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“Just go out and kill a few beasts. It’s for your own good. You know, it’s just what hunters do!”

After Bloodborne 2 didn’t get announced at E3 I sat down and make this design and…well it turned out better than expected, and took my friends advice and decided to try selling it online. If you’re interested, give it a look!

hi friends! to commemorate the official expansion of currentryanrossmood to the new and improved currentpatdmood (!!!) and because i’m stuck in upstate new york for college where winter still reigns and spring seems like a distant dream of warmth and sunshine and flowers, its giveaway time! there will be 15 winners so chances of winning something is high!


❊ must be following my main band blog elegantdimes

❊ enter before may 1st! winners will be chosen with a random selection generator during the following week

❊ only reblogs count! one reblog is one entry (you can enter as many times as you want)

❊ follow my personal/aesthetic blog esemplasticism for another entry

❊ follow my photography instagram and twitter for another entry each and a followback on insta! (message me your username when you do)

❊ must have an open ask box! winners must respond within 48 hours of winning. i will ship anywhere!


❊ 1st: Pretty. Odd. vinyl (2017 release)

❊ 2nd: 2 winners! The Young Veins album art shirt from my Redbubble

❊ 3rd: 3 winners! Each will receive a pair of Pretty. Odd. friendship bracelets (Reinvent Love and Hey Moon)

❊ 4th: 4 winners! Each will receive a bag/bar/box of their favorite candy and nice handwritten note just for you :)

❊ 5th: 5 winners! Each will receive a mini playlist customized however you desire!

thank you and good luck! feel free to message me at elegantdimes if you have any questions :)

I feel a bit narcissistic in posting these xD but I just had to. I bought some of my own shirts from my Redbubble and I’ll say that the quality is unmatched!! They came so quickly and the prints are beautiful, they almost look like they’re sewn into the fabric!! I feel very in-tune with my love of The Song of Achilles now~ 

just bought this shirt from @inoffensive-url’s redbubble and um i can’t wait to wear it every day of my life

sorry my boobs obscure the words lmao it says:

“Just slap some
bright pink comic
sans on it and call
it a day. These pe
ople will buy any

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okay so I've really enjoyed your art for such a long time and the other day I was out in public and saw someone wearing your shirt from your redbubble and I was like HEY I KNOW THAT ARTIST and now we're really good friends and I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS

:o neato

The best ace in space.

I got an new outfit. I ordered one of  @lordzuuko ´s t-shirt  from his page. Based on ace-keith and ace-shrio from his own work. Kudos to you.

I swear this print was made for me. I discovered that I am ace this year, and came out to my friend in January ( I think). So when I saw this, I just had to get it. Also, I love space, I am thinking of studying astrophysics (or something like that ). So, “the best ace in space”, is defiantly me. 

This was just a little outfit I  put together with the t-shirt. I think this is the most tumblr-outift-like I will ever wear. But I love it. 


@t4m4r @blackbirb

made up those “I put the BI into ____” shirts from this post on redbubble! shep’s BICEPS tank can be found here and kaidan’s matching BIOTICS shirt can be found here. they fit best on the contrast tank and shirt but they’re also on a bunch of other stuff. if you guys prefer society6 stuff I can put them on there too.

@fansofcollisions a c-sec shirt already exists here!

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Where do you buy your fashion from

I buy some of my clothes from @soaestheticshop, society6 and redbubble (shirts from artists I like), local thrift stores, and various clothing chains like hot topic (shhhhh), forever 21, jcpenny, wal-mart (they actually have decent stuff), etc

the rest is stuff I found ordered on amazon or are hand me downs

My shirt from @jeusus Redbubble arrived! It’s so frickin cute I love it a LOT!!!! Im so happy I went with the grey bg, it looks even better irl than I thought it would :D
(This is an XL men’s T-shirt that I modded into a muscle tank(ish) because normal tank tops look weird on me.)
Oh man I want to wear it EVERYWHERE (0_0)


got my strong men shirt from @aileshops. i’ve actually never bought a shirt from redbubble before, and this is an all-over print. the shirt is kinda nylon-y like fitness clothing. quality is good. makes me feel strong, powerful, and sexy. so basically it helps you lie to the world when you wear it.

my birb isn’t feeling well right now so i’m chilling with her as she hopefully recovers.

please buy @aileine‘s stuff, she is a gift to the fandom.