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types of boys - music edition

folk boy: flowers tucked behind his ear. loves whichever season it is currently but is always wishing for the next. favorite time of day is golden hour when everything is shining and orange. always humming or whistling. goes barefoot just to build up calluses. writes you letters.

punk boy: hand-poked tattoos and ripped jeans. flash photography and laughter in a dark room. his smile looks like how it feels when you’re at a show and the music is so loud you can feel it in your chest. mesmerized by streetlights and how quiet everything gets at night. 

pop music boy: light washed jeans with a t-shirt tucked in. sings along to the radio at full blast. every song is ‘his jam’. glitter under his eyes that shines when the light hits it. a sucker for love songs. wants to hold hands and kiss you on the cheek but is too nervous and doesn’t know how to make the first move.

classical boy: carries a journal everywhere he goes to take notes of whatever inspires him. thrives on rainy days and would watch the clouds drift by for hours if he could. runs his fingers through his hair a lot. the shy kid. writes love poems to the universe (and to you).

listens-to-everything-boy: indecisive but not picky. has twenty different playlists and is always making more. star-gazing. always has a song stuck in his head and gets it stuck in everybody else’s just by mentioning it. loves to dance and isn’t ashamed of it. spontaneous kisses.

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Oh my gosh not sure if you wrote about this before but you should write about the first time niall takes Emery and the missus to Disney and then meeting the princesses and going on rides and buying matching mickey ears 😍

I haven’t wrote about Emery’s birthday holiday!

I absolutely love Dad!Niall and my heart is overwhelmed.

He’s never seen Emery so happy.

She’s holding her father and mother’s hands, a tiny pair of Minnie Mouse ears sitting on her head, her soft blonde hair flowing across her back, her favourite pair of fashionable trainers Niall had bought her on one of their Daddy-Daughter Dates (she had been begging for a pair of trainers to match her daddy’s), her jeans rolled at her ankles, her white tee shirt tucked on her torso, her styles mimicking her mother’s. She’s bumbling about meeting her favourite princesses and seeing Cinderella’s castle, talking about how she’s not too little for big rollercoasters anymore and she really wants to go on her daddy so he can protect her when they’re falling on the “really big ones that have a big drop in ‘em”, and she’s very happy to have a Mickey Ice Cream and a new teddy bear. His heart warms, his blue irises attentive to his fiancée and his daughter, his smile perched on his lips as he admires their bright smiles - he’s so happy.

“Daddy! Look! It’s Cinderella’s castle!”

“Why look at that. It is.”

“Cinderella gets to live in there with Prince Charming, y’a know. Gus Gus and Jaq live there, too. I wan’a visit.”

He’s grinning because he’s been waiting to tell her, but he’s set up a tour of Cinderella’s castle and a reservation for makeover at the boutique for her - a special surprise he’d splurged on because he knew how happy she would be, and he didn’t care how much he spent, because seeing her smiling and giggling and enjoying her experience, would be worth every penny.

“Wan’a know a secret, Em?”


“I talked to a few people and guess what we’re doing.”


“Would you like to take a tour of Cinderella’s castle?” he grins, his heart warm as Emery wraps her arms around his shoulders, his knees wobbling as he leans down on a sidewalk, his missus utterly confused as she steps outside a cafe with a coffee in her hands, not understanding as to why their daughter had begun embracing him so tightly, her nose tucked into his neck, cheek settled on his shoulder as he squeezes her tightly, kissing her temple softly.

“What’s goin’ on, hm? Having a cuddle whilst I’m away?”

“Mummy! Daddy said we’re goin’ t’ see Cinderella’s castle and I’ll get to have a makeover and I can get dressed up like Cinderella!”

His missus’ jaw drops, her green orbs swelling with tears, a smile perched on her lips as she pushes her lips against his sweetly, hugging him tightly as she grins. “We have the best Prince Charming, don’t we, Em?”

“We do! Daddy, you’re even better than Prince Charming.”

“Really? ‘s really big to be better than Prince Charming.”

“You are!”

