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BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 /…

A/N: Hey guys, I am back with part3 of the Jungkook werewolf Au.This part kind of looks like an end but it is NOT! I really wanted to introduce the “father” in this part and the two sides of you (a.k.a. the main character).I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made.  Requests are open.

Word count:  2,622

Warnings: Blood and swearing.

  Once more you were walking down the corridors to the big hall, where people were waiting for you.The doors opened and you stepped in side.There was silence and no one was speaking, you were just looking at them as they were at you.

“You want to see it I presume.”you said

“Indeed we do.”said the elders 

  You turned around and lifted your shirt slowly, revealing what was forever placed onto your skin.Suddenly you felt a hand onto your back, making you flinch a bit.

“What do you see?” the elders asked the woman behind you

“I don’t know, I have never seen something like this before in my life.”she said, examining it as much as she could

“Explain to us.”they demanded of her

“The crest itself is extremely big,the biggest I have every seen to be exact, which means this child possesses great power.But…the design…I can’t seem to understand it. It has half of a female face and half of a wolf’s ,around the neck there is a red bow.”you covered your back again and the woman looked up at the elders “I can’t tell you anything about this child, except for the tremendous power she has.”  as she stepped away ,you looked up at the old women sitting and judging you, as they have done their whole lives

“You shall stay here and train properly.” they stood up and left the room first 

“Come, let’s go.”your mother pulled you by the hand back to the room you were in “You will start your training today, that is what I was told. They will give you sometime to rest though.” which was right now

  The moment your mother left the room,you jumped on the bed and pulled out your phone almost immediately.You kept Jungkook under unknown for safety measures and called him.

“Hey.”you said, trying to make it like nothing had happened

“Are you ok?”his question shot out of his mouth in seconds

“I am fine, it was not what I expected. Don’t worry”you reassured him

“Thank goodness.”there was a short sigh “Did you find out where you are?”

“No, they won’t tell me even if I asked them.”you said

“I went back to my pack to ask the elder for advice.”

“You are going to ask your elder how to find a riding hood!?Are you crazy?”that was indeed foolish of him, but Jungkook had no other choice, how was he supposed to find you on his own

“Don’t worry I won’t tell him who you are.” 

“You mean what I am…”

“I don’t get it.”

“It’s nothing.”you said

  The time you should have spent resting, you spent talking to Jungkook.Was it 2 hours or 3, you didn’t know but it was fun.

“I will have to hang up soon.”you told him


“The elders want me to start my training today.”you explained 

“You mean, that kind of training?”he asked even if he knew what you meant

“Yup. It’s my first day so I don’t know how long I won’t be able to call you.”

  The knock on the door signalized you that it was time to go now.Even if you didn’t want to stop talking with Jungkook, you had to, there was no other way.

“I must go now.”you said

“Ok,be safe.If anyone tries to hurt you, tell them that your boyfriend is a werewolf.”his words made you giggle “What is so funny?”

“Nothing. Bye.”


  Of course it was funny, if anyone found out about that night they would hunt Jungkook down like a wild animal and kill him. You don’t know why your mother hasn’t said a word about that to anyone. A maid escorted you to the so called training grounds and you were given as a student to a very skilled teacher.

  What you didn’t know at that time was that you weren’t going to be going to your bedroom for 3 days straight. You were training like crazy, at every break something would fly towards you ,or your teacher would attack you.What makes a riding hood special wasn’t just the fighting ability, but the magic she could learn. So that was your job for 2 days, only magic. In the end of the week you couldn’t move an inch and you had to be carried to your room and placed on the bed. You slept through Saturday and Sunday with out opening your eyes at all. Monday came soon and you woke up by yourself very early in the morning. The sun wasn’t up yet and so were most people in the castle. 

  You were thirsty, so you got up to get a glass of water,even if it was difficult to move, when you passed by your mother’s room. The voices coming from there made you stop and listen.

“What have you been teaching my daughter?”it was your mother’s voice

“What each and every one of us knows.” and that was your teacher, what were they talking about, so angry at each other

“You are subconsciously teaching her those spells!” said your mother 

“I don’t know what you are talking about. And plus that I am her teacher ,not you.”

