shirt tucked in

i love sherlocks outfits i know theyre all identical but i looooove them i love the tucked in shirt i love the way it sits at the waist and the way it all compliments is body well i love the pant buckles now that i know what they are fksjdksdksk I LOVE HIS SHOES and his socks i wanna see more of his socks when he sits cross legged (you know when men in suits do that and the leg goes so far up u can see their shins i love that shit) i love where he unbuttons his shirts too like that piece of chest there is like so quintessentially gay masc in the whole picture I LOVE IT WHEN HE ROLLS HIS SLEEVES UP i love that he wears a watch its cute …where am i


-pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his pointer finger.
-looks down when he smiles.
-never finishes books. Piles of dog-eared, half-read books all over his flat.
-picks lint off of other peoples’ clothing without their permission.
-wears as little clothing as possible at all times.
-smells kind of like spices. And apples.
-cannot even do basic math.
-he really likes kisses. Like a lot. Someone please stop him.
-reads with his glasses poised on the tip of his nose.
-not a fan of tucking. Neither sheets nor shirts, but he does tuck Draco into bed on occasion.
-rough sex. All the time. His favorite.
-laughs loudly and often.
-sometimes forgets that everything is okay. Draco reminds him daily.
-long, hot showers.
-warm hands.
-cold feet.
-very much in love with Draco Malfoy. He’s doing alright.


in my sophomore year of college this guy made these items which quickly became a craze across campus. i myself bought one of his sweaters, which says “GOOD AND DEAD” across the chest and “ARM PAIN” along the sleeves. he showed up at 11 pm on a bicycle to deliver the goods in the dead of winter, wearing a metal t-shirt tucked into khakis. his facebook screen name is an indecipherable series of symbols. i have no authentic way to credit him but i want to share his art with you.

UPDATE! i was able to identify the artist as daniel guinness. he gave me permission to keep these images up and to include his email address if you would like to buy one! please support his art :)

things i love in blue lily, lily blue

–ronan showing up unexpectedly to adam’s court hearing with his tie tied correctly for once, and his shirt tucked in.

–greenmantle telling his girlfriend that he would always love himself first and she’d always come in second, and her reply: “samesies”

–gansey coughing or some shit in the cave to cover the sound of his hairs standing up on his neck and his testicles retreating

–adam and blue and noah driving along having a fight – when blue turns on the radio to lighten the mood and the murder squash song comes on, and that is how we find out that ronan lynch has made a mixtape for adam

–all of ronan and adam’s private adventures:
-to the barns, where adam learns that ronan is also lonesome (a surprise), attentive to detail (surprise), passionate about making the impossible possible (at this point adam is like “i don’t even know him, but WOW!!1!”) and then they sit really close to each other against a sleeping cow and adam knows ronan is looking at him. and he is simultaneously ready to BRAG ABOUT IT/convinced it’s not real.
-to get toiletries for gwenllian, just casually strolling through the store together with adam pushing a cart like a regular human – ronan trying desperately to look cool/make adam laugh, and adam essentially ignoring the shit out of him
-the shopping cart scene where it’s just obvious that this is a common occurrence, and adam doesn’t even hesitate to get in the cart, probably because he knows in a few moments he’ll get to see pure happiness on ronan’s face when they crash
-the scene in the church when they decide to dream up a web to trap greenmantle in, and adam is just laying on a pew thinking about how gloriously ronan fits this church, and then they simultaneously realize they’re staring at each other.
-like two minutes later in the church when ronan lays down on a pew with his eyes closed, adam starts staring again, and ronan instinctively knows this and tells him to stop looking at him without even opening his eyes.

–when blue looks for tea to serve to the gray man and spends a few minutes searching for one that is more likely to promote sanguinity than loose stools.

–henry cheng’s top priority of having incredibly tall spiked hair even while standing for hours in the misty morning.

–gansey’s immediate recognition of/admiration for henry’s priorities being in the right order.

