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Trading Places. (M)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Smut and fluff
Word count: 3.7k

Summary: Wanting to surprise you, Yoongi lit your favorite candles and planned a cheesy, romantic night but when he realised you’ve had a bad day, he suggested you should change it up and trade places. Laying on the bed, spread out for you to do whatever you wanted to him. “Do your worst,” he said.

WARNINGS: sub!yoongi, a lot of fluffiness, bathtub sex, dirty talk, light spanking, dom!reader etc. etc. etc. - Reader Discretion advised. y'all I legit don’t even know what this is but I kinda like it????

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I really like your blog. Can I ask to write about how RFA + Saeran forgot about MC's birthday and missed it? If it's possible from their viewpoint.

Oh boy, that got so long, these are basically mini-fics, I’m just too lazy to take it out of the topics lolol. Hope you enjoy it! ^^

   RFA + Saeran forgetting MC’s birthday


  • His new musical debuted that night, after it was over, he ran to the dressing room looking for you, but… you weren’t there?
  • He asked the staff if you were still in your seat, they said they didn’t even see you that night.
  • “Oh, she must be with Jaehee.” He texted both of you, none of you texted back. Weird…
  • He called you, nothing. He called Jaehee, she answered, but there was some loud music playing. “Jaehee, is MC with you?”
  • “WHAT??? ZEN, WHERE ARE YOU??? ARE YOU OUTSIDE???” she was yelling
  • Then it hit him… SHIT! It was today! Your birthday!!! How could he forget that?
  • He saw you in the morning, you sounded so excited, but you were always so bubbly, he didn’t even notice you were especially excited that day. Oh god… just remembering your beautiful smile made his heart sink in guilty. Why didn’t you say anything?
  • “Wake up, Zen! She’s not like you to be bragging about her own  birthday!” he thought. Yes, you were nothing like him at all, you were so sweet, so selfless… he was a selfish workaholic who abandoned her girlfriend in her first birthday with you! Ugh… he was the worst boyfriend ever!
  • His colleagues invited him to an after party, he declined. He needed to know where your party was happening… Calling you would be the most embarrassing and hurtful thing he could ever do!
  • Calling Jaehee seemed hopeless. Yoosung? Yeah, obviously not!  Seven would tease him for not knowing where the party was. There was only one person discreet enough he could call… but it was Jumin fucking Han! God… asking that jerk a favor made him feel sick, but it was for MC… he would do anything for his precious girlfriend.
  •  Jumin answered quickly, the music wasn’t too loud, he was probably a little away from the crowd, that antisocial freak! No…  he needed to ask him a favor, it wasn’t the time to cuss him out. “Where are you? MC is concerned” he said in a monotone tone.
  •  “I need to ask you something, but you have to promise me you won’t say anything! If you say something, I swear I’ll…” “You’re about to ask me a favor, yet you’re threatening me? How bold…” “LISTEN, YOU JERK! I get it, I’m an asshole, ok? I screwed up her birthday! You have no idea how much I regret it… I…” no, he could not do that talking with Jumin, pull yourself together! “I need to know the address of the party…”
  •  “Are you serious? You really don’t know?” “Don’t make me feel worse, dude! I can do that by myself!” “I’m not doing it on purpose, I’m just reminding you of your irresponsibility… did you even get her a present?” “DUUUUUUDE! I TOLD YOU I COULD MAKE MYSELF FEEL WORSE! OH GOD!”
  •  “Zen, pull yourself together, please. This is quite embarrassing for me too… think objectively, what can you do right now? There must be something…” Zen thought for a few seconds… there was something he could do!
  • “Hey, jerk! I thought of something! Tell me the address and I’ll take care of everything else! I just need a prop I saw backstage and…” “What do I get in return?” “DUDE, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?”
  •  “I’m a business man, I need to know what will be my gain on this.” He could almost see the smirk on that son of a bitch’s face. “Fine! There’s something I can do along with my… surprise for MC. Give me the address and see for yourself.” “But…” “Just trust me on this one, ok? Now here’s what you need to do…”
  • You were dancing with Seven, he was making silly moves to make you laugh and distract you from your concern about your boyfriend.
  • Were you mad? Nah, why would you? It was his career after all… I mean, should you be mad about your boyfriend forgetting your birthday? The first one with you as a couple? Even if he couldn’t ditch work, he saw you in the morning, he should had said something! A day has fucking 24 hours, Zen! Calling you wouldn’t take more than a few minutes, for fuck’s sake. Yep, you were mad.
  • Seven stepped away from you a little, you looked like you were gonna punch someone. Then, he stared at the little stage on the nightclub, you followed his gaze and… what was Jumin doing up there?
  • “Is this thing on? Is it? Okay…” he said in the microphone, then he cleared his throat and took a piece of paper from his pocket “Yes, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We gathered here today to celebrate our dear friend, MC’s birthday tonight.” A blue light showed up to your face as people applauded you, what was Jumin doing? This was so embarrassing…
  • “I sincerely hope it was a day of joy for you, MC, that you received all the love and affection from your friends and family. And… I hope you’re prepared right now… for the ultimate demonstration of love from your boyfriend.” You could hear people making “uuuhh…” sounds. “He made me say this tacky speech and, to quote him, ‘I apologize for being late, I’m selfish and I care too much about my image, that’s why I didn’t even consider not doing that musical today. However… to show you how much I love you and how sorry I am, I’m letting go of my image today, I’m even letting go of my pride and letting a jerk read my apologize for you.’ Oh… I’m, I’m the jerk right now. Interesting… anyway, enjoy your boyfriend’s gift, MC!” he got off the stage still muttering “How ungrateful…”
  •  The nightclub staff carried a huge cake to the stage. Oh god… you knew where this was going, oh no… Yep. Your boyfriend came out of the cake wearing only underwear with a decorative bow on it and… freaking cat ears on his head.
  • Seven was laughing hard, Jaehee was feeling bold after a couple of drinks and took a lot of pictures, Yoosung was passed out on the corner and didn’t see anything, Jumin kept his head low trying not to let everybody see him chuckling, and you… were still a little mad, but it was impossible not to feel happy to see him (and maybe a little turned on)
  • So you just went up on that stage and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, he whispered “happy birthday” and you smiled softly, it was impossible not to smile right now.


