rez cat & killerwhale tee, Louie Gong (Nooksack) for Eighth Generation

Five years ago (right about the time he discovered art),  Eighth Generation founder Louie Gong found a feral kitten meowing loudly outside Muckleshoot Tribal College on the Muckleshoot reservation.  The future looked bleak for the little tabby, who was scraggy, dehydrated, and full of fleas and ear mites. So Louie took him home that evening with plans to bring him to a vet the next morning for medical attention, and then to a shelter for eventual adoption.  When the kitten immediately fell asleep in Louie’s passenger seat, however, he realized he had just adopted a cat – publicly known as Rez Cat.  Later that same night, Rez Cat – obviously used to sleeping in the woods – chose to curl up in a ball and pass out inside his litter box.

A photo of that moment generated some interest from cat lovers when posted to Facebook. Rez Cat started showing up in Louie’s social media photos frequently, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident, and he eventually developed a following of his own.  After being told numerous times by people all over the country “We love Rez Cat!” and “We want more Rez Cat”, Louie decided to develop a character inspired by his charismatic friend. This t-shirt is his first effort to embody Rez Cat in an Eighth Generation product.

Rez Cat’s real name is Maosie. He’s now a highly vocal, 18-pound Goliath that brings humor and a demand for snacks to everyone he encounters.

Textured vs. Patterned

In response to your question, purple-daisies-love

Patterns aren’t the appeal for me; it’s texture that I love.  

For example, here are two instances of the SAF wearing a patterned suit:

While these have a certain panache to them, I wouldn’t say that I am a fan of patterned suits as a hard and fast general rule.  Usually I find them to be a bit overwhelming.  

Now, when we talk about texture…that’s where my feline scent-marking urges come to the surface…

In the two appearances above, the SAF is wearing a textured shirt.  Now, texture usually inherently causes a pattern.  That’s absolutely fine.  But it’s the texture that I love.  *heart eyes*


I look like the quirky vampire secretary for some kind of job-finding agency for supernatural creatures.  “Look, sir, these days there just isn’t much demand for old-fashioned mansion hauntings.  I can put you on the waitlist, but I can’t make any guarantees.  Now how about I set you up in this nice suburban house with a family of three?”

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with wavy, dark red hair.  I am wearing a short, black dress made of several layers of fringed lace.  Over it I have on a sheer red long-sleeve shirt with brass embellishments near the shoulders.  I am barefoot and wearing black lipstick.  As always, I have on my round, silver glasses.]