shirt ispiration

MBTI types and actions I notice about them

ISTJ: Note on laptop their daily schedule
ESTJ: drink coffee only in their personal termos
ISFJ: wear his/her Batman brooch everywhere
ESFJ: looking accurately a necklace or else before buy it
INFJ: touch hair while thinking
ENFJ: Look at smartphone, waiting messages or phonecall
INTJ: shirt ispired to games or manga?
ENTJ: running with agility in high heels
ISTP: walk quietly with hands in the pockets, smircking
ESTP: putting raiban before get in the car
ISFP: keep switching music in mp3, to find the right one for the moment
ESFP: try to hold back the laughter (but he/she don’t make it)
ENFP: trying different positions to take a special photograph
INFP: cross legs at park and start reading
ENTP: making jakes to roommate
INTP: being super happy playing with his/her pet