  •  “Yoosung, I let your green shirt on the hanger, oh, and be careful when you go to the bathroom, I think there’s something wrong with the lock… The roast beef is on the oven, don’t touch it! I’ll just go to the convenience store and see if they have that sauce we liked the other day, ok?”
  • “Mmmmhmm” he mumbled, staring at his laptop’s screen. You couldn’t bother wondering if he was really listening, you were in such a hurry to get everything done.
  • He didn’t know why you were running everywhere, it was just dinner! What was so special about this one?
  •  He was just worried about this quest, there were so many rare items available right then.
  • He was done a few minutes later, he stretched his arms and let out a yawn. “MC?” you didn’t answer. “MC? Are you in the bathroom? I’m coming in…” he entered and the door closed behind him.
  • He yelped, scared. He tried to open the door a few times and got more and more tense as he realized he was really trapped inside the bathroom. His phone was on his bedroom. Shit…
  • He heard the living room’s door being open.  “MC? MC, is that you?”
  • “Yoosung? Where are you?” “I’m trapped in the bathroom, I think there’s something wrong with the lock” “Yes, I know” “You knew? Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “ I told you, Yoosung! You didn’t hear anything I said before I left?” “Where were you, anyways?” You sighed deeply. “Nevermind, Yoosung, let me call a locksmith and try to get you out of here before the night is completely ruined!”
  • Wow, you really sounded frustrated, this dinner was that important to you? Why?
  • “Oh, don’t worry, MC!  I can always cook some fried rice really quick like I normally do.” “Well, isn’t that the point? Doing something different because tonight is special?”
  • “Oh, sure…” Why is tonight special? Think, Yoosung, think! “Yes, tonight is a very special day…for… us?”
  • You glared at the door as you could actually see him. “Yoosung? What day is today?” “Today? T-Today? Hum… Friday?”
  • “I knew it! I knew you weren’t listening to me earlier, I knew you didn’t know what day is today! Gosh, I’m so stupid! My friends tried to drag me to this bar, but no, I insisted on spending my birthday with my boyfriend!” OH FUCK!
  • M-MC! It’s today! Yeah!” “Yes, you could at least notice the presents that came, but you were too busy with that fucking game all day, right?” You were freaking terrifying when you swore, he was shivering
  • “MC, I don’t even know how to proper apologize right now, I’m so sorry! I… bought your present months ago and I guess I just… forgot?”
  • “Yes, Yoosung, you forget everything around you when you play that game! Seriously… I… I can’t believe the only way to make you listen to me is with  you locked up like this… this is so… fucked up!” Another swear, another shiver! But what you said gave him an idea. “So… keep me like this…” “What?”
  •  “Seriously, keep me like this! We can call the locksmith tomorrow morning. I don’t have my phone or computer with me, so all I can focus is your voice now. Tell me everything and I’ll listen.” “What are you saying? This is weird!”
  • “So let’s do it as a game! How about that: for every year of your life, you tell me something I should know about you? Silly things or meaningful things, you tell me everything and I’ll listen!” You were still hesitating, but… your boyfriend listening to you all night long? That was… sort of fun… you took a deep breath and sat in front of the bathroom door. You could not see each other, but that was better, so you wouldn’t feel embarrassed telling him… very intimate things. “Okay… fact number one about me…”
  • It was morning when you finished, you both were laughing because you told him funny things about you in high school. “Hey, MC?” “Yes, Yoosung?”  “I know I’m late, but… happy birthday!” “Thank you, Yoosung… now let’s get you out of there” your voice got back to the sweet tone he loved so much, he knew he had to do a lot to make it up to you, but now… he was just relieved you didn’t sound mad, and he learned so much about you, this would be really useful later…
  • As soon as he was released, he rushed over you and planted a firm and passionate kiss in your lips, you’ve never seen him like this! “Thanks for your services, sir. Now if you’ll excuse us, I have to make my girlfriend’s dream number 18 come true!” he paid the guy, took your hand and leaded you to the bedroom.


  • She would never! I mean, NEVER EVER forget your birthday! As soon as you started dating, she marked the date on her calendar, she was prepared for this day months ago!
  • You probably knew she was planning everything, so it hit her. You KNEW, it would be no surprise for you at all! She never saw your surprised face before, she would love to see your eyes widening, your mouth opening in a gasp and then turning into a smile for her… oh… it must be so adorable!
  • You always complimented her diligence, her ability to plan something at every detail, but now… she just wanted not to be like that, at least for one day, your day… she had to surprise you somehow!
  • So she thought… what if she pretended to forget your birthday? And when the day was almost ending, she would surprise you with something very romantic and special? It would be so bold and unexpected of her, she couldn’t wait to show you this side of her!
  • It was harder than she thought. When the day came, she kept holding back all the hugs she wanted to give you, the urge to say “Happy Birthday! I love you!”. God… you were looking at her as if you were expecting something! Those puppy eyes, ugh… somebody save her!
  • But she kept going through, it would all be worthy for both of you at the end of the day.   “Jaehee, is there something you wanna say to me?” “Hum… you’re doing a good work today, MC!” “Jaehee, you have nothing to give me today?” “Oh yeah, I have you to give this receipt from the milk distributor, you forgot to sign here.” This was fucking torture!
  • You two closed the cafe in complete silence, she noticed you weren’t as excited as you were that morning. Your smile disappeared from your face as soon as the last customer left.     
  • “So,MC, ready to head home?” “Oh, I… already have plans for tonight.” WHAT? “Oh… you do?” “Yeah, I’m gonna get some drinks with some friends.” “N-No! You can’t!” she said in a high and surprised tone. “Why not?”
  • “W-Well, because you… didn’t you say you were trying to quit drinking?” “I think you’re mistaking me with Zen, Jaehee…” SHIT!
  • “I’ll be back soon, you don’t have to wait me awake if you don’t want to.” Oh… your passive-aggressive tone, it gave her the creeps everytime you acted like that.
  • “Well, can I… can I go with you?” “Oh, it’s just a silly thing with some girls from college, I don’t think you would enjoy that much…  but you’re more than welcome to come.” Yeah, you definitely didn’t want her to join you, you were PISSED
  • “So… I’ll go home just to take a shower and change, ok?” Oh no, the surprise! Time to move, Jaehee! “MC, YOU CAN’T GO!” you looked at her, surprised. Noticing you got a little scared, she lowered her voice “P-Please… don’t go…”
  • “Why not?” Think of something! Quick! “W-well, b-be-e-cause… I… I…  I don’t like your friends, MC!” “What?” “Yes, you… act different after you see them, you get… immature and… annoying!” you could not believe this! Neither could she, what was she doing? When did everything get so out of control?
  • “Annoying?” you scoffed “Wow, okay… thanks for the note, Jaehee! I’ll… well, sorry to disappoint you, but I’ll go get annoying and immature with my friends  tonight, at least they don’t forget my fucking birthday!” and you stormed out of the cafe. She was just… speechless, she could not think of a reaction right now.
  • She thanked God for the fact that the house you shared was not far from the cafe, she could reach you without a problem.
  •  And she got home just in time to see the face she was craving so much to see, but… the tears weren’t a part of her fantasy. “MC? I… I’m so sorry. I… tried to make you a surprise, I thought it would be even surprising  if I pretended I forgot your birthday, but now I see it was so childish of me. I’m really sorry, MC! I don’t hate your friends, I just said that to keep you away from the house, I think they’re great just like you, they’re funny and creative and… bold, like you! And… definitely not like me… I’m-”
  • You interrupted her with a intense yet sweet kiss, she was took by surprise, but quickly catched up with you. “Don’t talk about yourself like this, especially on my birthday…” “Yes, of course, MC, I’ll just say sweet things from now on…”
  • “You should start with a ‘Happy Birthday!’” you both laughed through your tears, you two looked so dork, it was so cute…