We need to talk about this official poster.

First of all, let’s talk about their positions. Yuri is resting his head on Viktor’s arm, and seen how close to the elbow he is, he was laying pretty damn close to Viktor. Viktor is also slightly leaning in towards Yuri. His head is pretty much right above Yuri’s, and his body is turned in Yuri’s direction. 

Second of all, their clothes: They are obviously wearing formal clothes, yet why do they look so messy?? Viktor is always shown to be very neatly dressed, yet now, his shirt is barely tucked in his trousers. Yuri’s shirt is not even tucked in anymore. In fact, do you notice that a few of Yuri’s buttons have been unbuttoned? And also, notice how Yuri’s holding onto Viktor’s tie, the tie that s so loosely around Viktor’s neck, which indicates that Yuri might have been tugging on said tie, which could be the cause of why it’s so loose? 

And last but not least, look at their hair. You can see that their hair was rather neat and slicked back, yet now, it is in a rather messy state as well, just like their clothes. Perhaps a cause for this can be… certain hands that have been running through the hair… tousling it up a little?? 

So, after reading all of this, wouldn’t you think that perhaps this poster is a…. I don’t know… a post-make out moment poster, perhaps???

I mean…. I’m not saying that they were probably making out here….. but they were most definitely making out here.

Your eyes weren’t blue as the ocean. Your hair wasn’t stroked through. Your shirt wasn’t always tucked in. Your smile didn’t always make me smile. Your words didn’t always make mine stutter.
Your eyes were brown which shone through and told many stories.
Your hair reminded me of that cheekiness that you always had.
Your shirt smelt like you had rolled in beautiful flowers for hours.
Your smile reminded me that I was safe. You were happy. And I was safe.
When I heard you speak, you did not make me want to scream. You did not scare me. I never turned away from you. I guess your words calm me down.
You’re my home. You may not seem perfect to anyone else but you’re my home.
You are my home.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #36

“at that first week, there he was in the lab, so certain about everything, with his shirt tucked in, with his thousand yards stare,” yvonne about her husband lmao

sufjan lines that hit me right in the heart pt. 2
  • the strength of his arm/my lover caught me off guard
  • i made a lot of mistakes/i made a lot of mistakes
  • and he takes, and he takes, and he takes
  • how could you run from me now? the loneliest chime in the house?
  • but nothing ever happens
  • jupiter is the loneliest planet
  • where do you run? where do you run to?
  • you said you needed me/but i know you needed yourself to be clean of me
  • with blood on my sleeve/delilah, avenge me grief/how?/god of elijah
  • i forgive you mother/i can hear you!/and i long to be near you/but every road leads to an end
  • on the floor at the great divide/with my shirt tucked in/and my shoes untied/i am crying in the bathroom
  • i only wanna be a relief
  • manelich, i feel so used
  • you touched me inside of my cage/beneath my shirt your hands embraced me
  • oh my god/no one came to carry us away from danger
  • i fell in love again/all things go, all things go
  • my friend is gone/he ran away/i can tell you, i love him each day
  • frightened by my feelings/i only wanna be a relief
  • do you get enough love, my little dove?/why do you cry?/and i’m sorry i left/but it was for the best/though it never felt right
  • what’s the point of singing songs if they’ll never even hear you?
  • we celebrate our sense of each other/we have a lot to give one another
  • oh, my mother, she betrayed us/but my father loved and bathed us
  • i’ll do anything for you/i did everything for you
  • still i go to the deepest grave/where i go to sleep alone
  • cross-hatch/warm bath/holiday inn after dark
  • fuck me, i’m falling apart
  • raise your right hand/tell me you want me in your life
  • sufjan, the panic inside/the murdering ghost that you cannot ignore
  • i’ve lost the will to fight/i was not made for life
  • and i have so much to give/in spite of all the terror and abuse/all delighted people raise your hands

and so many more, i am a wreck of a human, please add your own!