shirt tie

Ford and fashion

I love the idea that Ford has HORRIBLE fashion sense. In his youth he stuck to wearing what his idea of “professional” attire would have been and kept himself neat and tidy because, at the time, that was the way to gain respect from teachers and potential employers and the attire was pretty formulaic. Button down shirt with a tie and some slacks - done.
As he wandered dimensions, he wore whatever he could find. And when he returned home he either wore whatever was left of his that hadn’t deteriorated over 30 years or simply went for the Carl Sagan inspired look.

But if he ever needed to put together a casual outfit it would be like, shorts with cowboy boots and a sweater vest or something… With his coat still over it all. Hence where Soos got the idea of what he’d wear to the beach for his fanfiction.

I think, in their college days, Fidds would have facepalmed more than once at him… “No no no! Ugh. We’re going shopping after class tomorrow. I can’t believe ya’ ain’t got a single pair ‘a bell bottoms.”
“But, Fidds! I have to work on my lab project for-”
“Nope! Shopping.”

“Fidds… I can’t wear these…”
“Yeah… I think yer right… It really ain’t yer style, is it? Ya’ look as uncomfortable as a rabbit inna’ fox’s den.”
“I’d say you described the feeling succinctly.”
“Fine. At least get yerself some new shirts an’ some ties that ain’t got molecules printed on em’. No. Not them ones with the constellations on ‘em either… And, good lord, if yer gonna wear them sweater vests get some that ain’t so angry at everyone’s eyeballs.”


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