  • He didn’t really forgot, he just… miscalculated how long that business trip would last.
  • At least that’s what he told Zen over the phone when he called very angry and judgemental about missing his “so called precious girlfriend”. Jumin didn’t want to hear anything of this, mainly because he knew Zen was… ugh… right…
  • He wanted to call you, but was he really ready to listen your sad voice? Would he be able to handle it? His emotions were still a mysterious field, even if you were helping him through. But the things you said and did affected him on a very unpredictable way, so… calling you seemed reckless right now.
  • He would miss it, it was already set. He wouldn’t make in time. All that was left was trying to get you the most thoughtful and amazing gift and take some days off from work to make it up to you. Would it be enough?
  • But then… he saw the photos in the chatroom. MC and the other RFA members at a bar, it would be a cute friend’s photo if Zen WEREN’T THAT CLOSE TO YOU, WITH HIS ARM AROUND YOUR SHOULDER!!!
  • Jumin let out a low groan… this wasn’t right! It was supposed to be his arm around your shoulder… and probably not in that commoner’s bar. You deserved so much better on your birthday! You deserved… a better boyfriend…
  • He caught himself on his private jet, telling the pilot to get there asap. It was a good weather, this wouldn’t take long.
  • And it really didn’t, but now there was another problem… Driver Kim was not picking up his calls! What was he doing? Oh right… Jumin gave him some days off since he was on this business trip, only because MC insisted he needed some rest… he would feel aroused about all this irony if this wasn’t gettin in the way of something so important.
  • He took a cab, this driver didn’t feel reliable, but he was desperate. And the guy guaranteed he could get him to his destination in the shortest amount of time.
  • He just saw the light and heard a loud bang on the side of the cab… then everything got dark.
  • Zen gave you a ride to the hospital on his bike. He was mad, but tried to stay collected to not make you feel more nervous. Jaehee, Seven and Yoosung were already there. Zen and Jaehee wanted to go with you, you insisted on going alone and Seven convinced everybody this was the best right then.   
  • “Don’t talk! Don’t even try using your smothering words to make me forget what you did, Jumin Han! What were you thinking? Are you insane?” Silence… “ANSWER ME!”
  • “You… said you didn’t want me to talk…” he said with his usual calm tone, but in the inside he was terrified, you seemed… not like yourself at all. “Jumin, I swear to God I’ll slap this handsome face of yours and give this hospital a reason to keep you here for a while, don’t test me right now!” you were so scary! And sexy… no, FOCUS, JUMIN!
  •  “I didn’t want to miss your birthday, it didn’t seem right…” “So what? How getting on an unlicensed cab fit into this? Oh my god… do you have any idea how panicked I got when the hospital called me?” you were trying to compose yourself “Why did you get back? I was ok with your business trip getting longer than planned…” “I… saw the photo in the chatroom, you and… Zen…” oh, he should not have mentioned that, you were losing it again.
  • “Zen? You were worried about Zen? Oh my god, Jumin! What the fuck is wrong with you? What were you thinking? Seriously, I want to know how your brain works! Did you really think I was cheating on you?”
  • “I WASN’T THINKING, MC! I was… I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I saw the photo and I just knew I had to be there with you. That’s what happens, I don’t… think when it’s about you, I just… feel.”
  • “Jumin, I made myself very clear about using sweet talk right now…” “But it’s the truth, I swear! MC, I love you, I want to be with you at every special moment of your life.” “And do you think this is a special moment? You in a hospital bed making me feel so terrified of losing you? On my fucking birthday, Jumin?” your voice was breaking, and then came the tears.
  •  “I’m sorry for making you worry, MC. I was childish and imprudent, and I should do better when it concerns you, us… I’m… really sorry… and this feels completely inappropriate, but… happy birthday…” you sighed heavily and gave up, being angry wouldn’t take you anywhere. Your boyfriend was alive, just a few scratches here and there, and you were together! You curled up to him on the bed, then you just… talked.
  • “Did you really came here on Zen’s bike? Did you wear a helmet? Did you… put your arms around him?” “Jumin, Zen is the least of your problems right now, just wait till we get home.” again… so terrifyingly sexy… it felt strange hearing these things instead of saying it for once.


  • You two were not on speaking terms right now, it was a pretty bad fight, although now he didn’t really remember how and why it started. It was something about one of his pranks? About him going too far? Yes, it was something like this…
  • Anyways, he didn’t feel like apologizing, you were probably overreacting, soon you would come to your senses and talk to him again.
  • But this was taking too long, he haven’t heard from you for almost a week, were you that mad? The RFA members were refusing to talk about this, this was between you two, he should solve this if it was bothering him so much.
  • He got out of his office for the first time in three days and heard someone in the living room. It was you? Were you finally back? Hum, no… it was Saeran. And he was… wrapping this box on a shiny red wrapper?
  • “Hey bro, whachu doing?” “What do you think I’m doing? Wrapping this gift, you fool! MC’s favorite color is red, right?” “Yes, it is… is this for MC?” “No, is for the pope… of course it is for her!”
  • “Why?” “Quit shitting around and go get ready, we’re gonna be late!” “Late for what, Saeran? What’s going on?” “MC’s party! Seriously, did you bang your head or something?” “Party, why is she having a party?” he felt a little hurt you were throwing parties while you two were fighting like that.
  • “Wait… did you really forget?”  “What? What did I forget?” “Holy fuck! You really forgot your girlfriend’s birthday!” “What? No, I didn’t! Her birthday is in a few months, bro!” “Hum, no ‘bro’, it’s today!”. Saeyoung scoffed: “No, it isn’t! Come on… I checked every information about her when we met, there’s no way I would forget the day she was born!” “Well, check again, you probably messed up the informations in your stupid brain.” He was starting to get mad at Saeran for doubting him, he was the one messing it up! So he went to check your background history  and yes, your birthday was… your birthday was… shit! TODAY!
  • “Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Oh Lord!” he started panicking and running in the house. How could he forget? He was so adamant about you apologizing he didn’t even notice that day was coming? What a selfish asshole he was! “Oh my God, Saeran! I’m so screwed!” “Yep…”
  • “Don’t ‘yep’ me! Help me! I need to do something!” “Exactly, YOU need to, don’t get me involved in this, you were the one who screwed up, just apologize to her already!” “This isn’t enough! I, Saeyoung Choi, need to come up with something as special and amazing as my lady. And you were gonna help me! This is a mission for the Choi boys!” “I asked you a million times not to call us that…”
  • He came with a plan and headed with his brother to your place. When he got there, he noticed it wasn’t a big party, it was more like an intimate reunion with RFA and your closest friends. Hum… he was expecting something big as his surprise, but this would do, anyways.
  • Saeran cleared his throat and gathered everybody’s attention. “MC, my brother is an asshole and he wants to ‘apologize’. Enjoy this freak show and happy birthday!” he said in a monotone tone as turning the music on.
  • And then Saeyoung came out of your bedroom lip syncing “Birthday” by Katy Perry in a full cosplay of her. Nobody was in shock because, well… they already knew your boyfriend, you got embarrassed when you looked at your parents watching that. When he finished, people weren’t sure if they should clap or not.
  • “I’m so sorry, MC! I’m such a prick for not talking to you and there’s nothing I could say right now to make it up to you, so I did this. If I can’t be mature enough, at least I can make you laugh, and… I believe it was the great american artist Katy Perry who said ‘So make a wish! I’ll make it like your birthday every day!’. Happy birthday, MC! I love you!”
  • “Oh, Saeyoung…” you were crying and leaned to him, he was waiting for a kiss, but you went to his ear and whispered: “Got you!” He looked at you puzzled as Zen and Yoosung unrolled a banner where it could read “You got pranked, brah!”
  • “MC, what’s happening?” “I was mad at you because of that bad prank you pulled on me last week, so I decided to take some revenge. I told everybody to come here today to pretend it was my birthday, so it would look like you forgot it.” “But your background history…  the date…” “Saeran took care of this for me. You’re not the only hacker in the family, right?” he looked at Saeran, he just raised his glass with a smirk. “Oh, and putting Katy Perry as one of my interests was his idea too. I had no idea you were going to show up like this… guess he knows you a little better than I do”
  • “Oh… my… God! I… I… ” he looked shocked, almost hurt, now you were wondering if you went too far… but the truth was… he was so happy you and his brother were getting along, even teaming up to make something for him, even if it was to make him look like a fool, he didn’t mind, he was just… really happy “I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH!” and he pulled you and Saeran in a tight hug.


