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Sorry I haven’t been posting for the past days!! Gonna try and post more, but here’s something for today for now! I know I keep saying I’m super proud of my art, but I just love this one!!

Probably post some sketches later on, but I’ll have to draw the one request I got sometime tomorrow, depends cause I might be busy 


it’s that time again. time for me to remind everyone that destiel exists and is canon and u can wear a t-shirt that proclaims it. i ship ‘em super fast. 

$20 with shipping


WIP plus the finished piece

Midnight Sunflowers
Handmade silk paper collage with gold leaf and abalone inlay…18"×24"

By Laurel W Carnahan

This is a submission to a contest for the poster/t shirt design for the Tanana Valley State Fair (one of the multiple state fairs in Alaska). The fair motto this year is “Raven About the Fair” and they wanted something with yellows and blacks with sunflowers. I’ll be pleased if it’s chosen, but even if not, I’m really happy with the piece!


–A Note to my Chapter–

Okay, ladies! These are some of the designs I’ve come up with. I had a really cool hand-drawn one planned but I’ll just have to scrap it for now and try again later.

You will be voting on these designs (regardless of colors provided).

Option 1: casette tape

Option 2: flags

Option 3: jersey

Option 4: tribal

Option 5: helvetica

I’m debating on opening another poll on fb for shirt colors, but we’ll see. Anyway, sorry for the wait, and I really hope you see one that you like! (✿◠‿◠) ~♪