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  • Wonwoo, my little book nerd okay let’s get this started
  • being the nerd he is he’ll def give a lot of book recs and will love to get some in return
  • just sharing a hobby would be so nice for him
  • and if you don’t like books well hell send you some anime/drama/movie requests
  • he loves sharing his joy just remember that
  • he also seems like the kind of person to call you by any name in the book but yours
  • and the longer you ignore them the worse they become
  • ‘jagiya, babe, sweety, fluff, buttercup, petunia, butterfly, muffin, sugar lips, bed bug, monkey tush, boogGER…YO BUtterFAce’
  • or something like that yeah
  • playful insults if you’re comfortable with that
  • would be pretty chill about PDA not like loves it but like doesn’t care that much if ppl see or not
  • his hobby is telling bad jokes so I hope you can take them or maybe tell some yourself because boy you’re gonna get a lot of them
  • he loves it when you tell him some puns or even bad pickup lines
  • and his smile lights up the room this little fluffball
  • why do i always make it seem like it’s smut making out isn’t that sexual I mean but I guess for lil carats who wanna skip this part i begin and end it with bold sin messages
  • okay so we know he’s kind of a slow guy and he’s exactly the same when making out
  • slow but passionate make outs
  • like standing up while making out? forget that you’re laying down or sitting down
  • if he’s feeling a bit ‘active’ he’ll lay on top of you leaning on his elbows to not totally crush you
  • even tho he weighs nothing he wants you to be comf
  • also a big fan of using tongue and making it all sloppy
  • hope you like it cus he does
  • jfk how would i know
  • where was I? ah yes SO
  • he loves making sweater paws and shit just aegyo without trying and stuff
  • and if he wants something he will use aegyo like remember the baby voice
  • if he wants to to get him a hamburger at mcdonalds he will get it
  • i think neither of you would be really dominant because he loves being the protective bf and also loves being pampered by you
  • 🎶 Woozi switch it up 🎶
  • okay so also if it’s your anniversary or something don’t expect like chocolate or flowers because Wonwoo wants to be special 
  • he’s the guy that makes a necklace himself or like some kind of friendship bracelet because he thinks it’s beyond funny how ugly it looks
  • and he wants you to wear it and will guilt you into it because ‘he made it with love specially for you!! how do you mean it doesn’t fit your outfit? LOVE MATCHES WITH EVERYTHING’
  • secretly laughing at you because ‘look what an ugly necklace they’re wearing’
  • next anniversary you give him this ugly self made shirt which says ‘This guy loves Y/n’ and you try guilting him into it like he did and he’s like ‘Y/n I’m an idol I have to look presentable’
  • he can’t take his own lame jokes
  • he’ll wear it eventually to like an important event but with a blazer on top of it so nobody notices the shirt
  • he jokes with you all the time honestly half of your relationship is horrible jokes
  • and puns let’s not forget the puns
  • he also gets jealous easily but he’ll try not to show it
  • he’ll put on his deadly gaze and think in his head like ‘don’t touch them get your hand of their shoulder get out KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OF Y/N’
  • and when you ask him if he’s okay he’ll be like ‘woh hi sorry I was just daydreaming a bit what happened?’ like boi we saw you eyeing at at that dude it wasn’t just ‘staring into the nothing’
  • he will always want you to be comfortable even tho he might sometimes try to take you out of your comfort zone if that makes sense?
  • like he’ll want you to test the waters but never force you into having to do something
  • but might try to convince you sometimes cus it’s not always as bad as it seems
  • sometimes it is and he’ll apologise and he’ll owe you one 
  • like a ‘free massage’ coupon or ‘call me even if I’m recording or practicing’ coupon
  • also if he ever sleeps over or you sleep at the dorm if that even happens rip you cus his morning voice
  • just treat this bun right thanks


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Jungkook Scenario: Since Day One.

Request: hello admins! i just want to first say that i love all your scenarios, i’m a huge fan☺️💖 and may i request a jungkook scenario where you accidentally bump into him at kcon ny and you guys share a little moment and he falls for you and you end up together after awhile and all that fluffiness! thanks in advance💘

Genre: Fluff.

You didn’t know how you had gotten lost, between the mass of people, signs and lights you were pushed around like a rag doll until you were able to breathe comfortably again. 

The concert had ended and everyone was abandoning the place at their own pace, some fans came in huge groups that were now to go to trendy pubs in Brooklyn or in the heart of Manhattan, in your case you had to go straight back home or else you would be out of curfew and surely grounded. You had pushed your luck enough coming to the concert and buying merchandise and a few makeup items. But now you were lost, you had walked in the direction you thought conducted to the exit but you were just getting further into the venue, maybe there was another way out.

You took out your phone to try and find some useful information about getting out of there, or to just use it as company being that this part of the venue seemed to be completely desolated; you were watching your phone’s screen seeing that it was almost out of battery when you felt something making impact with your body making you drop your phone and stumble a little.

You heard a gasp and then looked to the front where the person who had bumped with you was standing. A boy, tall and fit, he was still wearing all black and if anything his hair was even more disheveled than before. It made you gasp as well, not imagining in a million years that you would actually bump into Jeon Jungkook by mere accident.

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almost a year and a half of growing my hair out! there are days when I’m super proud of it, my patience and self-control and days when I feel a strong urge to get a buzzcut, but most of all I’m tired of the amount of time and maintenance longer hair requires and curious of other haircuts I haven’t tried out before. feeling pretty ready to get it cut and get back the time for stuff other than shampooing and waiting for it to dry out.

what I’ve found surprising is I do get a bit uncomfortable when strangers misgender me from behind based on my hair length- they always correct themselves once I turn around and they see my face or hear my voice and I respond with a kind smile, but it still leaves me with a familiar after-taste. 

you may not know this, but I can dress in a quite androgynous manner with skinny trousers and oversized, unisex t-shirts or weird self-made tops, I like choosing different elements from both shelves of the fashion binary and balancing it out. when my hair is short and coarse-looking, I usually feel more attracted to soft delicate loose fabrics and at times when my hairstyle is more gentle, I tend to feel more comfortable in darker clothes and thicker materials. right now I feel imbalanced and bored of how dominant my hair is in my overall look. I already have a next haircut in mind, but I’m open to suggestions. what do you think I should do to my hair?

You guys do not know how much I’ve internalised Clint Barton: Actual Melinda May Superstan, Clint Barton: Actual Nick Fury Superstan, or Clint Barton: Actual SHIELD Fam Superfan.

It’s got to ridiculous levels, because whenever I see screencaps where Clint’s making a face in the background, I’m 100% convinced that he’s trying to telepathically convey his levels of ugh to Nat about why Melinda or Nick, or Maria or Bobbi or Mack are not here to deal with this instead of ridiculous super powered people who fuck things up more than actually help.