  • “Shit! Shit! Shit!” he was cursing and pacing back and forth ever since he saw the calendar, it was today! How could he forget?
  • Truth be told, he had one of his episodes last night, when that happened, he would lost his sense of time and place. This would be even worse when you weren’t around to calm him down, and why weren’t you around? Oh yeah, you were planning your birthday party, yeah, that one he refused to help with because ‘it was lame’ as he told you over the phone. Oh god…He was the worst, wasn’t he?
  • He got out of his bedroom and went looking for Saeyoung, but all he found was a note. “Helping MC, party starts at 9 pm at her place, don’t be late! P.S.: Call her, bro. Love, Saeyoung” he rolled his eyes, but this was kind of useful. Except for that piece of advice about calling you. How could he? He didn’t talk to you all day and you would notice right away the reason the disappeared, and you would be worried, his brother would hear about this and they both would feel guilty for leaving him alone and… he hated to see your concerned expression, it was too much painful.
  • At least he bought a nice gift, it was a simple bracelet, but he knew you should have it when he saw you looking at it that day you two went to shopping. Now he just needed to take a quick shower and find some decent clothes. He still had time, right? WRONG!
  • It was already 10 pm! How could he lost notion of time  that much? He felt like shit! Your place was pretty far from Saeyoung’s bunker, it would take at least a half hour to get there by train. What about by car?
  • He went to the garage and took one of his brother’s car, Saeyoung woudn’t like this, but he didn’t give a shit right now. It was all about you!
  • He was a little rusty from driving, but still knew the basics, like… stopping and… most important, accelerating! And boy, did he speed it up
  • He muttered a “fuck! What now?” when he saw the police car reflected on the rearview mirror. Yeah, he knew he had to stop, this guy wouldn’t get off his back.  
  • “Documents, sir?” “Shit! I don’t… I don’t have it right now!” “Sir, are you aware that you were much faster than the speed limit?” “Yeah, look… I’m just trying to make it to my girlfriend’s party, I’m pretty late and…” “Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to get out of the car…” “What? Fuck! No!” “Sir, please… I don’t want to use force!” “Well, I don’t want to use force either, so just get the fuck away!” “Sir, calm down a little and…” “No! Don’t tell me what to do, your asshole! I know my rights!” “So you know you have the right to remain silent, you are arrested for contempt of authority, just come with me calmly or I’ll charge you for resisting to prison too.” FUCK! He didn’t even mind about this, all he could think of was you… and how disappointed you would be right now
  • You and Saeyoung came to the police station, neither of you said anything, you two were too scared. Saeran could not have a criminal record, nobody should know about this, what if his father found out? That’s what you two were thinking, but were too scared to say it out loud. “Me and Jumin are taking care of this, don’t worry, nobody will know a thing. At least I managed to not let him get locked up, so he’s in the interrogation room. Go talk to him but make it quick, okay?” you nodded, you didn’t know what to say
  • He took a quick glance at you and lowered his head, he could not look you in the eye right now. “I… I know you’re mad, ok? I’m sorry! I was just… trying to get to your place, I didn’t know I was so late, you know what happen when I have… those panic attacks, and… I should’ve called you, my stupid brother was fucking right, I can’t believe it! I feel so shitty right now, MC! I can’t believe I’m putting you to this on your own birthday, I’m such a piece of shit! I… I… don’t deserve you at all. I’m…”
  • You interrupted him with a hug. He was handcuffed, but oh did he want to hug you back… even if he knew he didn’t deserve it… “I was so worried about you…” were you… crying? Oh no… “You can’t do this to me, Saeran! That cop had a gun! What if he… oh, I don’t even want to say it!” Wait! Weren’t you mad? You were… worried…? For him?
  • “A – Aren’t you… mad?” “Of course I’m mad! But I’m more relieved to see you’re ok, I love you so much! You know that?”
  • “Yes, of course I know, MC. And I hate to see you like this because of me, you should be smiling today, no, not just today, everyday!” “So don’t get into trouble because of me, you dork!” oh, you called him dork, you were calming down… “I won’t, I swear! Me being safe will be your birthday gift! This and… this.” He pointed to the little box in his pocket. “They took everything from me, but I woudn’t let they take this… Happy Birthday, MC! I mean… as happy as can be…”
  • You laughed and took the box out of his pocket, you opened, looked at him and kissed him in a sloppy and desperate way. “Okay, break it off you two! This isn’t a motel room!” The cop interrupted getting in the room. “You must know some important people, fella. You’re getting away with a clean file.” “So I’m free to go?” “Yep, let me just get you out of these handcuffs and you can escort your lady.”
  • “Oh, he better do much more than escort me when we’re out of here. Oh, and don’t feel too comfortable about getting rid of these handcuffs, you’ll be back to them as soon as we get home, maybe I have a pair that matches my new bracelet?” the look in your eyes… he could tell you weren’t kidding. This was a huge turn on, but he wasn’t really used to you playing this role, so he wasn’t sure what to expect… “Can you keep me arrested here for tonight, officer? I feel I’ll be safer around here.

Robron Week Day 3: You’re the Boss - Silly fluff of Noah wanting to be just like Robert…or at least dress like him. Because Noah always gets ignored and the boys could use a comedy plot. 

Aaron’s noticed for a while now, just little things here and there. Noah nicking Robert’s shower gel on more than one occasion, extra dents in the hair wax made by too small fingers followed by Noah sporting a very familiar hairstyle, or Noah wearing far too many layers that is strictly necessary indoors. It wasn’t until he caught him in their bedroom one afternoon though, standing in awe in front of Robert’s half of the wardrobe, drowning in one of his leather jackets that he knew for sure. Everyone was always saying having Liv around was like having a mini Aaron, but how had no one realized that they had a mini Robert running around too? That was a scary thought, Aaron stifled a laugh with the back of his hand, one was enough. One was perfect…most of the time.   

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Enouement- 4

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 1135

Warnings: Implied sexual situation, language

Master   Part 3

Originally posted by winterwldow

“I called Steve. He’s gonna come help me pack next week.”

