Hey look, new skirt!  There’s a really cool vintage shop that I walk past every time I go to and from the university and while I’ve mostly resisted temptation, I unfortunately happened to be a bit too near it while I was feeling anxious…  That being said, I’ve wanted a black pleated skirt to replace that old one I had ages ago, so it’s mostly a practical purchase.  I still technically have that skirt and it just needs a little mending, but it was always pretty tight in the waist so buying a fairly cheap replacement that fits better felt pretty reasonable.  (The other thing I bought was… less reasonable…)

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with pink hair in a very short bob.  The front part of it on one side of the part is braided and pinned back, although it doesn’t really show because my head is turned.  I am leaning on a metallic pink cane that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a bright green T-shirt that says, “My other disability is a bad attitude” on it in black letters.  It’s tucked into a pleated black skirt that hits just a bit above my knees.  I have on green-and-orange striped socks that go up to just under where my skirt ends.  I’m wearing light brown hiking boots with black soles and dark red accents.  I have on a slightly baggy light brown cardigan.  I’m wearing black lipstick and a short necklace with an orange pendant that looks like a pumpkin.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.]

A few years ago, I would’ve stayed silent during this month. Fighting myself, being miserable, destroying myself and my body simply because I was afraid. No matter where you are in your journey, we are all right here with you. Being who you were created to be is the most incredible feeling. After 22 years, I have never felt more like me than in these past 2. The only choice I made was to slam the door on the choice society made for me. Happy Pride Month, sweet friends. Stay loud and proud 🌈

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