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my cute lil stardew valley farmer named marigold (mary for short)!! her farm is named dogwood farm, she loves plants, video games, and i have no idea who she’s gonna marry,, , 

My friend came to class today wearing a t-shirt with a breast pocket and she turned to me and said “someone asked me what was in my pocket in my other class” and she reached into the breast pocket of her shirt and pulled out a lego joker figure from the Lego Batman movie. 

When she put him back she said “I want to keep him close to my heart.”


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[miraculous ladybug]: anonymous bug

a little ladrien ficlet for @fangirl-with-a-shippers-heart as a warm welcome to the fandom~

(eh. not sure if this turned out how you wanted but… I ended up just kinda taking the idea and running with it 😅)

“I’m telling you, this is a dumb idea.”

With little effort, Adrien ignores the voice coming out of his shirt’s pocket as he runs along Rue de Passy. He’s used to it by now. No matter how much Camembert he gives to appease his kwami, Plagg has proven time and time again that nothing will ever stop him from voicing his bluntly worded opinions.

Taking a left turn at an intersection, Adrien continues on as though no one had spoken. Despite the loud whirs of cars passing, his shallow huffs of air and pounding heart are the only sounds he can focus on as he dashes towards their agreed meeting place up ahead.

To avoid setting an easy pattern for the paparazzi to follow, the locations for the start of their patrols never repeat themselves more than once over a sequence of five. His Lady always had the best ideas.

“Why do I even bother with you humans?” Plagg laments to himself, sliding further down into Adrien’s pocket.

“It’s not like you ever take other people’s advice either,” Adrien hisses out of the corner of his mouth.

“It’s no wonder you were chosen for me,” the creature sighs. “Nature likes playing cruel tricks.”

“Stop being overdramatic,” he says, rolling his eyes.

“Another shared trait,” Plagg says. Yawning, he adds, “Well, good luck. It’s not like I can stop you anyways.”

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