Bucky’s voice went unheard as you continued folding his shirts, taking your time. Each article of clothing put in the basket was like being stabbed in the gut, knowing this was the last time you’d be doing his laundry. You placed his red Henley on top of the stack and pulled out a pair of his boxers. Bucky sighed from where he leaned against the door frame behind you and the wood creaked as he straightened, crossing the room in a couple swift strides and yanking the boxers out of your hand.

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Nobody Else But Me

Tobi x Reader

Request: “Could you please write an imagine based on that shirtless tobi gif? Something where he gets super jealous and then somehow leads to that situation with him shirtless and out of breath. Honestly you can write it however youd like but I need something to satisfy the tobi feels after that gif”

Note: 2400 words. Shout out to the anon who told me to listen to this song because it inspired this imagine. Also shout out to @sveta-sdmn for turning all of my followers into Tobi stans. I appreciate dat. Sexual themes below (like, seriously).  [master list]

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5. Heart // Nurseydex

« {Part 5 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: this one is a little shorter than the others, but definitely just as sweet! enjoy

“Hm, this one says ‘Kiss Me,’” Nursey said, showing the candy heart to Dex as he sat on the dorm bed—on Dex’s dorm bed. “You think these work like fortune cookies? Do they predict my future?”

Dex raised an eyebrow at him from across the room as he hung his clean flannels up in his closet. “Doubtful, if that’s your idea of a pick-up line,” he said.

“Oh, you wound me.” Nursey put a hand over his heart dramatically. He was shirtless, so the gesture immediately brought Dex’s attention to Nursey’s pecs. Dex squinted, wondering if that was the point. Probably. It seemed like something Nursey would do. He turned back to the clothes he was trying to put away.

“Do you even like those Sweetheart things?” Dex asked, his back turned. “They’re kinda gross and chalky, aren’t they?”

“I mean, they’re sugar, so it’s pretty impossible for them to be gross,” Nursey said.

“I disagree.”

“Of course you do.”

“Who would I be if I wasn’t the guy who disagrees with you?” Dex asked, putting another shirt on a hanger. “I have a reputation to uphold, you know.”

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Ah Bon? (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 683

Warnings: cussing, ?

Request: If you’re still doing requests i gots one! a modern Laff x reader where the reader is BFFLs with Laurens and he knows about her crush on laff and he’s talking kinda too loud about it and neither of them notice Lafayette walk up behind them before it’s too late 😋 (maybe a lil John x Alexander squeezed in somewhere 😏)

A/N: love me some laf, especially some sexy laf you guys love some laf dont ya? SPECIAL THANKS TO @sorry-but-no-sorry for helping me translate the French!!! ❤❤❤ 

You dragged yourself out of bed in the morning, ready to go shopping with your best friend, John Laurens. He persuaded you to finally come out of bed, even threatening to drag you out himself, and you agreed. He wanted to go shopping today, and Alexander was going to be at the cabinet meeting, so you were his second choice. You frowned at him when he said that, but that cheeky grin and freckled face made you forgive him.

For now, anyway.

Laurens picked you up from your apartment, driving you over to the local mall. You wore some sweats and an old sweater that your friend, Lafayette, gave you. Yes, friend.

Nothing more, nothing less.

While you walked around with John, agreeing that everything looked good on him, he finally sighed, glaring at you.

“Y/N, you’re not helping me at all. You don’t even know what I just showed you.” You blinked, looking at your friend. He was pouting, glaring at you.

“I most definitely know what you just showed me.” He raised his eyebrow, crossing his arms.

“Fine, then tell me. What was the last thing?” You laughed nervously, scanning your brain. The only thing that popped up in your head was the outfit that Laf wore to work the other day. It was a tight, black, V-neck shirt showing just enough skin to make you want to-

“You’re doing it, again! Are you thinking about Lafayette?” He complained, violently putting the shirt back on the hanger. You shook your head, appalled at his suggestion.

“No! Lafayette and I are just friends!” You exclaimed, pointing to a shirt. “What about this one? You know Alex likes it when you wear plaid.” He rolled his eyes at you, glancing at the shirt.

“You and Laf are constantly flirting with one another, always staring at each other when you are in the same room. For crying out loud, Y/N! You stare at his lips when you talk to him!” You looked down, avoiding Laurens eyes.

“Is it really that obvious?” You mumbled, barely looking at the clothes you were sorting through.

“Hell yea it is. Alexander and I are always trying to set you guys up in the same room, and you two end up just talking about something stupid.” You hit him in the arm lightly, and he laughed, winking at you.

“Tell Laf you like him already!” He said, rather loudly. You stuck your tongue at him.

A cough behind you made you jump, and Laurens turned around, his eyes widening. You looked at him, confused. “What..?” You asked, turning around to meet the Frenchman’s eyes. He had a small smile on his face, scanning yours. He wore that black shirt that you liked, and you avoided looking at his chest, making sure to keep your eyes on his.

Ah bon? (oh, really?)” Lafayette said, grinning wickedly at you. Laurens cleared his throat, looking up at his friend.

“How much did you hear?” He said sheepishly, glancing at you. You were frozen in place, your eyes glued on his. Lafayette looked at John, smiling.

Tout. (Everything)” Laurens gulped, grabbing the clothes that he was going to buy.

“This is my cue to leave.” Laurens granted you a quick empathetic glance, walking away quickly. You watched the coward walk away, leaving you and Lafayette alone.

He looked at you, waiting for you to respond. You straightened up, laughing wryly. “So, you know.” You ended your sentence, unable to finish the rest. Lafayette raised his eyebrow at your lack of speaking. He held out his hand, and you put yours in it. He pulled you away, to an aisle that had no one there.

After staring at you for a few seconds, he pulled your face up to his, his lips brushing yours. You stood on your tippy toes, your heart beating quickly. He stroked your hair, his eyes focused on yours.

“I like you.” He said simply. You smiled, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“I like you, too.” You replied, and he beamed at you, pressing his lips against yours.

So the last time I wrote something was…I think five months ago. Lack of confidence or ideas do not make for writing fanfics. But here I go, attempting a ficlet as Lynne’s dream prompts are so good. ~900 words regarding a headcannon of St. Patrick’s Day 2017.

Darren got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He usually didn’t do so; after all, he was in his own home. However, Chris had a habit of airing out the apartment, usually after showers, and he didn’t want a repeat of last month’s mishap where he walked out completely exposed.

If the old guy living in the building over had recognized him, then there would have been a scandal he would have preferred not to deal with.

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Alex packs her suitcase five days before their vacation. Maggie thinks it’s adorable, how Alex makes a checklist of items she needs to pack, how she checkmarks them off one by one as she sets them next to her suitcase. And then Alex sits on their bed, folding each article of clothing with extreme care (she even refolds a few shirts because she hadn’t gotten them just right). When she finally looks up and asks Maggie if she needs help packing hers, Maggie just grins and shakes her head.

Alex quickly finds out that Maggie has an entirely different method - or rather, definition - of packing. Alex uses the word ‘packing’ loosely, though, staring at the frenzied movements Maggie is making to and from her closet every few minutes. It’s the night before their trip; over the last few days, Alex has concernedly reminded Maggie she hasn’t packed yet, and she’s just now decided to get around to doing it.