“Oh, you know very well what I mean. If you continue with this, I will take her back. “she yelled out at your teacher

“Look here M/N, berserk is something we all must know. What will happen if she is attacked by strong werewolves?If she can’t go berserk she will die!”your teacher was starting to yell as well

“Do you know what that means?Have you ever experienced berserk before?”

“No, so what?”

“So what? You don’t know what one can do in that state of mind! She will not only kill the werewolves, but everything in her path ,human, riding hood or animal.I brought her here to protect her, not to teacher her this.”

“You brought your daughter here because she was about to make the same mistake as you did! You know what they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“You are trying to make a machine out of her!”your mother yelled out

“I already did. 5 days are more than enough to fully train her physically and mentally.”

  Have they been using you all this time?Was that why you were the only one who couldn’t go back to your room and had to train day and night, to the point of collapsing 2 times?

“That girl is stronger that most of our children. She can do what we wanted to achieve ages ago.” your teacher opened the door and saw you “Y/N?”

“Y/N!”your mother looked at the door shocked 

  You couldn’t say anything after all the things you heard. Your body moved on it’s own as it was still in pain and you ran towards the gate of the castle.

“Stop her!”yelled out your teacher and many females of your family tried to stand in your way

  But thanks to all that training ,those girls didn’t stand a chance against you. After you found yourself deep in the forest, you sat under a tree and started thinking what to do. The wind was strong and it was cold, you started remembering all does good times when you were little. When your father was still home. You were very young when he disappeared, actually 5 years to be precise.

  It was true that after the child reached 5 years of age, the males disappeared like they weren’t even there in the first place. No one told you why, no one told you how. It just happened. You really loved your father, but you weren’t even sure if he was alive. Because of all that training and constant use of magic, you collapsed on the ground once more, unconscious.

  Soon after you were able to recover a bit, your eyes opened up slowly, finding yourself in a dark place. Your hands were tied up and you couldn’t move, after trying a couple of times ,you realized that your energy wasn’t fully back and you needed more time.

  The door in front of you suddenly opened and the ray of sun hit your eyes. Men came inside the room you were in.

“She is awake.”said one of them

“Let’s take her to the boss.”said the other one

“Why don’t we play a bit?” the fist one came closer and grabbed your head, pulling it towards himself “Now that she is awake.”you couldn’t see much, but his smirk was too disgusting to miss

“Let go of me you dirty fleabag!”judging by the way this place felt, these men were definitely werewolves 

“Watch your mouth bitch!”he slapped you as hard as he could across the face

“Just wait until I recover from this.”you hissed and he slapped you again

  The two men pulled you up ruffly, in a way bruising your arm.You couldn’t move your legs, you were extremely tired from all that work.Your feet were scrapping the floor, cutting your smooth skin. In seconds you found your body thrown to the ground and the eyes of many werewolves on you.

“Who is she?”someone asked

“I don’t know, but we found her in the forest.”answered another one 

“We should bring her to the elder.”suggested a wolf

“She smells sweet.” one of them reached towards your back, but pulled his hand away fast “This girl is burning up! I can’t touch her.”

“What bullshit are you talking?”the previous man was pushed back by a stronger werewolf, but he as well couldn’t touch you “It’s her, she must be doing something.”

“I warned you…”you whispered

“What did you say!” they were pissed and were about to hit you again, before your hair started turning red from the roots down to the very tips

“What is she?”they pulled back

“That hair color!” someone spoke

“Don’t underestimate us!” one dared to use his claws and rip the back of your clothing, exposing the crest

“I was right!”yelled out the one who noticed your hair “She is of the Red Riding Hood family!”

“What!”they were stepping back slowly 

“What is going on here?”someone asked, with a deep voice of an older man

“Elder!”said the wolves 

“What are you all looking at?”the boy who asked ,pushed everyone aside to see what was happening, but stopped once he noticed your red hair “Look at me!”he demanded and you did, both of your eyes locking together 

“We found her in the forest a couple of days ago.”explained someone

“Who did this to her?”the boy asked in a low and deep voice

“I did.She was a real pain in the ass you know. This wouldn’t have happened if she had agreed to play with me.”he smirked

  The boy picked you up in his hand ,covering you with his jacket. He than turned towards the man who did this to you and smashed his head in the wall.

