally nodded. “Just for a day or two, okay? I promise, I’ll get things settled and–”

“Until you’re safe, Y/N. You can stay as long as you want. If he comes back and you’re gone, what do you think he’ll do?” Dylan didn’t leave any room for me to avoid the question, his eyes were narrowed as he watched my reaction. 

“It won’t be good.” I whispered. 

“Who is he? Maybe I can do something about it…Get the cops involved…” He tossed the questions one after another. 

I shook my head. “No, please…He’s a lot more important then you’d think. I can’t tell you…It wouldn’t be safe, not for you or me.”

Dylan ran his hand over my cheek and nodded. “Okay. Come on.”

He reached down and took my hand before leading me out to my desk, we both grabbed my things and walked down to the parking garage. 

It didn’t take long to pull into Dylan’s driveway. His house was huge, which wasn’t surprising. “Do you live alone?”

He smiled. “Usually. My daughter visits quite a bit.” 

My eyes widened as I looked over at him. “You have a daughter?”

Dylan frowned, glancing over at me. “I do…She’s four. Is that…are you mad? I’m not married, never was…things never worked out between me and her mom.” 

“It’s not that…” I smiled. “I love kids, but…you shouldn’t bring me here, not if there’s kids.”

The businessman leaned over, placing a hand over mine. “It’ll be okay.”

“No it’s not safe, if he found me…”

“He won’t and if he does, he wouldn’t survive if he even came close to my daughter or my house….or you. I’ll protect you, okay?”

I swallowed again and nodded. “Okay.”

“Come on, I’ll show you your room.”

(When I did my character spread and asked who people wanted to see more of, Tammi was a clear winner! So now you all get this.)


Tammi grinned as she pushed her girlfriend down onto the couch. She straddled Shyla with both legs, one knee almost slipping off the cushion. She reached down to catch the hem of Shyla’s shirt and start tugging it upwards.

The squirrel giggled and put her hands on Tammi’s, holding them back. “Tammi, stop it! Not out in the living room! We’ll get caught!”

“We’re the only ones here,” Tammi said.

“Yeah, but your roommate could come home any time! She’d walk right in on us!”

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Fic Update, Neighborly Affection, Chapter 8

Chapter 8 is now available! Check it out at or AO3. Or, if you’re new to the story, start here or here, at the beginning.

Summary: Emma Swan’s new neighbor, Killian Jones, is the talk of the neighborhood, and living next door to him is almost more than she can stand, especially since the man doesn’t seem to own a shirt! But the tug she feels toward him is inexorable, and the genuine feelings that develop between them…quite unexpected. Captain Swan AU. 

Rating: M for sex.

anonymous asked:

Kellex fic because of the shirt tug in the game please

In. It’s in, it’s fucking in.

Alex runs towards her teammates and as she reaches Carli and Moe she feels a tug on the base of her jersey. A smile lights up her face as she realises who it is. Kelley. Of course it’s Kelley, it was only ever going to be Kelley. Goosebumps erupt all over her body as Kelley’s arm snakes around her shoulders, pulling Alex into the crook of her neck, her free hand coming to find the top of Alex’s head, pulling her in even closer. Alex’s smile broadens as she relaxes into the shorter girl’s touch, revelling in this closeness shared on the pitch, the buzz of her teammates around her and the feel of Kelley’s body, and the way she fits perfectly into Kelley’s side.

“Holy shit Al that was amazing,” Kelley breathes into her ear and Alex giggles, her arm snaking around Kelley and her hand finding the base of Kelley’s jersey, tugging lightly on the fabric herself.

“Thanks babe,” Alex laughs out, knowing she has to let Kelley go any second but refusing to. She holds on for longer than is probably acceptable in this situation, just grateful that she’s on the pitch the same time as Kelley, grateful that they were here together, chasing gold again.

“We’ll celebrate properly later,” Kelley laughs out as she reluctantly pulls away from Kelley but she’s not quiet or subtle at all and she sees Moe shake her head and the smirk on Tobin’s lips, the team used to Kelley’s unashamed flirting. Alex, already sweating from the heat and adrenaline pumping from the goal, feels her skin heat up and her face redden, the undeniable tension between the two of them making its way dangerously towards the surface.