Maggie is taking random shirts off of hangers and throwing them towards her suitcase, followed by underwear and a few pairs of jeans, and then tosses a pair of shoes over as an afterthought. She tries to stuff them all into the suitcase, unfolded, and Alex just watches her wide-eyed. Maggie tries to zip the suitcase but the zipper won’t budge, and suddenly Alex is watching her huff and sit on her suitcase to get it to shut. She looks up and meets Alex’s eyes with a triumphant grin.

When Maggie wakes up in the morning, she slowly squints her eyes open to see that the other side of the bed is empty. She glances around their bedroom, and her eyes fall on Alex, who is currently sitting on the floor with Maggie’s suitcase open. She scrunches her forehead, wonders what in the world Alex is doing with her suitcase, and then she notices: Alex lifts one of the shirts Maggie had haphazardly thrown into the suitcase to her nose, inhales the scent of Maggie’s perfume still clinging to it. And then Alex’s lips twitch into a smile and she folds the shirt, sets it down in a pile of other folded clothes.

She doesn’t stir, not wanting Alex to know just yet that she’s woken up. Alex is staring into her suitcase with the utmost concentration, then gets up off the floor and heads into the bathroom. A minute later, she’s walking back towards the suitcase with Maggie’s hairbrush, shampoo, and razor in her arms. She’s careful when she places the items in Maggie’s suitcase, tries to be as quiet as she can so she doesn’t wake her up.

Maggie beams, and she can’t help it; she’s not used to being with someone who cares about her this much, someone who puts thought into their relationship, someone who actually pays great attention and detail to her. She’s not used to being with someone this perfect. She’s not used to feeling this loved.

Eleventh Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


They’d been forced to leave northern Minnesota mid-February after Mulder caught one of his bosses staring longer than necessary and asking more personal questions than Mulder deemed appropriate for someone on the run from all kinds of law to be able to answer. Scully had quietly left with him at midnight, walking away from her job, her semi-friends and her identity as Ella Fargas, the nice janitor lady at the high school who hadn’t flinched, regardless of what she had to clean up, which impressed everyone at that school above and below the age of 18.

They’d learned, over the years, to keep everything packed up and ready to go. They didn’t have too many personal possessions but what they had, they didn’t want to lose. Scully’s suitcase contained her clothes, her carved chess set and the ornaments they’d collected while her backpack contained the monstrous medical exam and study book she’d received the previous Christmas from Mulder because ‘he didn’t want her to lose all those smarts she had’. In Mulder’s suitcase and backpack were his laptop which they’d saved months for and gave him access to the world, articles, newspapers, the Internet and forums for everything and anything he wanted to find out. Also, his notebooks, a collection of stolen pens and as he told Scully, a few other odds and ends that were completely and totally useless but completely necessary to life.

They lived out of these bags, two each plus a third large duffel for winter gear, shoes and food in case of quick getaway.

This out-of-suitcase living was now so common place that when Mulder forgot momentarily and hung up his clean shirt in the closet, she gave him a look of such incredulity that he flushed, feeling like he’d cracked their system in half and the world was on the verge of collapse.

Then she smiled at him, taking the shirt from the hanger and folding it, packing it away with the rest of the newly laundered items, “brain farting, as you put it Mulder, is not usually your style. Got something on your mind?”

“Not yet.” Squeezing her hips as he slipped by her, “I’ll tell you if it pans out though, promise.”

Now intrigued, she carried on with her nightly routine, bathing, hair-drying, reading, having Mulder quiz her, volleying back and forth about some whacked-out theory Mulder found online before she asked again, “what are you planning in the brain of yours?”

Poking her side as he lay next to her under the sheets, “hey, a little intrigue is good for us. Keeps the fires alive.”

In one fell swoop, she rolled him over, climbed on top and pushed his shirt up around his neck, “I think our fires are just fine.”


They wandered East and West, North and South, back and forth, two days or a week at a time, deciding the comforts of their semi-settled Minnesota existence might not be the best way to go for awhile. It wasn’t until late September that they slowed their ramble, Scully becoming frequently more ill-at-ease with the aimlessness of their journey. She’d made it through almost three years but it was taking its toll. As a couple, they were doing okay, the occasional fight, the occasional silence, the occasional mutterings of ‘jackass’ and ‘pain in my ass’ while both fumed at one another, testing who would crack first and apologize.

But her mind and her spirit were exhausted and it showed, Mulder apologizing more frequently and hugging her more closely than she thought possible.

One morning, huddled safely in a cabin they’d rented in cash, off the beaten path to all but the passing deer hunter, he pulled her towards him, moving the stray blonde hairs from her cheeks, “hey Scully?”

“Unless you have breakfast somewhere in the vicinity of my mouth, don’t wake me up.”

Knowing her just that well, he held up a torn section of cinnamon roll from last night’s dessert, “will this do?”

Eyes still shut, she opened her mouth and accepted the peace offering, sucking the icing off his fingers with a slow, drawn-out lip smack, “yes. What do you want?”

“What would you say to us looking for a place to live, like a real place to live? One with walls and windows and a fridge bigger than a stamp and maybe even more than one toilet.”

He really should have waited until she’d swallowed before dropping this bomb on her and it took a few minutes to dislodge the dough from her lungs, coughing until she cried then calming again from her scary little fit of near-death, “what?”

Mulder could smile now that he knew she wasn’t going to die in front of him, “I was thinking that we could start concocting some kind of story where we’ve gone our separate ways and you would like to come back to the real world and need help finding a house and you could talk to Skinner and see if it’s even possible. Have him feel things out, maybe ask around to know if it would be safe for you to go back to normal.” Sliding her gently back down to lay beside him, “I can’t keep doing this to you. You deserve more than hotel mattresses and living out a suitcase.”

“Mulder …”

“No, I think we should think about this. If it works, then good but if it doesn’t, at least you know we’ll have tried.”

“You … you wouldn’t really leave though, right? You promised.”

“I would be perfectly content to hide in the house all day. I can go running and outside after dark or if we get a place with enough land, I could garden or build stuff, who knows. I just know that I can’t do this to you anymore.”

The thought honestly scared her but in a giddy, good way and kissing him, icing still on her lips, they celebrated the possibility of not having to run anymore.


It was a long process and they were holed up in North Carolina when Christmas arrived, with two feet of snow, windchills in the double negatives and a Mulder-smile, commenting on how it felt just like they were back having their first Christmas together, only naked this time.

Even though it wasn’t Christmas morning, Scully leaned over the edge of the bed and retrieved his gift, “open it. I know it’s early but open please.”

Never arguing with an unclothed Scully had been his personal rule since the first time he’d laid eyes on her perfect breasts and not about to break that rule, he took the gift, unwrapping it with paper flying everywhere, then staring at it in confusion.

It was a clear ornament, one that unscrewed in half, holding a single key.

Opening the orb slowly, he took out the key, never taking his eyes off her, “you have me totally befuddled.”

“That’s one of our house keys.” Now he just looked so totally ‘what?!’ that she smiled, sitting up, wrapping comforter around shoulder before continuing, “the paperwork went through with a little help from Skinner and the real estate lady sent the key to the Post Office box and I picked it up yesterday and thought it would be a pretty good gift.”

