shirt with eagle


got myself a muscle tank hell yea

*katniss everdeen voice* from now on, we’ll be using codenames; you may all address me as, “eagle one.” peeta is, “been there, done that.” johanna is, “currently doing that.” annie is, “it happened once in a dream.” finnick, “if i had to pick a dude.” madge, “i’d be lying if i said i hadn’t thought about it.” gale, “been there, done that, AND got the t-shirt.” and haymitch……… haymitch is, “eagle two.”

*haymitch abernathy voice* oh thank god

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Bomber Jacket- American Eagle
Shirt- Macy’s
Jeans- American Eagle
Shoes- Nike
Backpack- Herschel Supply Co.
Sunglasses- Harrods