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okay so I've really enjoyed your art for such a long time and the other day I was out in public and saw someone wearing your shirt from your redbubble and I was like HEY I KNOW THAT ARTIST and now we're really good friends and I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS

:o neato

My shirt from @jeusus Redbubble arrived! It’s so frickin cute I love it a LOT!!!! Im so happy I went with the grey bg, it looks even better irl than I thought it would :D
(This is an XL men’s T-shirt that I modded into a muscle tank(ish) because normal tank tops look weird on me.)
Oh man I want to wear it EVERYWHERE (0_0)

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Please tell us what you were wearing when you were complimented.. I need to know

I GUESS this isn’t weird.  I was wearing ripped jeans, one of my own W2H shirts from redbubble (heh), and a dark grey hoodie that’s beginning to fall apart around the seams.  And a ridiculous pendant I almost never take off of like… a f-fucking… majestic eagle… with it’s wings wrapped around a dope-ass marble…    IDK dude maybe that IS fucking  a e s t h e t i c,  I don’t know.

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Hey i really like your art and i wanted to ask you of it's okay for me to make a t-shirt with your art on it?

No it absolutely is not okay to do that! Hell no! U can buy a shirt from my redbubble like everyone else (

reminder that im gonna be at PAX east tomorrow!!

ill be wearing my ww link hoodie and my purple peridot shirt from my redbubble, and hopefully a lil earthbound mushroomized shroom on my head


Erik’s ( @otabckaltyn) 3K follower Yuuri!! on Ice giveaway!

Hello all and thank you for following! In honor of reaching 3000 followers, I will be doing a giveaway! There will be one winner chosen from those who enter. The winner can choose either a Yuuri!! on Ice-related phone case (iPhone and Galaxy available) or t-shirt from Redbubble. I’ve included a few images of various options. Feel free to find an option you like best, even if it is not shown on this post. 

You will receive an extra entry if you follow any of my other blogs: @avrenfaie, @eichenschilcl, or @bvrnsides. You will only receive one extra entry, even if you are following all three.

The giveaway ends 15 January 2017!

Some phone options: Galaxy Viktor Stay Close to Me, Galaxy Makkachin, iPhone Stay Close to Me, iPhone YurioGalaxy Yuuri Stay Close to Me, Galaxy Yurio, Galaxy Yuuri Free Skate, Galaxy Yurio Agape, iPhone Makkachin, iPhone Yuuri Free Skate, iPhone Viktor, iPhone Viktor Stay Close to Me, iPhone Yurio Agape, iPhone Yuuri Stay Close to Me

Some t-shirt options: Eros t-shirt, Pork Cutlet Bowl t-shirt, Yurio t-shirt, Logo t-shirt, Yurio Tiger t-shirt, JJ Style t-shirt, Born to Make History t-shirt, Viktor and Makkachin t-shirt, Viktor Stay Close to Me t-shirt, Yuuri Stay Close to Me t-shirt, Agape t-shirt


  1. The price must be $35 (USD) or under before shipping
  2. This giveaway is available worldwide; if the shipping is over $10 to your country, this rule will be voided (sorry, I’m a college student so I need to watch my money)
  3. You must be following my YOI blog @otabckaltyn​ to enter
  4. If you are under 18, you must have parent permission to enter
  5. You must reblog to enter and please only reblog once; likes do not count
  6. Do not reblog to a giveaway blog; your entry will be voided if you do
  7. Your choice of phone case or t-shirt must be related to Yuuri!! on Ice and from Redbubble
  8. Your askbox must be open so I can contact you, you must be willing to give me your address, and you must respond within 48 hours of me contacting you in order to accept this giveaway; please have your choice of t-shirt or phone case chosen beforehand

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Taking down your Trixie shirt from redbubble? That is SUCH a genuinely nice and selfless thing to do. Wowzers!

But ofc. I would never ever want to upset her. I mean, even though nobody buys my stuff, I feel like it’s the right thing to do. And I actually feel awful for not even thinking that it would be inappropriate. So yeah, I feel very bad rn

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20. what is your hidden talent? (example: memory, double joints, etc. ) I can join my hands together infant of me and get them the whole way around my body like hopping over them and bringing them over my head :D

21. what is the best dream you’ve ever had? I don’t know, probably one where I was flying or had my life sorted XD

22. are you a good plant owner? Um yes? I just transplanted my succulent that was growing too big for its pot now its outside ;-; hope it is happy. lol emma isn’t tho <3 (rip that plant amber gave you and the one i gave you XD)

23. what is your favourite article of clothing? Oh it sure has to be my bomber jacket! Or maybe my TOP acid wash shirt and the Slowtown shirt from Rae’s RedBubble

24. how many languages do you know? I know some Korean, some german, like 3 words of filipino, I did Japanese for a while and I know like basic ass English (even tho its my birth language i just suck)

25. what is your dream vacation? Lord Howe Island again, beaches everywhere, local people, nice cafes and you can ride your bike anywhere and climb mountains and ITS SO GOOD!!!

26. do you believe in zodiacs/horoscopes? Not really, why should my birth date effect who i am?

27. if you could have any superpower, what would it be? Flying or like summoning pieces of bread @twentyonepanickingsivans

28. who is the most unproblematic person you know? my boi @twentyonepanickingsivans lol I’m so problematic 

29. do you know how beautiful you are? yes, the answer is not very, I’m so aware of that!

30. what is your favourite feeling? Sitting outside in the dark with no one around except the one thing i love most in this world, my dog millie. Basically the feeling Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan gives me.