Alex just smirks slightly as winks at Kelley. Later. Later indeed.


Tim groans when there’s a knock at the door. He’d been just about to all asleep, somehow even more of a rarity these days than ever before with Cooper around. He pushes himself out of the bed and tugs a shirt on, padding through the suite towards the door, already hearing the baby start to make small noises, probably woken up by the knock. He’d start crying in a moment undoubtedly. 

He pulls the door open, waking up immediately when he realizes who it is. This was not good. He’d yet to tell Kon about this whole… situation. “Um… hey Kon. Now’s not really a good time.. maybe you should come back-” And then his eyes squeeze shut as Cooper starts to cry. Great.

anonymous asked:

I like to headcanon that Jack can't swim (Grandma never bothered to teach him) So imagine after the pond incident, Jack falls into the deep pond next. All the alien babies jump into the water and save Jack. Then they all hug him and chirp at him to comfort him.

Awwwww YEs, protecting and saving their dad this time. nipping at his shirt and tugging him safely back to shore as they paddle with their little feeties and tails. and then jack finds himself being smothered in damp babies who are letting out concerned noises and snuggling and hugging him c:

Share Yours and I'll Share Mine

Leans into you for a long deep kiss

kisses back the same way you kissed me.

Rubs my fingers up the middle of your back

picks you up and wraps your legs around me

Begins to suck on your neck

carries you around to your room

Kisses you wildly

kisses you back.

passionately lays you down on your bed.

Pulls you on top of me. Grabs your hand and moves it across my stomach to the top of my pants

lays on top of you. gets control to guide our hands on your leg and down to your knee

Pulls your shirt off over your shoulders and rubs my hands up your body and back down

kisses you and kisses down your body.

Pulls up my shirt to the bottom of my bra and watches you

bites on your shirt and tug lightly Pulls it off and runs your hands down your body and curls my fingers between your legs.

Unbuttons my pants runs my hand up your body and runs my hand down your pants and circles your clit.

Trembles with excitement as I try to work off my pants

takes out my hand and helps you pull them off as i kiss you

Gets them off and kisses you heavier as I fumble with the button on your pants

kisses back and leans up for you to unbutton them

Gets them undone and pulls at them enough to get my hand inside

mmmmm kisses you

Places my hand on your dick and moves my hand up and down slowly

leans my head back and leans onto you and kisses you as we lay back

Guides your hand up my inner thigh as we kiss

runs it to your pussy and tug your underwear to a side and circles my finger around the hole to feel all the wetteness

Spreads my legs wider and breathes heavily in pure ecstasy. Feels myself become more wet

digs two fingers in you as i licks your tummy

Moans loudly as I feel you inside of me and wraps one leg around you

continues to finger you and licks down to your clit and licks and sucks on it.

Pulls your face back up to mine and kisses your lips, your chest, your stomach. Twirls my tongue around the head of your dick

-whispers- mmmm oh omg baby

Puts my mouth around it and sucks slowly

mmm my dick throabs harder

Slowly slips my mouth off, kisses the head of your dick. Kisses your stomach.

strokes your cheek as you kiss my stomach and lays you back

Looks up at you and smiles

smiles back run my hand down your body and grabs my dick and taps it on your pussy. teasing you.

Looks at you all sad don’t tease me.

slides it in your slowly

Clings to the sheets

licks and sucks on your boobs as i make love to you slowly and deep

Moans softly and lightly claws your back

faster and deeper as i holds your boobs

Moans louder and presses your body hard against mine

leans to your ear breathing heavy whispering ohh god. you feel good baby. mmmm

Giggles a little, you feel better

heavy breathing as i giggle. rolls over as i pull you up and ontop

Leans up straight and puts my arms behind my head as I ride you slowly

holds your hips as you grind on me

Lowerd my chest closer to yours as I speed up the pace

Faster, faster, round and round. Damn you feel so good

mmmm oh fuck.. gonna cum baby. dont stop.

Continues slowly, but hard

cums oh fuck. balls my fist and presses it again my forehead ohhhhhhh god exhaule hard.

Feels you release inside of me, let’s out a loud sigh. Rolls over beside you. Breaths heavily.

calms my breathing and lays on my side and wrap my arm aross your stomach