“You piece of shit!Who gave you permission to do this?”he pushed the man’s head in the wall more, you could almost hear his skull cracking 

“Wait!Stop!”the man yelled out 

“Look at her face!”the boy yelled out again “Her back!” his teeth came out and he was about to bite the throat of the werewolf in front of himself. You could see the fear in the other wolf’s eyes, not knowing what was about to happen to him. As the boy was about to take the bite, you placed your hand over his eyes.

“There is no need for that…Jungkook. I am ok.”you whispered in his ear, feeling his anger slowly decreasing. He let the wolf go, his body dropping to the floor, but not before breaking his arm.

“Ack!” he gasped in pain

“This is for what you did!”he growled 

“What is your connection to that girl!?”asked the pack 

“She is my woman!And no one can touch her!”he yelled out

“A werewolf and a riding hood together!”everyone started talking 

“Silence!”it was the elder and so everyone shut up “Let me see the girl.”

  Jungkook was holding you tight to his body, just in case something happened to you. The elder came closer and you looked at him, eyes starting to water.

“Y/N?”Jungkook asked you 

  You reached out your hands towards the elder 

“What is that woman doing!?”everyone got noisy again

“SHUT UP!”it was the first time they saw the elder this mad and it shocked them

  He came closer and took you out of Jungkook’s hands. His palm touched your cheek gently and you hugged him, tears dropping to the floor.

“Shhh, everything is ok now.”he ran his hand through your hair, relaxing you and making the red color disappear. Placing a kiss onto your forehead he spoke “It’s ok Y/N.”his voice soft and loving

“Do you know her elder?”asked the wolves 

“Of course I do.”his eyes looked at you “I am her father after all.”

  The whole pack chocked on the information they just received. “B-but she is a riding hood….”

“Her mother is, but I am not.” your father placed another kiss onto your cheek and placed you back in Jungkook’s arms “Take her to your room and keep her safe. I have something to deal with.”

  Jungkook nodded and took you away, the elder walked over to the wolf on the ground, sitting with his hand broken. “I-I…I didn’t know!”he panicked 

“Now you do!” he was mad and angry like Jungkook, it was a good thing you didn’t see what happened to that man

  Jungkook placed you on his bed and knelt down in front of you, he was looking at your red cheek. His warm hands gently picked up your leg, placing butterfly kisses onto your cuts.

“If I knew sooner, if I knew it was you…” 

  Your hands cupped his cheeks and pulled his head towards you.Looking into his eyes you smiled. “It’s not your fault.” you leaned and placed a kiss onto his lips 

“You don’t get it. I could have saved you. Who knows how long you were down there.” he stood up and walked to the bathroom and brought back a first aid kit 

“Even werewolves have one.”you said trying to cheer him up a bit, failing in the process 

  Jungkook placed medicine and a bandages on both your legs and applied a soothing cold cream on your cheek, to try and help with the pain. He then stood up, lifting you off the edge of the bed. As he was holding you, he pulled back the covers a bit and placed you gently onto it. He sat next to you and made sure to cover your body completely, because it was very cold. Jungkook pulled your head to his chest and hugged you tight.

“I will make sure to keep you safe from now on.”you could hear his heart beating…for you “I don’t care if you are a riding hood and I am a werewolf. I will kill anyone who tries to take you away from me or hurt you.” his voice got shaky, showing you he remembered that guy that hit you “I will make sure to heal everything that hurts.”you pulled on his shirt a bit, his attention going towards you 

“It hurts.”you said

“Where!?”he panicked 

“Here…”you pointed at your lips

“I think I can make it better.”he smiled and leaned towards you, kissing you lips “I will kiss the pain away.”he said pulling away from you slowly, suddenly you kissed him again

“I need more medicine.”

“I think I can help with that. I have plenty more.” he softly said

  You staid in Jungkook’s room the whole day, no matter if you knew what time you woke up, or what time it was now. It was a forbidden love, but so sweet and intoxicating. Making you want more of it, addicting you to it’s alluring warmth.