She’s in awe of her favourite castle, her blue irises bright and amazed as a cast member guides her around Cinderella’s castle, her fingertips pointing excitedly at her favourite accessories and paintings scattered around their bedrooms and hallways. She bumbles about how much she loves Cinderella to their cast member, her lips curved into a grin as their tour guide tells her all about Cinderella and how she gets to meet her, too.

Cinderella is their first princess to meet and Emery couldn’t be more excited. She giggles, hugging her tightly, her tiny hands holding out her favourite autograph booklet and having her autograph her decorated page.

“Why don’t you look lovely? Just as lovely as a princess!”

“Thank you! I want to be a princess!”

“Do you? I believe you can be anything you’d like to be.”

“Mummy and Daddy say that, too!”

“Is this your Mummy and Daddy?”

“Mhm! Daddy surprised me for my birthday because I’ve been wanting to come for so long.”

“Awe, happy birthday, princess.”

“Cinderella, you’re my favourite.”

“Guess what?”


“You have been my very favourite princess to meet, too.”

Emery is asleep on Niall’s chest as they finish their dinner, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, her face tucked into his neck, her lips pursed together as she breathes softly, Niall’s lips kissing her temple as he holds her on his hip. His heart is warm, a smile perched on his lips, his features happy and pleased with their day.

She’s asleep nearly their entire way back to their hotel, her arms tightening around his shoulders as they’re walking back to their suite, quiet murmurs whispered as he lays her on their bed gently. Her knuckles rub her eyes tiredly as she awakens, her lips pouting as she notices him step away, her eyes fluttering open and closed as her mother dresses her in pyjamas, her makeup being washed away, her Cinderella costume being tucked safely in their suitcase. She climbs underneath their duvet, her figure settled on her bum as she awaits her mother and father’s cuddles.

She snuggles into Niall, her cheek settled on his chest, his fingertips dragging alongst her back soothingly, her voice soft and quiet as she whispers, “Thank you for bringing me to Disney, Daddy.”

“Of course, ‘me little gem. Did you have a nice birthday? Did y’a enjoy it?”

“I loved Disney, Daddy. But, thank y’a more fo’ bein’ my Daddy. I love you.”

“Oh, Piglet. I love you, too. ‘s why you’re ‘me little gem. Only one of a kind.”

“Daddy, you’re one of a kind, too.”

On the floor at the great divide

With my shirt tucked in and my shoes untied

I am crying in the bathroom

In the morning when you finally go

And the nurse runs in with her head hung low

And the cardinal hits the window

In the morning in the winter shade

On the 1st of March on the holiday

I thought I saw you breathing

All the glory that the Lord has made

And the complications when I see His face

In the morning in the window

All the glory when he took our place

But he took my shoulders and he shook my face

And he takes and he takes and he takes

–Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens

Y'all… I feel like I just gay leveled up to the MAXIMUM seeing this image… Like… There is no more gay than the gay I am at this moment in my life. Advanced level gay… Next level gay… ALL of the gay.


Wide Leg Trousers - a Sims 4 mesh edit

I converted these from a City Living full body outfit. Enjoy 💙

  • bottoms
  • BGC
  • Teen-Elder, Female
  • 18 swatches = 9 colour options x 2 belt options, colours from the lovely @citrontart​‘s palette
  • custom thumbnail
  • disabled for random
  • look best with crop tops or tucked shirts (it gets screwy otherwise)

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starting to dress butch, because not all of us can afford the typical suggestions

One issue that I have with a lot of butch tips is that they are all quite pricey, and even those that boast being cheap are still recommending tops that are $30-50 a piece. I’m sure some people can afford that no problem, but this presents an issue for anyone who’s unsure if they’re butch or just generally doesn’t have the money. I love Tomboy, Wildfang, and the like, but I honestly can’t afford them unless they’re on a blow out sale, and all the cheaper suggestions are like “just go to a thrift store” which can be hard for the first few nerve-wracking times you’re buying butch clothes.