For some crazy reason, the fact that she would be in a home again soon, with him, like some sort of kind of a hint of a real family, made tears fill his eyes. Holding it up between them, “we should go look at it now.”

“Um, it’s after 9pm, it’s a three-hour drive and that boatload of snow out there isn’t just for looks. Maybe tomorrow or the next day after they’ve plowed some of the highways but right now, we’d be stuck before we got out of town.”

Impatient to the core, he opened his mouth to argue but she shut him up swiftly, her mouth covering his, her body following. Eventually, exhaustion forced him into sleep, mouth slack, body sated, limbs tangled with hers as he mumbled something about christening the new house as soon as possible.


Three long days later, they were trudging through snowdrifts higher than Scully, forced to leave the car at the main road while they walked the half-mile to the house. Frozen solid, yet sweating profusely under their winter coats and leggings, they didn’t stop to look at the porch or the shuttered windows but went right inside, shucking off clothing to leave in a heap by the door.

Only when they were stripped down to jeans and thermal shirts did they look around.

This time is was Scully crying, stepping up the stairs a few feet to grab him in a proper hug, squeezing his neck until he choked out a laugh and she lightened her grip. Burying his face in the side of her neck, “welcome home.” A few minutes later, he peeled away from her, holding up a finger to keep her in place, which she obeyed with open wonderment. Watching him carefully remove a box from his jacket pocket, he held it up to her, still in its Christmas paper, “I would have given you this on Christmas morning but decided to wait until we got here.”

Intrigued, she ripped the paper, opened the box then removed a clear glass Christmas bulb. Without looking or reading the words on it, she looked at him, “you stole my idea.”

“Actually, Dana Scully, you stole mine. I’ve been waiting since October, when we decided to find the house.”

The Dana made her grin, the Scully made her warm from head to toe but the gift made her speechless. Inside, on a bunch of pulled apart cotton balls, sat a simple, gold band, a small, deep red-purple stone set with a small diamond on either side. Stomach officially all over the map and brain forgetting how to speak, she turned the bulb slowly, reading, “will you marry me?” and the year, Mulder’s script careful and precise in its sloppy familiarity.

She couldn’t answer. She couldn’t breathe. She could, however, feel her heart thudding against her ribs, painfully strong and erratic as all hell. The only thing she could do was stare, the tears blurring things before they fell but in between watery visions, she could see Mulder clear as day, across from her, perfect as anything in the world and all hers.


The answer shot out towards him like a bullet, fast, sharp, crisp and unmistakable.

He laughed, truly afraid for a moment she was either going to faint, explode or most scary of them all, say ‘no’. Taking the ornament from her, he opened it, slipped the ring on her finger then held up the words to her again, “sure about your answer to this?”

This time her ‘yes’ was whispered in his ear.

Green Eyed Girl (1/?)

Blind dates have never been Nicole’s thing but when she meets her best friend, he’s got just the guy for her.

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Wakandan Adventures (13/13)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3,779

Summary: Bucky finally goes home. 

Warnings: a little bit of ouch, but other than that all love! 

A/N: and we’ve reached the last chapter! First of all thank you so incredibly much for all the love for this fic, you have made me smile so much and I hope you enjoy the last chapter! A little fun fact for you now that the story is over, through writing this story I always listened to Photograph by Ed Sheeran, it was my muse through the entire thing, I just adore the song so much, give it a listen while you read this chapter, I promise it makes everything better. A big kiss to all of you! <3

Thwarted. That was what happened to Bucky’s grand plan of staying by your side for the rest of his life, it had been thwarted.

Steve had come to him telling him that the team had the green light to go back to the US and Bucky didn’t know how to react or what to say.

He couldn’t even remember how many years it had been since the disaster of a civil war between the Avengers and when Steve told him that they had all been pardoned for their doings, Bucky wasn’t sure he was included, but he was. The government had come to the understanding that he had control over what happened to him under Hydra and therefore nothing he did under their time fell under his responsibility. Tony was the one to call Steve and had even told him a welcome home party was waiting for them the second they would land in New York. Bucky watched as Steve walked out of his room and he had no idea how to process the information.

He was going home.  

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Make You Feel My Love: Chris Evans.

Warnings: Chris tries to be romantic and cute but reader’s all like no I need to be fucked. Dom-ish reader. Rough sex at first, sweet and sensual following. Pet-names, praise, dirty talk dirty dirty diiiiiiiiiiiirty. Like this is a lot of sin but then it gets a lot….less sinful. I definitely wouldn’t say holy, that’s for sure, but it does get pretty fluffy and cute like omg. Crying bUT IT’S OKAY IT’S NOTHING CHRIS DID OR READER. Bathtub sex. I am Chris Evans trash so expect more fics about him (and his characters) from me, and I’m not just talking about one-shots. Stories are in the works, y'all. Honestly I don’t even know what this is but I think I like it?

Authors Note: Just an FYI, this is a re-post from when my URL was direw0lf. The links for pretty much all of my stories and one shots wouldn’t work, so this is me re-doing it. I am not plagiarising someone else’s work.


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Parrish Imagine - You Look Good

-gif source unknown-

Description: Prompt – “You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you” from this list

Warnings/Labels: Poor lovesick Jordan

Approx. Word Count: 980 

A/N: This is pretty much from Jordan’s POV and it’s short. Thanks @katieyel for sending me that prompt list!! It’s awesome.

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Not Too Bad

Well, hello everyone! Just a quick introduction to myself, I’m Vanina (aka @winter-of-my-youth ) and I’m going to be a co-writer on this blog! You’ll see a few of my works here and there. Big thanks to the other author for letting me hop in on this blog! So yeah, here’s a little ficlet (I guess?) and I hope you enjoy! (P.s. I sincerely apologize if my 2nd person writing is horrible, I’m a bit rusty.)

You knew this was a bad idea to begin with, but your friend kept talking and talking that you finally had enough of her. You were sat in your bedroom, your friend rummaging through your closet in search of the perfect dress. Quite honestly, you don’t remember the last time you saw a dress in there.

“Why is everything you own black?” She questioned as she pulled several shirts off their hangers. You shrugged in response, just glancing back down at your phone and checking the time, which read 7:45.

“What’s this guy even like?” You asked, hoping to get a full answer and not some bullshit response. Your friend had quite the reputation for setting up blind dates, whether it be for her best friend or her friends, brothers, cousin. It literally did not matter. At this point she has set up at least a dozen dates for you, all of the guys being complete douchebags or they weren’t even interested.

She smiled, “Let me tell you. He’s a really sweet guy, a little awkward when you first meet him, but he’s super good looking.” You couldn’t help but laugh at that, noticing that she was doing that thing again, where she started talking about his personality then went on about his looks. That’s all that matters, right?

The two of you finally agreed on a dress found deep within your closet. It was a flowy black dress, perfect for a hot London night, the back of the dress a sheer lace. You were against the idea at first, but after a few pushes from your friend, you decided to go for it. Why not. While you did your makeup, your friend began curling your hair, making sure everything was perfect before you left.

It wasn’t long before you were both finished, your friend sending you on your way. As you were headed to the restaurant, about a million doubts flew into your head. She also had the tendency of setting you up with guys she was into, you were just the guinea pig for her. As the cab pulled in front of the restaurant, you got a sick feeling in your stomach. Part of you just wanted to tell the cabbie to drive you back, but the other half was so curious about who was waiting for you. With a small sigh, you tipped the cabbie and headed out, glancing through the restaurant windows and mentally questioning every guy you saw.

