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Merry Christmas!

Today was a great one. In addition to some cool sunglasses I got an assortment of essential oils and a diffuser. Sheila is already tired of hearing me describe the many benefits of essential oils. I swear I already have more energy, am immune from headaches, and my overall health has improved dramatically. Really!

I haven’t used the oils to freshen laundry yet because all the clothes are currently clean. Thinking about doing some calisthenics and changing outfits a few times tonight; then I have a reason to do laundry. I can’t wait to see how fresh it gets with essential oils.

Food and drink today was plentiful and tasty. The morning kicked off with monkey bread my SIL made. For dinner we enjoyed a delicious roasted turkey dinner courtesy of my BIL. My FIL has a beer fridge that is always well stocked with light beer. Today I found he’d put some of my favorite brand (Surly) in there :)  He also got everyone a lot of nice gifts.

Two hours after we got home I found all three dogs suffering from what I’m sure is turkey coma. At dinner they spent a lot of time at my FIL’s end of the table. Ella appears dead except for the occasional foot twitch. Carson doesn’t twitch so I leaned in close to listen for breathing.

How sexy was I today? My underwear matched my shirt.