So, my tips on starting to dress butch for cheaper:

Get packs of clothing (basics). Men’s clothing has packs of 2-4+ undershirts that work fine as regular shirts. They’re certainly thicker than some women’s clothes! These may be packs of the same color, or assorted, and they may be t-shirts, tanks, or even collared shirts. You can buy some in the Amazon men’s underwear department if you’re nervous about being in public! Some of these packs are on the pricier side, but they usually give you several shirts. Undershirts are fairly tight-fitting, so make sure to get a comfortable size (I’m a women’s L-XL, usually go for a men’s M). Clothing packs, depending on where you buy them, could be $3-5 per shirt. This is also a great way to get underwear, ties, etc.

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Blue Blood

“Prince Jimin was born with blue blood. His coronation is rapidly approaching, but there are two requirements he must fulfil before becoming a king. He must have the skills to fight in battle, and he must have a Queen with blood as blue as his. You, a member of the royal guard, are assigned to teach Jimin the ins and outs of combat. You are not scared of death, of blood, or of battle. What you are scared of however, is falling in love with Jimin, the one man your blood decrees you can never have.”

pairing: jimin x reader
genre: royalty ausmut, angst
wordcount: 26k

❀ 1 / 10 of my oneshot requests

** warnings: this is angsty!, jimin is a light dom, slow burn, violence, mentions of blood, heavy themes, lots of drama, character death

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things i love in blue lily, lily blue

–ronan showing up unexpectedly to adam’s court hearing with his tie tied correctly for once, and his shirt tucked in.

–greenmantle telling his girlfriend that he would always love himself first and she’d always come in second, and her reply: “samesies”

–gansey coughing or some shit in the cave to cover the sound of his hairs standing up on his neck and his testicles retreating

–adam and blue and noah driving along having a fight – when blue turns on the radio to lighten the mood and the murder squash song comes on, and that is how we find out that ronan lynch has made a mixtape for adam

–all of ronan and adam’s private adventures:
-to the barns, where adam learns that ronan is also lonesome (a surprise), attentive to detail (surprise), passionate about making the impossible possible (at this point adam is like “i don’t even know him, but WOW!!1!”) and then they sit really close to each other against a sleeping cow and adam knows ronan is looking at him. and he is simultaneously ready to BRAG ABOUT IT/convinced it’s not real.
-to get toiletries for gwenllian, just casually strolling through the store together with adam pushing a cart like a regular human – ronan trying desperately to look cool/make adam laugh, and adam essentially ignoring the shit out of him
-the shopping cart scene where it’s just obvious that this is a common occurrence, and adam doesn’t even hesitate to get in the cart, probably because he knows in a few moments he’ll get to see pure happiness on ronan’s face when they crash
-the scene in the church when they decide to dream up a web to trap greenmantle in, and adam is just laying on a pew thinking about how gloriously ronan fits this church, and then they simultaneously realize they’re staring at each other.
-like two minutes later in the church when ronan lays down on a pew with his eyes closed, adam starts staring again, and ronan instinctively knows this and tells him to stop looking at him without even opening his eyes.

–when blue looks for tea to serve to the gray man and spends a few minutes searching for one that is more likely to promote sanguinity than loose stools.

–henry cheng’s top priority of having incredibly tall spiked hair even while standing for hours in the misty morning.

–gansey’s immediate recognition of/admiration for henry’s priorities being in the right order.

padme: look at finn being a part of the resistance! i’m so proud of him! he - wait. is he…

anakin: what?

padme: he’s wearing a vintage beige shirt fashionably tucked into his stunning naboo ocean blue pants with the Gucci Resistance Leather Jacket and Louis Vuitton boots and a Corellian belt made from the finest leather in the galaxy…

anakin: padme…breathe

padme: the aesthetic of the blaster strapped to his belt reminds me of my groundbreaking Geonosis look….he really did that. anakin are you seeing this. BAIL! breha! shmi! are you seeing this. this is beautiful


With the exception of my family, he was probably the only other Jew who had ever set foot in B. But unlike us he let you see it from the very start. We were not conspicuous Jews. We wore our Judaism as people do almost everywhere in the world: under the shirt, not hidden, but tucked away.
To see someone proclaim his Judaism on his neck as Oliver did when he grabbed one of our bikes and headed into town with his shirt wide open shocked us as much as it taught us we could do the same and get away with it.