You walked up to the receptionist’s desk, giving your name to her before she nodded and led you towards your table. You were so caught up in trying to find this guy that you nearly ran into the table you were sitting at. Glancing up, you saw a tall guy standing beside what you assumed to be your seat. He was dressed in black skinny jeans and a nice button-down shirt, his hair styled back and a pair of glasses perched on his nose. You admired his clothing choice, simple yet also nice. But his bright blue eyes are what really caught your eyes.

“Hi!” He said with a bright smile, giving you a hand to shake, which you gladly took. “I’m Dan by the way.”

You gave him your name before you were about to take a seat, but he was quick to pull the chair out for you. “Thank you,” You replied, smiling at his courteous gesture.


Everything was going well so far, Dan seemed like a really nice guy and you wouldn’t be against the idea of going out with him again. The two of you found interests quickly, you both liked the same movies, books, bands, and pretty much everything else.

“What do you do for a living?” Dan asked, setting his glass down and giving you his undivided attention.

“I work as a journalist,” You explained, smiling a bit. You knew the job wasn’t all too glamorous, especially in times like these where the only thing you seem to be writing about is death and how screwed everyone was. But, you basically signed up for this.

Dan chuckled a bit, “I actually wanted to be a journalist too, but I can’t deal with all the researching.”

You laughed, agreeing with that, sometimes it felt as though you researched more than you wrote. “What is it that you do?” You asked him in return.

He laughed a bit, “Kind of sounds lame, but I’m in a band.” Dan replied, scratching the back of his neck, his cheeks becoming a slight shade of red.

“What are you talking about? That’s awesome! What’s the band’s name?” You asked, giving him a smile before picking up your water and taking a sip.

“You probably haven’t heard of us, but it’s Bastille,” He said.

The second he mentioned the name you nearly choked on your water. How in God’s name had you friend set you up with one of the guys from Bastille? Sure, you casually listened to them, and truthfully speaking, you’ve never seen their faces. Hint the fact that you didn’t recognize his face.

He immediately grew wary, “Oh no, you hate us don’t you?” Dan said, a bit more honest than sarcastic.

You shook your head, getting a final cough out before speaking, “No! No! It’s just I’m a bit surprised that my friend managed to set me on a blind date with a guy from a popular band.” You explained, really hoping you hadn’t ruined your chances with Dan because you really liked him. He was very sweet and he actually seemed interested in talking to you, unless he’s actually a really good actor.

Before your coughing fit, Dan had asked for the check, being a kind gentleman and paying for it. Which, of course, made him seem ever more perfect than he already was. How can someone be this great?

The rest of the night consisted of Dan apologizing about nearly killing you, which always made you crack a smile. It was around ten when the two of you both decided to head out, Dan being kind enough and calling a cab for you.

“Can I get your number before you leave?” Dan asked as the cab pulled to the curb.

You nodded, taking his phone, which he handed over, and typing in your number. You silently wished he’d give you a text later tonight, “Thanks for tonight.”

Dan smiled, “It was a pretty good date, especially for a blind date,” He replied with a laugh.

You grinned, “Now I can’t say that all blind dates are horrible.” You said, glancing back at the cab and back at Dan.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you later,” He said, opening the cab’s door for you.

You weren’t really the type of person to make the first move, but something called your name tonight. Well, almost. Before you stepped into the cab, you gave Dan a small kiss on the cheek, smiling a bit as you then got in the cab and Dan closed the door. You couldn’t help but notice the goofy smile on his lips as you left the restaurant. What a guy, you thought to yourself.


I Feel it Coming

A casual coffee encounter leads to more steamy antics as the night carries on. Who can resist when Derek Morgan offers more than just caffeine to make a weekend memorable.

Warnings: unprotected sex


The late night shift at the Muffins and Tops coffee shop always boasted an entertaining array of customers. There was the college crowd who wandered in under the weight of textbooks bigger than their heads and who adamantly considered caffeine an adequate substitution for sleep. There was the creepy writer who would camp out in the corner with a vaguely personalized mug in the corner and not move until the workers chased him off with a broom. Layne’s personal favorite, however rolled in every Friday at precisely 2 minutes before closing with a bright smile to hide the obvious bags underneath his eyes.

Tonight was no different. He strolled in with a file tucked under his arm and exact change ready. Layne set to work on his usual without a word. He leaned his shoulder against the wall and rolled up the sleeves of his off white Henley. The barista could never resist the opportunity to marvel at his well-crafted body. He only tucked in the front of his shirt to his dark pants and she knew that was because he hid a gun on the back of them. A pair of sunglasses sat atop his head telling how long he had been traveling today.

“Long day, agent?” she called as she coaxed the brewing machine to life once more for the night.

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Hell and Silence || Chapter One


Warnings: Swearing, Heavy petting

Word Count: 6,360

A/N: Ah, yes. What a long chapter. Great start, right? Well I hope you all enjoy reading it, because writing it was fun af. Also! If you guys ever have any ideas for the story, or requests for me to add, or requests for imagines or ANYTHING just ask!!!! Okay, I’m done.


^^That would be Vanessa, the protagonist of the story. 

Uh, also, calling all gif makers! I need some serious help. I’d like to make personalized gifs for each chapter so if you know how to make GOOD QUALITY GIFS, please hmu.


Derek stood helpless as he watched the omega tear into the girls’ chest. She didn’t have anything to do with this. She had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She couldn’t have been older than sixteen. Derek let out a deafening howl. The howl seemed to faze the omega that had sunk it’s claws into the girl. As he charged at it, it ran. It ran faster than Derek could, and he knew he couldn’t leave the girl to chase after the omega. He contemplated it… It would just be another body added to the Beacon Hills count. Blood was rapidly pooling around her already unconscious pale body. He recognized this girl… He knew her- he knew her well. His heart dropped to his stomach. At this point her heartbeat was faint. No hospital could save her now. Derek knew what he had to do to give her even a slim chance of survival.

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Lose Myself

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – You didn’t mean to snoop through Dean’s things, but you can’t ignore what you found.

Word Count – 1,689

Warnings – None

A/N – Anonymous request: Hey there! I really love your writing -Always is my personal fave- and I was wondering whether I could get a request. Sooo Dean and the reader are bffs since they were very young and in love but too stubborn 2 admit it. One day the reader searches his closet for something and discovers a box full of mementos including photos and her favorite scarf, the one she thought she’d lost the night Dean left to go look for his dad. She conforts him about it and he admits his feelings. What do you think?

Hope you like it, Nonnie!  Thank you so much for the request!  As always feedback is loved and appreciated!  Please let me know if you’d like to be tagged in future stories.  

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You’d completely ransacked your closet twice and still couldn’t find your favorite flannel. Disgruntled, you walked back to the laundry room to see if it had inadvertently fallen between or behind the machines.  You’d been missing it for a couple of weeks now and with the temperature beginning to drop outside, you really wanted to wear it.  It used to belong to Dean, but you’d long ago taken it over and refused to give it back. 

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